Volume 32,Issue 6,2015 Table of Contents

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Study of open simulation algorithm software for multibody system dynamics (II) comparison of algorithms for solving DAEs
  KAN Zi-yun,PENG Hai-jun,CHEN Biao-song and ZHONG Wan-xie
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):707-715,721 [Abstract(1368)]  [View PDF 7.16 M (1474)]
Concurrent optimization for structure topology and its periodic multiphase materials micro distribution
  WANG Xian-jie and ZHANG Xun-an
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):716-721 [Abstract(1423)]  [View PDF 1.40 M (1388)]
Space-time domain multiscale simulation method for dynamic analysis of large-scale orthotropic structure and its applications
  ZHANG Wei-wei,JIN Xian-long,WENG Yi-liu,WANG Jian-wei and YANG Yan-zhi
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):722-732 [Abstract(1155)]  [View PDF 7.06 M (1450)]
Study of earthquake pounding force response spectrum computing using precise integration method
  ZHANG Rui-jie,LI Qing-ning and YIN Jun-hong
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):733-738 [Abstract(1033)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (1330)]
Rational cable location study on cable supported lattice structure of free form surface
  SHAN Yan-ling,WU Hui and GAO Bo-qing
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):739-744 [Abstract(1135)]  [View PDF 4.31 M (759)]
Parallel computing and application of Element-Free Galerkin method for GPU acceleration
  GONG Shu-guang,LIU Qi-liang,LU Hai-shan,ZHOU Zhi-yong and ZHANG Jia
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):745-751 [Abstract(1651)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (1094)]
Grid adaptation for flow simulation of complicated configuration
  TANG Jing,ZHENG Ming,DENG You-qi and LI Bin
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):752-757 [Abstract(1075)]  [View PDF 6.08 M (1068)]
Numerical simulation of interface wave formation and temperature field distribution for the explosive welding based on the material point method
  WANG Yu-xin,LI Xiao-jie,YAN Hong-hao,WANG Xiao-hong and SUN Ming
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):758-764 [Abstract(1420)]  [View PDF 4.74 M (1027)]
Characteristic of the differential quadrature method and its improvement
  WANG Fang-zong,LIAO Xiao-bing and XIE Xiong
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):765-771 [Abstract(1371)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (2112)]
Meso-scale numerical study on cracking of concrete cover due to steel reinforcement corrosion
  DU Xiu-li and JIN Liu
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):772-780 [Abstract(1293)]  [View PDF 7.34 M (1308)]
Nonlinear finite element analysis on seismic behavior of PVC-CFRP confined reinforced concrete columns
  YU Feng,CHENG An-chun and XU Guo-shi
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):781-788 [Abstract(1243)]  [View PDF 5.15 M (1025)]
Study on parameters of HJC constitutive model based on numerical simulation of concrete SHPB test
  WU Sai,ZHAO Jun-hai,WANG Juan,LI Nan and LI Yan
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):789-795 [Abstract(1786)]  [View PDF 2.87 M (1291)]
An interval inverse solution method based on Taylor series expansion
  FANG Sheng-en,ZHANG Qiu-hu and LIN You-qin
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):796-802 [Abstract(1027)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (1399)]
Reliability index calculation based on improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm
  LI Yan-cang and LIU Li-ping
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):803-807,819 [Abstract(1198)]  [View PDF 1.67 M (1291)]
Superposition theory for studying band of longitudinal wave in solid and liquid phononic crystal
  LIU Qi-neng
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):808-812 [Abstract(1302)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (1118)]


A computer programming of SIMPLE algorithm based on triangle unstructured grid
  LIU Bo,LI Zhong-yuan and ZHANG Tao
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):813-819 [Abstract(1191)]  [View PDF 3.79 M (1710)]
Study on the roller heat-treatment furnace burner control
  LIU Yu-jia,LI Yong,WANG Zhao-dong and WANG Guo-dong
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):820-824 [Abstract(1301)]  [View PDF 3.29 M (1213)]
Zone decomposition parallel algorithm of high order compact scheme
  ZHU Zhi-bin,YUAN Xiang-jiang and CHEN Lin
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):825-830 [Abstract(1122)]  [View PDF 4.18 M (1010)]
Analysis on influential factors and deformation characteristics of toppling slope
  LI Ming-xia and DONG Lian-jie
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):831-837 [Abstract(1128)]  [View PDF 4.71 M (927)]
Research on mesh analysis method of helical gear with EHL
  LIU Yao-dong,CHEN Kai,HUA Xiao-bo and WANG Hui-ling
  Published 12月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(6):838-844 [Abstract(1372)]  [View PDF 3.49 M (1249)]