Volume 29,Issue 4,2012 Table of Contents

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Simultaneous optimization of fiber distribution and layup for maximum stiffness of composite laminates using lamination parameters
  LIU Shu-tian and HOU Yu-pin
  2012,29(4):475-480 [Abstract(1549)]  [View PDF 1.37 M (1374)]
Hybrid optimization of grid-stiffened cylinder based on surrogate model and smeared stiffener model
  HAO Peng,WANG Bo,LI Gang and WANG Xiao-jun
  2012,29(4):481-486 [Abstract(1590)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (1243)]
Modular method of pile foundation design optimization
  LIU Xiao-feng and CHENG Geng-dong
  2012,29(4):487-493 [Abstract(1475)]  [View PDF 1.34 M (1215)]
The interaction of two coplanar cracks in a transversely isotropic half-space
  WANG Bing-jun,XIAO Hong-tian and YUE Zhong-qi
  2012,29(4):494-498,504 [Abstract(1484)]  [View PDF 1.68 M (1058)]
A dynamic sub-partition strategy of finite element for simulation of crack propagation
  ZHOU Chu-wei and PAN Qing
  2012,29(4):499-504 [Abstract(1775)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (1475)]
Enriched meshless method based on partition of unity for a body with cracks
  MA Wen-tao,SHI Jun-ping and LI Ning
  2012,29(4):505-510 [Abstract(1400)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (1410)]
A stress recovery method based on the analytical eigenfunctions of symplectic elasticity
  XU Xiao-ming,ZHANG Sheng,YAO Wei-an and ZHONG Wan-xie
  2012,29(4):511-516 [Abstract(1369)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (1479)]
FEM simulation of adhesive interface fracture in piezoelectric composite
  WANG Liang,BAI Rui-xiang,LEI Zhen-kun and CHEN Hao-ran
  2012,29(4):517-521 [Abstract(1715)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (2078)]
The dynamic reaction study of underground arch structure subjecting to blasting load with spline wavelet finite element numerical simulation
  SUN Hui-xiang,XU Jin-yu and YANG Bing-hui
  2012,29(4):522-526 [Abstract(1561)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (1275)]
Analysis of damage strain field for ceramic composite with eutectic interphases
  SUN Tao,NI Xin-hua,LIU Xie-quan,HAN Bao-hong and CHENG Zhao-gang
  2012,29(4):527-531 [Abstract(1318)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (1075)]
Evaluation of load bearing capacity based on law of stiffness changes in full process for existing RC arch rib
  JIANG You-bao,LIU Yang and ZHANG Jian-ren
  2012,29(4):532-537 [Abstract(1247)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (1039)]
Modeling and confirmation of pedestrian induced walking load on footbridge
  FAN Jian-sheng,CHEN Yu and NIE Jian-guo
  2012,29(4):538-544 [Abstract(1481)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (1196)]
Numerical investigation into nonlinear parametric resonance of axially accelerating viscoelastic beams
  2012,29(4):545-550 [Abstract(1462)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (1176)]
Transient coupled characteristics study on mechanical seals end faces under the alternative load function
  YAN Guo-ping and LIU Zheng-lin
  2012,29(4):551-555 [Abstract(1398)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (1407)]
Gust response analysis of the composite wing with pseudo excitation method and CFD
  BAI Yu-guang,TUO Chao-zhi,SUN Dong-ke and LIN Jia-hao
  2012,29(4):556-560,581 [Abstract(1479)]  [View PDF 1.74 M (1040)]
Numerical simulations and experimental investigations of flow separation control in diffuser of transonic wind tunnel
  CONG Cheng-hua,LIAO Da-xiong,PENG Qiang and LI Hong-zhe
  2012,29(4):561-566 [Abstract(1541)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (1075)]
RANS simulation of viscous flow over full appended submarine and field variables validation and vorticity analysis
  YANG Qiong-fang,WANG Yong-sheng and ZHANG Zhi-hong
  2012,29(4):567-573 [Abstract(2134)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (1271)]
Flow-excited submarine structure acoustic prediction based on a refined integral algorithm
  WEI Ying-san and WANG Yong-sheng
  2012,29(4):574-581 [Abstract(1819)]  [View PDF 1.57 M (1446)]
Multi-point seismic motions based on focal mechanism and considering local site multi-layer soil effect: theory and program implementation
  LIU Guo-huan,LU Xin-zheng and GUO Wei
  2012,29(4):582-588 [Abstract(1293)]  [View PDF 1.69 M (1110)]
Rate-dependent endochronic damage constitutive model for concrete
  SONG Yu-pu and LIU Hao
  2012,29(4):589-593,598 [Abstract(1482)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (1070)]


Study on computational methods of tire hydroplaning using CFD
  WANG Guo-lin and JIN Liang
  2012,29(4):594-598 [Abstract(1581)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1360)]
2D Numerical simulation for the formation of channel pattern
  XIAO Yi,SHAO Xue-jun,ZHOU Jian-yin and ZHOU Gang
  2012,29(4):599-603 [Abstract(1460)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (1265)]
Method for keeping balance in shallow-water simulation over irregular topography
  WANG Dang-wei,CHEN Jian-guo and JI Zu-wen
  2012,29(4):604-608,615 [Abstract(1368)]  [View PDF 1.81 M (1090)]
The compatible scheme with TVD method in Lagrangian hydrodynamics
  LIU Quan,LIN Zhong and WNAG Rui-li
  2012,29(4):609-615 [Abstract(1418)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (1040)]
Research on SSC curve on roughing mill using FEM and optimization
  LI Xue-tong,HUANG Zhao-meng,WANG Min-ting and DU Feng-shan
  2012,29(4):616-619 [Abstract(1412)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (1293)]
The effects of the internal pressure on the evolution of intra-granular microcracks under electric field
  HUANG Peng and HUANG Pei-zhen
  2012,29(4):620-624,630 [Abstract(1435)]  [View PDF 1.93 M (1032)]
Influence of shear lag effect on deflection of box girder
  ZHANG Yuan-hai,LIN Li-xia and LIU Yong
  2012,29(4):625-630 [Abstract(1539)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (1733)]
Application of non-conforming element in lower-bound shakedown analysis of composites
  CHEN Min and TANG Wen-cheng
  2012,29(4):631-634 [Abstract(1464)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (1304)]
Finite element mesh generation based on digital image for concrete crack
  YANG Song,SHAO Long-tan,GUO Xiao-xia,ZHAO Bo-ya and LIN Gang
  2012,29(4):635-640 [Abstract(1248)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (1453)]