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Geometrical multi-scale stiffness optimization design of composite frame structure
  DUAN Zun-yi,YAN Jun,ZHANG Rui and ZHAO Guo-zhong
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):1-8,72 [Abstract(1598)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (1931)]
Comparative analysis and optimization design of energy absorption characteristic of thin-walled tubes with various section geometries under axial impact
  HU Jun and WANG Fei-hu
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):9-14 [Abstract(1620)]  [View PDF 5.60 M (1204)]
Bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization method based on control for evolutionary step length of element density
  KUANG Bing,LI Ying-di,LIU Fu-yun and LIU Juan
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):15-21 [Abstract(1094)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (1086)]
Structural reliability analysis based on chain-like Bayesian network
  WU Zi-yan,WANG Qi-ang,SUN Hong-bin and YANG Sheng-feng
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):22-27 [Abstract(1613)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (1448)]
Openings optimization layout of the multi-layer shear wall with small openings based on orthogonal decomposition
  CHEN Na,CHEN Na and SUN Pan-xu
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):28-32 [Abstract(1156)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (1354)]
Optimization of interior noise in vehicle based on iteratively updating approximation model
  ZHANG Bo-wen,WU Guang-qiang and HUANG Huan-jun
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):33-38 [Abstract(1078)]  [View PDF 2.09 M (825)]
Zig-zag theory for thick laiminated compoiste plates and finite element analysis
  SUI Xiao-dong,REN Xiao-hui,QIN Zheng-qi and WU Zhen
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):39-44 [Abstract(1610)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (1430)]
One-to-one internal resonance of cable-stayed beam in the case of beam primary resonance
  LÜ Jian-gen,KANG Hou-jun and ZHAO Yue-yu
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):45-50 [Abstract(1216)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (1164)]
The influence of helical strakes and water depth on dynamic responses of floating offshore wind turbines
  YE Zhou,CHENG Xin,ZHOU Guo-long and LI Chun
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):51-58 [Abstract(1220)]  [View PDF 1.69 M (1581)]
Decentralized sliding mode part output feedback control of building structures
  DONG Gang and WANG Jian-guo
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):59-65 [Abstract(1206)]  [View PDF 1.82 M (1330)]
Numerical simulation for the impact of induced discontinuity collapse of high-rise buildings with large high-speed flying object
  CUI Tie-jun and MA Yun-dong
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):66-72 [Abstract(1041)]  [View PDF 6.17 M (1153)]
Research on mesoscopic-macroscopic mechanical parameters correlation of accumulation of gravel soil based on three dimensional discrete element
  MA Shi-cheng,HU Jun-xia,MA Yi-yue and DONG Hui
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):73-82 [Abstract(1671)]  [View PDF 5.14 M (1221)]
Modification of PR equation of state based on pseudo-potential Lattice Boltzmann model simulations
  ZENG Jian-bang,JIANG Fang-ming,HU An-jie and LI Long-jian
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):83-88 [Abstract(1290)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (895)]
Analysis of the stress singularity of the plane cracks terminating at the interface in bonded dissimilar composite materials by the interpolating matrix method
  WANG Jing-ping,CHENG Chang-zheng,HAN You-min,ZHANG Jin-lun and GE Ren-yu
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):89-94 [Abstract(1129)]  [View PDF 1.36 M (843)]
Numerical simulation of initial compression wave induced by a high-speed train moving into a tunnel
  MEI Yuan-gui,WANG Rui-li,XU Jian-lin,JIA Yong-xing and ZHOU Chao-hui
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):95-101 [Abstract(1263)]  [View PDF 3.08 M (1345)]
Effect of the coating thickness on the bond strength for brittle coating-substrate system
  BIAN Da,WANG Yong-guang,NI Zi-feng and ZHAO Yong-wu
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):102-105 [Abstract(1178)]  [View PDF 2.85 M (819)]
Study on the rebound and breakup of the droplet after impacting on the super-hydrophobic wall
  LIU Dong-wei,NING Zhi,LÜ Ming,YAN Kai and SUN Chun-hua
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):106-112 [Abstract(1458)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (1179)]
Numerical simulation of shallow water motion based on parallel computation using GPU
  XU Dong,XU Bin,David PAyet,BAI Yu-chuan and JI Chun-ning
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):113-120 [Abstract(1728)]  [View PDF 3.42 M (1194)]


Numerical design of an axial flow pump by means of parametric design, stress field and modal characteristics analysis
  PENG Min,YANG Qiong-fang,CHEN Zhi-min and CHEN Xin
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):121-126 [Abstract(1293)]  [View PDF 5.49 M (1831)]
Study on mechanical model for analysis of damaged steel structure
  HU Xi-bing and YANG Yu-wei
  Published 2月 28日, 2016
  2016,33(1):127-133 [Abstract(960)]  [View PDF 2.93 M (863)]