Volume 30,Issue 1,2013 Table of Contents

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Scaled boundary finite element method for the eigen analysis of waveguide
  LIN Gao and LIU Jun
  2013,30(1):1-9 [Abstract(3369)]  [View PDF 2.03 M (2883)]
Fourier analysis of the convergence behaviors of SIMPLE algorithm on collocated grid
  WANG Fei,LI Yi-tian,GE Hua and TANG Jin-wu
  2013,30(1):10-15,21 [Abstract(2511)]  [View PDF 2.28 M (1390)]
Application research of 3D meshless method in supersonic flow
  MA Xin-jian,TAN Jun-jie and CAI Xiao-wei
  2013,30(1):16-21 [Abstract(2382)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (1243)]
Applications of non-smooth equations methods for the contact problems with non-matching meshes
  HU Zhi-qiang,FAN Guo-gang,CHEN Wan-ji and LIN Gao
  2013,30(1):22-27 [Abstract(3068)]  [View PDF 1.61 M (1926)]
Modelling crack growth by enriched meshless method based on partition of unity
  MA Wen-tao,SHI Jun-ping and LI Ning
  2013,30(1):28-33 [Abstract(2367)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (1611)]
Three dimensional simulation of the explosive welding by using of the MPM
  WANG Yu-xin,LI Xiao-jie and SUN Guo
  2013,30(1):34-38 [Abstract(2440)]  [View PDF 1.39 M (1471)]
Numerical simulations for the curative effect of the nasal surgery on patients with OSAHS
  YU Shen,LIU Ying-xi,SUN Xiu-zhen,SU Ying-feng and WANG Ying
  2013,30(1):39-44 [Abstract(2145)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (1317)]
Optimizing design of micro-structural configurations of periodic porous sound-absorbing materials
  CHEN Wen-jiong and LIU Shu-tian
  2013,30(1):45-50 [Abstract(4153)]  [View PDF 2.10 M (2412)]
Analysis of structural robustness with non-probabilistic uncertainties
  ZHANG Cheng,WU Hui,GAO Bo-qing and DONG Shi-lin
  2013,30(1):51-56 [Abstract(2610)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (2129)]
The model of train-bridge-track interaction and energy transformation in vertical plane
  XIAO Xiang,ZHANG Xie-dong and REN Wei-xin
  2013,30(1):57-63 [Abstract(2558)]  [View PDF 1.99 M (1527)]
Probability and compound uncertainty importance measures of structure stochastic analysis and their computational method
  XU Xin,LV Zhen-zhou and WEI Peng-fei
  2013,30(1):64-70,75 [Abstract(2461)]  [View PDF 1.93 M (1753)]
Interval reliability analysis method and its application to underground tunnel structure
  SHAO Guo-jian and SU Jing-bo
  2013,30(1):71-75 [Abstract(2872)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (1781)]
Transient analysis method based on multi-level dynamic substructures
  ZHANG Sheng,YIN Jin,CHEN Biao-song and BAI Yang
  2013,30(1):76-80 [Abstract(2586)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (1729)]
Ritz method of the analysis of lateral buckling for leaning-type arch bridge
  LIU Ai-rong,WANG He-ling,YU Qi-cai,ZHANG Jun-ping and SHEN Fu-lin
  2013,30(1):81-87 [Abstract(2405)]  [View PDF 1.74 M (1539)]
Improved stochastic response surface method based on stepwise regression analysis
  YANG Lu-feng,YANG Xian-feng,YU Bo and LI Zhao-yang
  2013,30(1):88-93 [Abstract(2123)]  [View PDF 1.49 M (1393)]
Study of computational method of far-field aerodynamic noise of a high-speed train considering ground effect
  LIU Jia-li,ZHANG Ji-ye and ZHANG Wei-hua
  2013,30(1):94-100 [Abstract(2319)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (1774)]
Numerical study on the response of a narrow-long harbor to a solitary wave
  MA Xiao-zhou,LIU Pin,WANG Gang and DONG Guo-hai
  2013,30(1):101-105 [Abstract(2402)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (1620)]
Study on the characteristics of a bubble motion in a complex channel by lattice Boltzmann method
  LI Wei-zhong,SUN Hong-mei and DONG Bo
  2013,30(1):106-110 [Abstract(2671)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (1565)]
Parallel numerical simulation of muzzle reacting flow
  GUO Ze-qing,JIANG Xiao-hai and WANG Yang
  2013,30(1):111-116,123 [Abstract(2547)]  [View PDF 2.19 M (1343)]
Numerical simulation of thermal fluid in partially open enclosures based on Vreman subgrid-scale model
  HUO Yan and GAO Ye
  2013,30(1):117-123 [Abstract(2459)]  [View PDF 1.94 M (1465)]
A new consistent particle interaction models for moving particle semi-implicit method
  ZHANG Shuai,LOU Yi-min,XING Fei and SHI Xing
  2013,30(1):124-129 [Abstract(2445)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (1233)]
Verification and application of SPR error estimation in static and dynamic numerical analysis
  SHAO Qi and TANG Xiao-wei
  2013,30(1):130-136 [Abstract(1725)]  [View PDF 2.40 M (1433)]
Analytical model for torsional strength of prestressed concrete box-girder with corrugated steel webs
  DING Yong,JIANG Ke-bin,ZHOU Yin-zhi and YANG Jian-kui
  2013,30(1):137-142 [Abstract(2467)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (1404)]
Research on numerical simulation on the whole cracking processes of three-point bending notch concrete beams
  GUAN Jun-feng,QING Long-bang and ZHAO Shun-bo
  2013,30(1):143-148,155 [Abstract(2000)]  [View PDF 2.02 M (1553)]
Crack-mechanics damage and plasticity for rock-like materials under compressive loading
  YUAN Xiao-ping,LIU Hong-yan and WANG Zhi-qiao
  2013,30(1):149-154 [Abstract(2371)]  [View PDF 2.07 M (1591)]


Study on the Haar wavelet algorithm of fractional differential equations
  WANG Miao-miao,ZHAO Feng-qun,LI Na and LIU Li
  2013,30(1):156-160 [Abstract(2079)]  [View PDF 1.61 M (1307)]
Numerical investigation of underwater natural supercavitating projectiles operating with the empennages
  ZHANG Mu,YI Wen-jun,TAN Jun-jie,CHEN Zhi-hua and CAI Xiao-wei
  2013,30(1):161-165,172 [Abstract(2283)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (1386)]
Vibration analysis of ring stiffened cylindrical-conical shell structures based on a domain decomposition method
  QU Ye-gao,CHEN Yong,LONG Xin-hua,HUA Hong-xing and MENG Guang
  2013,30(1):166-172 [Abstract(2131)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (1347)]