Volume 31,Issue 2,2014 Table of Contents

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Optimal design of concentrated force diffusion for short shell structure using hierarchical radial ribs
  ZHANG Jia-xin,WANG Bo,NIU Fei and CHENG Geng-dong
  2014,31(2):141-148,240 [Abstract(2196)]  [View PDF 2.01 M (1283)]
Linear robustness based optimization design of cable supported structure and its performance analysis
  YE Jun,GAO Bo-qing and DONG Shi-lin
  2014,31(2):149-154 [Abstract(2382)]  [View PDF 1.36 M (1381)]
Cooperative response surface method for structural reliability analysis based on Nataf transformation
  YANG Lu-feng,YANG Xian-feng and YU Bo
  2014,31(2):155-160 [Abstract(1954)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (1599)]
Updating rule of variables for structural topology optimization based on CA
  DU Yi-xian,CHEN De,FANG Zi-fan and TIAN Qi-hua
  2014,31(2):161-168 [Abstract(1732)]  [View PDF 1.45 M (1698)]
Phase-field simulation for the magnetization state and magneto-mechanical coupling effect in ferro-magnetic nano-structures
  ZHANG Jian-wei and WANG Jie
  2014,31(2):169-173 [Abstract(1931)]  [View PDF 1.40 M (1262)]
Immune monkey algorithm for optimal sensor placement
  YI Ting-hua,ZHANG Xu-dong and LI Hong-nan
  2014,31(2):174-179 [Abstract(2027)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (1262)]
Magneto-elastic nonlinear dynamics and bifurcation of axially moving current-conducting plate
  HU Yu-da and HU Peng
  2014,31(2):180-186 [Abstract(1837)]  [View PDF 1.57 M (1205)]
Study on calculating method of vibration decoupling for automotive powertrain mounting system
  LI Zhi-qiang,CHEN Shu-xun and WEI Qi-feng
  2014,31(2):187-191 [Abstract(2304)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (1576)]
Redundancy of single-layer reticulated dome under earthquake action based on response sensitivity
  ZHU Nan-hai and YE Ji-hong
  2014,31(2):192-198 [Abstract(1735)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (1108)]
A hybrid probabilistic and convex model for caculating the vulnerability curve of the failure of isolation bearing under near-fault earthquake ground motion
  FAN Jian,LONG Xiao-hong and ZHAO Jun
  2014,31(2):199-204 [Abstract(1588)]  [View PDF 1.40 M (1181)]
The state space finite element method for Stokes flow in rectangular cavity
  MENG Jun-miao,DENG Zi-chen and WANG Yan
  2014,31(2):205-211 [Abstract(1737)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (1145)]
Simulation on impact attenuation capability of bi-cylinder airbags
  HUANG Guo,HUANG Hai-ming,XU Xiao-liang and LI Wei-jie
  2014,31(2):212-216 [Abstract(1869)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (1208)]
Algorithm framework for time-history analysis based on open finite element system SiPESC. FEMS
  CHEN Yu-zhen,ZHANG Sheng,CHEN Biao-song and ZHANG Hong-wu
  2014,31(2):217-222 [Abstract(1867)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (1225)]
Simulation on assembling energy of detonation wave by using MPM
  WANG Yu-xin,LI Xiao-jie,YAN Hong-hao,WANG Xiao-hong and SUN Ming
  2014,31(2):223-227 [Abstract(2187)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (1588)]
Numerical simulations of direct shear test with soil-rock mixture using discrete element method
  XU Wen-jie,ZHANG Hai-yang,XU Qiang and YU Yu-zhen
  2014,31(2):228-234 [Abstract(1854)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (1248)]
An operator custom-design wavelet-based thin plate element and its application
  WANG You-ming,WANG Wen-qing,SHEN Jian-dong and CAO Hong-rui
  2014,31(2):235-240 [Abstract(1652)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (1304)]
Modelling of cohesive crack propagation using enhanced finite element method via h-adaptive technique
  LING Dao-sheng,BU Ling-fang and TU Fu-bin
  2014,31(2):241-247 [Abstract(2004)]  [View PDF 1.45 M (1300)]
Numerical study on failure process of accropode under the impact of uniform flow
  FENG Chun,LI Shi-hai,ZHAO Ying and LIU Xiao-yu
  2014,31(2):248-253 [Abstract(2184)]  [View PDF 1.40 M (1215)]
Water-wave resonance within a rectangular harbor and its extensional shapes
  ZHENG Jin-hai,DONG Wen-kai,XU Long-hui and WANG Gang
  2014,31(2):254-258 [Abstract(1625)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (1350)]


Effects of degree of freedom on numerical results of self-propelled fish swimming
  WANG Liang,WANG Ming,FU Qiang and LI Chen-xi
  2014,31(2):259-264 [Abstract(2147)]  [View PDF 1.34 M (1280)]
Element stiffness matrix for Timoshenko beam with variable cross-section
  CHUAN Guang-hong,CHEN Yi-yi and TONG Gen-shu
  2014,31(2):265-272 [Abstract(2521)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (1424)]
Reduced order model for aeroelastic simulation based on BEM method
  AN Xiao-min
  2014,31(2):273-276,284 [Abstract(2028)]  [View PDF 1.60 M (1230)]
Analysis of supercavity cross section independent expansion principle and its applications
  YANG Hong-lan and SHI Wen-pu
  2014,31(2):277-280 [Abstract(1962)]  [View PDF 1.20 M (1215)]
Numerical iterative algorithm of kinematic hardening model under cyclic loadings
  ZHENG Xiao-tao,CHENG Shi,YU Jiu-yang,CHEN Yao and WANG Ming-wu
  2014,31(2):281-284 [Abstract(2077)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (1818)]