Volume 32,Issue 4,2015 Table of Contents

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The Zu-type method is symplectic
  WU Feng and ZHONG Wan-xie
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):447-450 [Abstract(2139)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (1901)]
Comparison for two global optimization algorithms based on Kriging surrogate model
  ZHOU Yi-ming,ZHANG Jun-ru and CHENG Geng-dong
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):451-456 [Abstract(3252)]  [View PDF 6.59 M (3635)]
Multi-objective parameters optimization for vibration attenuation of clamped thin plate foundation excited by active vibration isolation
  HUANG Wei,XU Jian,ZHU Da-yong,WANG Xiao-jin,LU Jian-wei and LU Kun-lin
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):457-464 [Abstract(1510)]  [View PDF 3.07 M (1471)]
Numerical substructure method for structural nonlinear analysis
  SUN Bao-yin,ZHANG Pei-zhou,GU Quan and OU Jin-ping
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):465-472 [Abstract(1592)]  [View PDF 2.31 M (1458)]
Multiscale mixed finite element numerical simulation for fractured-vuggy reservoir based on DFVN model
  ZHANG Na,YAO Jun,HUANG Zhao-qin and WANG Yue-ying
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):473-478 [Abstract(1494)]  [View PDF 3.99 M (1746)]
Prediction of wear in mechanism with revolute joint clearances based on neural network
  DENG Pei-sheng,YUAN Da-ning and LIU Hong-zhao
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):479-484,529 [Abstract(1530)]  [View PDF 2.99 M (1396)]
Regularized boundary integral equations for thermoelastic problems
  SUN Fang-ling,ZHANG Yao-ming,GAO Xiao-wei and DONG Li
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):485-489 [Abstract(1337)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (1182)]
An approach for identification of material parameters in Bammann-Chiesa-Johnson viscoplastic constitutive model
  TAN Yang,CHI Yi-lin,HUANG Ya-yu and YAO Ting-qiang
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):490-495 [Abstract(1758)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (1564)]
2D computational model of liquid bridge and DEM simulation of wet granular materials
  DU You-yao and LI Xi-kui
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):496-502 [Abstract(1285)]  [View PDF 3.64 M (1625)]
Nonlinear behavior of bolted flange connections containing shear pin (CONE)
  LU Xu,WANG Ping,WANG Jian-nan,CHANG Ji-hai,ZHANG Yu-hang and GUAN Zhen-qun
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):503-511 [Abstract(1506)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (1148)]
Dynamic characteristics analysis of slender flexible space structure undergoing large overall motions
  ZHAO Guo-wei and WU Zhi-gang
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):512-517 [Abstract(1661)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (1482)]
Calculation method for shear lag of rectangular section beam based on the shear deformation
  SHU Xiao-juan,ZHONG Xin-gu,SHEN Ming-yan and ZHANG Tian-yu
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):518-522 [Abstract(1851)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (1940)]
Compressible inviscid flow computation on a hovering rotor based on high order accuracy and high efficiency with schemes
  XU Li,ZHANG Kai-jun and WU Quan-jun
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):523-529 [Abstract(1187)]  [View PDF 3.12 M (1086)]
Investigation on the aerodynamic characteristics of the seepage wind through windbreak using large eddy simulation
  XU Dong,SHEN Zhen-dong,GAO Xi-feng,XUE Fa-xing,XIA Xu-lin and JI Chun-ning
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):530-536 [Abstract(1508)]  [View PDF 8.18 M (1991)]
Numerical simulation on vortex evolution of airflow in realistic human upper respiratory tract under the effect of fluid-solid interaction
  XU Xin-xi,SUN Dong,LI Fu-sheng,ZHAO Xiu-guo and LIU Ya-jun
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):537-543,578 [Abstract(1512)]  [View PDF 9.46 M (2169)]


First-order finite element method for elasticity
  BIAN Zheng-ning,DU Shi-sen and LUO Jian-hui
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):544-547 [Abstract(1342)]  [View PDF 1.90 M (1574)]
Dynamic simulation and experiment of a linkage mechanism with double clearances
  HU Shi-wu and GUO Xing-lin
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):548-553 [Abstract(1364)]  [View PDF 3.34 M (1283)]
Application of Douglas-Jones predictor-corrector method in fractal coalbed methane reservoir
  XUAN Ying-long,MA De-sheng,WANG Shu-kun and ZHANG Yong-qi
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):554-559 [Abstract(1165)]  [View PDF 1.56 M (1182)]
Numerical simulation on complex moving boundary flow using feedback immersed boundary method
  WANG Wen-quan,SU Shi-qi and YAN Yan
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):560-564 [Abstract(1555)]  [View PDF 2.76 M (1823)]
Dynamic analysis and influence study of structure parameters on the asphalt mixing plant vibration screen system
  LI Yang-yang,HE Zhao-xia,SONG Xu-ding and WANG Kan
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):565-570 [Abstract(1112)]  [View PDF 2.81 M (1103)]
Three-dimensional dynamic characteristics of fluid-structure interaction in air flowing around tiny triangular prism using numerical method
  HUANG Li-pu and WANG Jun-lei
  Published 7月 28日, 2015
  2015,32(4):571-578 [Abstract(1286)]  [View PDF 2.55 M (1255)]