Volume 32,Issue 5,2015 Table of Contents

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Study of open simulation algorithm software for multibody system dynamics (I) algorithm framework design for solving DAEs
  PENG Hai-jun,KAN Zi-yun,CHEN Biao-song and ZHONG Wan-xie
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):579-586 [Abstract(1864)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (1918)]
Multiscale symplectic perturbation method for FPU equation
  WU Feng,GAO Qiang and ZHONG Wan-xie
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):587-594 [Abstract(1413)]  [View PDF 2.59 M (1241)]
Numerical solution with symplectic preserving of nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  SUN Yan,GAO Qiang and ZHONG Wan-xie
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):595-600,607 [Abstract(1099)]  [View PDF 2.18 M (1082)]
Optimal control of structural vibration using piezoelectric curved shell elements
  ZHAO Guo-zhong,ZHAI Jing-juan,ZHANG Guan-feng and RAN Ling-kun
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):601-607 [Abstract(1437)]  [View PDF 3.50 M (1144)]
Dynamic optimization of transmission tower based on H norm
  ZHANG Peng,LI Hong-nan,SONG Gang-bing,ZHANG Zhuo-qun and HUO Lin-sheng
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):608-612,618 [Abstract(1553)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (1342)]
Placement optimization for driving levers of large space intelligent truss structures based on the lexico-graphic order coding
  SU Xing and WANG Huai-lei
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):613-618 [Abstract(1228)]  [View PDF 2.19 M (1026)]
Improved sub-model analysis based on cut-boundary of multiple interpolation
  CUI Lei,MAO Jiang-hong,JIN Wei-liang,LI Li-xin and XU Long-kun
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):619-626 [Abstract(1139)]  [View PDF 3.16 M (845)]
Analytical calculation method to calculate the precise main cable alignment of suspension bridge
  WANG Shao-rui,ZHOU Zhi-xiang,GAO Yan-mei and TANG Hui
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):627-632 [Abstract(1037)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (1051)]
Numerical simulation on water entry of composite flexible fluid reservoir
  ZHANG Wei-wei,JIN Xian-long and LIU Tao
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):633-638,698 [Abstract(1196)]  [View PDF 3.55 M (897)]
Implicit least squares isogeometric method for unsteady flow
  CHEN De-xiang,LIU Shuai,XU Zi-li and HU Bu-song
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):639-643 [Abstract(1047)]  [View PDF 1.61 M (1250)]
H control for axial dynamic response of marine risers
  LEI Song,ZHANG Wen-shou,YUE Qian-jin and LIN Jia-hao
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):644-649 [Abstract(1105)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (1001)]
Properties of torsional guided wave propagating in grouting bolts
  HE Wen,ZHAO Kui and NING Jian-guo
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):650-655 [Abstract(1213)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (1151)]
Numerical analysis of fragmentation of granular materials using bridging scale method
  WANG Zeng-hui and LI Xi-kui
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):656-661 [Abstract(1075)]  [View PDF 4.49 M (1004)]
Ice induced vibration of concial offshore platform structure based on discrete element model-finite element model
  SHAO Shuai,ZHOU Guo-feng,WANG Shuai-lin and JI Shun-ying
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):662-667 [Abstract(1061)]  [View PDF 4.14 M (1518)]
Modeling and damage prediction of coated carbide tool in cutting process based on discrete element method
  JIANG Sheng-qiang,LI Tian-tian,LIU Hao-han,TAN Yuan-qiang,GAO Wei and ZHANG Gao-feng
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):668-673 [Abstract(1243)]  [View PDF 5.73 M (944)]
A discrete element simulation of high-speed railway ballast vibration
  ZHAO Chun-fa,ZHANG Xu and ZHAI Wan-ming
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):674-680 [Abstract(1045)]  [View PDF 2.68 M (1140)]
A discrete element method-based simulation platform for dry and wet particulate systems
  QIU Liu-chao,ZHANG Zhi-hao and YUAN Lin-juan
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):681-684 [Abstract(1547)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (1272)]
Mesoscale LBM-DEM model for gas-solid two-phase flow
  WANG Li-min,QIU Xiao-ping and LI Jing-hai
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):685-692 [Abstract(1385)]  [View PDF 2.76 M (1157)]


The scattering of SH wave on a linear crack in one-dimensional hexagonal quasicrystal
  ZHAO Xue-fen and LI Xing
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):693-698 [Abstract(1107)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (1032)]
Development and application of an Abaqus based shear damper element
  CHEN Cong and LV Xi-lin
  Published 10月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(5):699-706 [Abstract(1142)]  [View PDF 3.35 M (1590)]