Volume 28,Issue 6,2011 Table of Contents

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A generalized Hill's lemma for gradient-enhanced Cosserat continuum
  LI Xi-kui,ZHANG Jun-bo and ZHANG Xue
  2011,28(6):813-820,832 [Abstract(1811)]  [View PDF 1.90 M (1081)]
A compliance based topology optimization design of structures considering non-probabilistic reliability
  LUO Yang-jun,KANG Zhan and CAI Kun
  2011,28(6):821-826 [Abstract(1705)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1179)]
Structrual optimization design based on non-probabilistic set-theoretic reliability
  WANG Xiao-jun,YANG Hai-feng,QIU Zhi-ping and QIN Zi-xuan
  2011,28(6):827-832 [Abstract(1756)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (1322)]
Topology optimization of actuators considering the distribution of piezoelectric driven components
  LIN Zhe-qi,LIU Shu-tian and QIAO He-ting
  2011,28(6):833-838 [Abstract(1618)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (1299)]
Shape optimization of five-center shell structure based on response surface method
  DU Jia-zheng,SUI Yun-kang,YANG Zhi-guang and LONG Lian-chun
  2011,28(6):839-843 [Abstract(1552)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (1092)]
Membership function analysis of fuzzy reliability by adaptive truncated sampling on Copula theory
  WANG Wei-hu,LV Zhen-zhou and LI Qian
  2011,28(6):844-850 [Abstract(1861)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (1054)]
Influence of out-of-roundness on the critical loads of circular rings and circular tubes under hydrostatic pressure
  DENG Chang-gen
  2011,28(6):851-857 [Abstract(1448)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (1069)]
Prediction of underwater vehicle vibration-noise based on singularity-decomposition and self-adaptive BEM quadrature
  WEI Ying-san,WANG Yong-sheng and NIE Pei-jun
  2011,28(6):858-863,925 [Abstract(1526)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (975)]
Complicated response analysis of two-dimensional thin panel in subsonic flow with external excitation
  LI Peng,YANG Yi-ren and LU Li
  2011,28(6):864-871 [Abstract(1949)]  [View PDF 1.74 M (973)]
Numerical simulation of flow field using VOF method based on body-fitted grid
  REN Bing,LI Xue-yan,WANG Guo-yu and WANG Yong-xue
  2011,28(6):872-878 [Abstract(1653)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (1101)]
Well test analysis on low velocity and non-Darcy flow in dual-porosity reservoir with dynamic boundary
  CHENG Lin-song,REN Sheng-li and LIAN Pei-qing
  2011,28(6):879-883 [Abstract(1570)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1320)]
Extended finite element method for heat transfer problems in heterogeneous material
  YU Tian-tang and WAN Lin-lin
  2011,28(6):884-890 [Abstract(1641)]  [View PDF 1.49 M (1422)]
Analysis on stress-strain complete process of unbonded prestressing tendons in concrete subjected to fire
  HU Qiong,XU Ming-xin and ZHENG Wen-zhong
  2011,28(6):891-897 [Abstract(1310)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (1239)]
A simplified method for seismic response analysis of site with circular diaphragm wall
  ZHANG Ru-lin,LOU Meng-lin and ZHAO Xin
  2011,28(6):898-903 [Abstract(1467)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1095)]
Exact numerical solutions of Timoshenko beams on elastic foundations
  GAO Xing-jun,MA Hai-tao and CHEN Tai-cong
  2011,28(6):904-908 [Abstract(2025)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (1129)]
Bond-slip considered beam-column elements for concrete encased steel column
  ZHENG Shan-suo,ZHANG Chuan-chao and LI Lei
  2011,28(6):909-914 [Abstract(1272)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (1834)]


Finite element analysis of sandwich overall buckling and wrinkling
  LIANG Yuan,YU Yin and WANG Hai
  2011,28(6):915-919 [Abstract(1364)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (987)]
Study of the boundary layer solution coupled with gridless method
  SHENG Ming-jian,YE Zheng-yin and JIANG Chao-qi
  2011,28(6):920-925 [Abstract(1555)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (882)]
Investigation on impact damping performance of interior inlaid freely moving steel ball for euler beam knocked by force-hammer
  WANG Jian-wei,XU Hui and MA Ning
  2011,28(6):926-931 [Abstract(2129)]  [View PDF 1.44 M (1336)]
Study on active earth pressure of circular arc wall back
  WANG Kui-hua and MA Shao-jun
  2011,28(6):932-937 [Abstract(1258)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (1147)]
A new multi-step approach considering bending effects and its application in the stretch bending of rectangular tubes
  FU Li-jun,DONG Xiang-huai and WANG Peng
  2011,28(6):938-942 [Abstract(1301)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1092)]
Numerical simulation for the whole process of deep pit excavationand its engineering practice
  WANG Quan-feng and PUN Su-loi
  2011,28(6):943-948 [Abstract(1511)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (1169)]