Volume 31,Issue 6,2014 Table of Contents

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Collaborative-climb monkey algorithm for optimal sensor placement
  YI Ting-hua,ZHANG Xu-dong and LI Hong-nan
  2014,31(6):681-686 [Abstract(1873)]  [View PDF 2.21 M (1067)]
Ant colony algorithm based numerical solution for inverse bimodular problems
  ZHANG Guo-qing and YANG Hai-tian
  2014,31(6):687-693 [Abstract(2083)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (1055)]
Boundary particle method coupled with regularization technique for Robin inverse problem
  SHI Jin-hong,CHEN Wen and FU Zhuo-jia
  2014,31(6):694-701 [Abstract(1307)]  [View PDF 1.75 M (1168)]
A hierarchical computing approach for the massively parallel structural dynamic analysis
  MIAO Xin-qiang,JIN Xian-long and DING Jun-hong
  2014,31(6):702-708 [Abstract(2046)]  [View PDF 2.86 M (1138)]
Peridynamic model and analysis for impact damage of composite laminate
  WANG Fu-wei and HUANG Zai-xing
  2014,31(6):709-713,721 [Abstract(1975)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (1804)]
Lagrangian high order cell-centered conservative scheme
  GE Quan-wen
  2014,31(6):714-721 [Abstract(1902)]  [View PDF 3.25 M (897)]
Topology optimization design of pure electric vehicle head based on frontal crash compatibility
  LEI Zheng-bao,HE Ru and WANG Rui
  2014,31(6):722-728 [Abstract(1623)]  [View PDF 5.86 M (907)]
Increment-dimensional precise integration method based on cubic spline interpolation for nonlinear dynamic equation
  LING Ming-xiang,HAN Yu-hang,ZHU Chang-chun and WANG Tian-zhong
  2014,31(6):729-734 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (1349)]
Coupled SBFEM and FEM for crack analysis based on virtual discontinuous surface method
  YIN De-sheng,YIN Shuan and ZHOU Yi-hong
  2014,31(6):735-741,748 [Abstract(1558)]  [View PDF 1.75 M (1180)]
Analysis of the parameters infulencing the main-cable state of self-anchored suspension bridge
  SUN Yong-ming,ZHANG Lian-zhen and LI Zhong-long
  2014,31(6):742-748 [Abstract(1589)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (1289)]
Singular stress analysis of an irregular shaped inclusion under thermo-mechanical loads
  PING Xue-cheng,XU Xiao-xiang and CHEN Meng-cheng
  2014,31(6):749-754 [Abstract(1689)]  [View PDF 1.84 M (1033)]
Structural fragility estimation with beta-binomial distribution
  LIU Xiao-xiao,WU Zi-yan and WANG Qi-ang
  2014,31(6):755-762 [Abstract(1730)]  [View PDF 2.57 M (1141)]
A novel semi-analytic algorithm of nearly singular integrals in high order boundary element analysis of 2D potential
  HU Zong-jun,NIU Zhong-rong,CHENG Chang-zheng and ZHOU Huan-lin
  2014,31(6):763-768,798 [Abstract(1713)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (1502)]
Numerical study on unstable head-discharge performance in pump-turbine considering the transient rotor-stator interactions
  XIAO Ruo-fu,TAO Ran and LIU Wei-chao
  2014,31(6):769-774 [Abstract(2096)]  [View PDF 2.89 M (1179)]
A rapid solution method for projected immersed boundary method
  LI Wei-zhong,LI Wei-zhong,YAN Yan and LIANG Lin
  2014,31(6):775-780 [Abstract(1684)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (1232)]
Liquid layered phenomenon and initial droplet size during explosive dispersal process
  SHI Yi-na,HONG Tao,YAO Wen,FENG Qi-jing and QIN Cheng-sen
  2014,31(6):781-786 [Abstract(1775)]  [View PDF 5.85 M (1054)]
Pressure strain correlation term of Reynolds stress model for rotating turbulence
  ZHANG Jing-long,WANG Zun-ce and XU Yan
  2014,31(6):787-792 [Abstract(1948)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (1356)]


Nonlinear finite element simulation on membrane-cable system of parachute
  FAN Yu-xin and XIA Jian
  2014,31(6):793-798 [Abstract(1605)]  [View PDF 4.45 M (1182)]
Macro-meso cross-scale simulation of forging process
  DU Feng-shan,LI Yuan,WANG Min,LI Jie and FAN Jun-kai
  2014,31(6):799-804,810 [Abstract(1351)]  [View PDF 6.06 M (1219)]
Comparative study about improved WENO scheme based on characteristics splitting and Roe scheme
  SHI Lei,YAN Ming,GONG An-long and ZHOU Wei-jiang
  2014,31(6):805-810 [Abstract(1757)]  [View PDF 3.17 M (1410)]