Volume 27,Issue 6,2010 Table of Contents

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A non-equilibrium method based on path optimization for predicting free energy
  YANG Kun and WANG Xi-cheng
  2010,27(6):953-958 [Abstract(1830)]  [View PDF 903.10 K (1281)]
Structural topology optimization method using high accuracy approximation of the step function
  SUI Yun-kang,XUAN Dong-hai,YE Hong-ling and TIE Jun
  2010,27(6):959-967 [Abstract(2117)]  [View PDF 1.37 M (1217)]
Study on semi-analytic numerical method for structure analysis of functionally graded materials
  YAN Xiu-fa,QIAN Qi-hu,WANG Wei,SUN Ao and DAI Yao
  2010,27(6):968-975 [Abstract(1619)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (945)]
Generalized density evolution equation based structural stochastic optimal control
  LI Jie and PENG Yong-bo
  2010,27(6):976-982 [Abstract(1615)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (979)]
A-posteriori compression scheme for wavelet Galerkin BEM
  XIAO Jin-you,CAO Yan-chuang and WEN Li-hua
  2010,27(6):983-988 [Abstract(1219)]  [View PDF 918.24 K (944)]
Research on local orthogonal element-free Galerkin method and application in multi-crack structure
  MENG Guang-wei,ZHOU Li-ming,LI Feng,PENG Hui-fen and SHA Li-rong
  2010,27(6):989-994 [Abstract(1772)]  [View PDF 876.27 K (856)]
Algebraic multigrid method for higher-order finite element equations in three dimensional linear elasticity
  XIAO Ying-xiong,ZHANG Hong-mei and SHU Shi
  2010,27(6):995-1000,1015 [Abstract(1118)]  [View PDF 981.56 K (1018)]
Minimization iteration procedure of potential energy and structural analysis for the tension cable-strut structure
  CHEN Wu-jun,DU Gui-shou and REN Xiao-qiang
  2010,27(6):1001-1005 [Abstract(1563)]  [View PDF 820.72 K (1085)]
The reliability analysis of fatigue propagation life with non-normal \=random parameters taking T-stress into account
  ZHANG Yan-lin,ZHANG Yi-min,JIN Ya-juan and ZHANG Yan-fang
  2010,27(6):1006-1010 [Abstract(1547)]  [View PDF 800.28 K (1260)]
Radial integration boundary element method determining seepage free surface of non-homogeneous soil-stone dams
  WANG Yan-chang,ZHENG Jing and GAO Xiao-wei
  2010,27(6):1011-1015 [Abstract(1598)]  [View PDF 715.71 K (1086)]
Application of algebraic multigrid method to the numerical prediction of turbulent flow
  JIANG guang-biao,HE Yong-sen,XIAO Ying-xiong and SHU shi
  2010,27(6):1016-1021 [Abstract(1953)]  [View PDF 939.24 K (1363)]
Multi-scale coupled numerical analysis of textile composites and structures
  TIAN Jun and ZHOU Chu-wei
  2010,27(6):1022-1028 [Abstract(1784)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1136)]
The dynamic analysis for the non-homogeneous moderately thick plate by the meshless LRPIM
  XIA Ping,LONG Shu-yao and WEI Ke-xiang
  2010,27(6):1029-1035 [Abstract(1747)]  [View PDF 475.53 K (1208)]
Study on the application of the homogeneous matrix method of the multi-body system to the dynamic response of floating bridge
  JIANG Zhao-bing,SHEN Qing,CHEN Xu-jun and ZHAO Hong-liang
  2010,27(6):1036-1041 [Abstract(1775)]  [View PDF 1018.82 K (1236)]
Study on the modeling theory of the normal impact dynamics for the planar flexible multibody system
  DONG Fu-xiang and HONG Jia-zhen
  2010,27(6):1042-1048 [Abstract(1392)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (978)]
Research on the method for selecting dominant modes of wind-induced response for large-span roofs
  LI Yu-xue,YANG Qing-shan and TIAN Yu-ji
  2010,27(6):1049-1054 [Abstract(2403)]  [View PDF 974.87 K (1233)]
A multiple Pushover analysis procedure for asymmetric structures subjected to bi-directional ground motions
  WANG Feng,LI Hong-nan and YI Ting-hua
  2010,27(6):1055-1060 [Abstract(1547)]  [View PDF 945.92 K (959)]
Transient wave of the pile with variable sections embedded partially in homogeneous soil
  YU Yun-yan and YU Li-fen
  2010,27(6):1061-1066 [Abstract(1346)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (1048)]
Thermal post-buckling of functionally graded material timoshenko beams with surface-bonded piezoelectric layers
  SU Hou-de,LI Shi-rong and GAO Ying
  2010,27(6):1067-1072 [Abstract(1871)]  [View PDF 993.93 K (1148)]
The thermal response influence of vertical crack to FGM plates
  TIAN Jian-hui,HAN Xu and LONG Shu-yao
  2010,27(6):1073-1078 [Abstract(1769)]  [View PDF 807.87 K (1130)]
Truncated importance sampling method for failure probability estimation with truncated normal distribution
  CHI Qiao-jun,LV Zhen-zhou and SONG Shu-fang
  2010,27(6):1079-1084 [Abstract(1836)]  [View PDF 899.37 K (1107)]
Numerical simulation of filling in micro-channel injection molding
  LIU Zhi-wei,LIU Chong,XU Zheng,YANG Duo and LIU Jun-shan
  2010,27(6):1085-1089 [Abstract(1476)]  [View PDF 940.33 K (1031)]
Approximate formulas of critical edge pressure and critical load of subsoil with K0≠1
  MEI Ling,MEI Guo-xiong and YI Zong-fa
  2010,27(6):1090-1095 [Abstract(1377)]  [View PDF 925.42 K (1076)]
A constitutive modelling of concrete under confining pressure condition
  ZHANG Yan,JIANG Lin-hua and CHEN Da
  2010,27(6):1096-1101 [Abstract(2030)]  [View PDF 1022.07 K (1463)]
Numerical analysis for sound transmission of middle ear with perforations
  SUN Xiu-zhen,LI Sheng and LIU Ying-xi
  2010,27(6):1102-1106 [Abstract(1945)]  [View PDF 950.55 K (1088)]
Discussions on the generalized isoparametric finite elements
  MA Hai-tao and GAO Wei
  2010,27(6):1107-1110 [Abstract(1353)]  [View PDF 564.99 K (1152)]
Adaptive grid subdivision algorithm based on the youngs’ interface reconstruction algorithm
  LIU Chun,MA Tian-bao and NING Jian-guo
  2010,27(6):1111-1116 [Abstract(1540)]  [View PDF 871.87 K (912)]
Studies on stress interactions within periodic polygonal inclusions
  PING Xue-cheng,CHEN Meng-cheng and XIE Ji-long
  2010,27(6):1117-1122 [Abstract(1807)]  [View PDF 976.22 K (1046)]