Volume 27,Issue 2,2010 Table of Contents

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Finite element surface stress calculation
  SUN Yan and ZHONG Wan-xie
  2010,27(2):177-181 [Abstract(965)]  [View PDF 751.40 K (749)]
Fundamental model for analysis of nastic materials and structures
  ZHANG Hong-wu and LV Jun
  2010,27(2):182-188 [Abstract(836)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (726)]
Two-scale model for analysis of nastic materials and structures
  ZHANG Hong-wu and LV Jun
  2010,27(2):189-195 [Abstract(843)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (722)]
Constrained H control method for active suspensions of vehicles
  SONG Gang,WU Zhi-gang and LIN Jia-hao
  2010,27(2):196-201 [Abstract(765)]  [View PDF 825.21 K (798)]
Improvement on recursive stochastic finite element method
  2010,27(2):202-206 [Abstract(864)]  [View PDF 799.96 K (664)]
Reliability sensitivity analysis and reliability-based design optimization based on stochastic response surfaces method
  QIAO Hong-wei,LV Zhen-zhou and ZHAO Xin-pan
  2010,27(2):207-212 [Abstract(1036)]  [View PDF 977.50 K (687)]
Aspect ratio research based on magneto-hydrodynamic stability in aluminum reduction cells
  LI Jie,XV Yu-jie,LIU Wei and LAI Yan-qing
  2010,27(2):213-217 [Abstract(894)]  [View PDF 815.68 K (682)]
Research on parallel computing of damage prediction of high arch dams subjected to earthquakes
  ZHONG Hong and LIN Gao
  2010,27(2):218-224 [Abstract(841)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (696)]
Response of serial system of equipment and supporter under earthquake based on semi-analytical method
  DU Yong-feng,LIU Yan-hui and LI Hui
  2010,27(2):225-231 [Abstract(929)]  [View PDF 961.83 K (651)]
The topology optimization design of the continuum structure based on the meshless numerical technique
  ZHENG Juan,LONG Shu-yao and XIONG Yuan-bo
  2010,27(2):232-237 [Abstract(1125)]  [View PDF 846.05 K (880)]
Application of meshless method in the transverse vibration of rectangular thin plate with elastic point supports
  WANG Yan,WANG Zhong-min and RUAN Miao
  2010,27(2):238-243 [Abstract(901)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (1090)]
Optimization strategy for integration of topology and shape optimization of continuum structures
  FU Xiao-jin
  2010,27(2):244-251 [Abstract(903)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (713)]
Comparison of optimal placement of displacement-based and velocity-based dampers using genetic algorithm
  LI Hong-nan and QU Ji-ting
  2010,27(2):252-257 [Abstract(922)]  [View PDF 968.36 K (634)]
Structural multi-scale boundary element method based on element subdivision technique
  WANG Jing and GAO Xiao-wei
  2010,27(2):258-263 [Abstract(1113)]  [View PDF 990.22 K (832)]
Computing stress intensity factors by enriched natural element method
  JIANG Tao and ZHANG Qing
  2010,27(2):264-269 [Abstract(808)]  [View PDF 918.84 K (709)]
Initial stress equation for high-order numerical manifold method
  SU Hai-dong,CUI Jian-hua and XIE Xiao-ling
  2010,27(2):270-274 [Abstract(971)]  [View PDF 861.87 K (909)]
Improvement of the tetrakaidecahedral model for closed-cell aluminum foams
  TU Yong-qing,LIU Lin-lin,WAN Jian-fang and YANG Ming
  2010,27(2):275-279 [Abstract(996)]  [View PDF 895.74 K (914)]
A research on fast algorithm for simulation of non-gaussian wind field on large-span roof structures
  LI Jing and HAN Da-jian
  2010,27(2):280-285 [Abstract(894)]  [View PDF 934.55 K (756)]
Study on safety monitoring model for deformation of RCCD
  GU Chong-shi,LI Yun and Song Jing-xiang
  2010,27(2):286-290 [Abstract(694)]  [View PDF 844.19 K (633)]
Nonlinear analysis of steel tube initial stress effect in stell tube on bearing capacity for CFST arch bridges
  ZHOU Shui-xing,ZHANG Min and WANG Xiao-song
  2010,27(2):291-297 [Abstract(873)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (787)]
A kind of scalar damage elastoplastic constitutive model of concrete
  SHAO Chang-jiang and QIAN Yong-jiu
  2010,27(2):298-302 [Abstract(870)]  [View PDF 801.12 K (701)]
Interstorey drift response gradient and Hessian matrix computation of spatial frame structures under the earthquake motion
  LIU Qi-mao and YAN Liu-bin
  2010,27(2):303-309 [Abstract(989)]  [View PDF 956.51 K (695)]
Aerodynamic and heat transfer design optimization for cooling turbine blade
  YU Kua-hai,YUE Zhu-feng and Yang Xi
  2010,27(2):310-314 [Abstract(1050)]  [View PDF 868.71 K (742)]
Generalized conforming curved rectangular shallow shell elementwith in-plane rotational degrees of freedom
  ZHAO Hong-jin,DONG Ning-juan and WU Min-zhe
  2010,27(2):315-320 [Abstract(722)]  [View PDF 837.11 K (669)]
The research of human upper limb dynamics modeling and simulation technologies
  YUAN Qing-ke,LUO Shao-ming,TANG Wen-yan and LUO Xiao-mei
  2010,27(2):321-324 [Abstract(1026)]  [View PDF 785.18 K (736)]
Damage identification of frame structure by means of wavelet analysis of strain mode
  GUAN De-qing and HUANG Yan
  2010,27(2):325-329 [Abstract(1086)]  [View PDF 959.68 K (907)]
Molecular dynamic simulation for uniaxial tension properties of bicrystal Cu with spherical void
  ZHANG Ning,YANG Xin-hua and CHEN Chuan-yao
  2010,27(2):330-335 [Abstract(1105)]  [View PDF 1.08 M (691)]
Joint simulation method in conception design of car body structure
  PAN Xing-chen,HOU Wen-bin,ZHANG Yu,LIU Bing and HU Ping
  2010,27(2):336-341 [Abstract(1035)]  [View PDF 950.32 K (916)]
The optimization models of horizontal wells with separated production scheme
  LIU Shan and TONG Deng-ke
  2010,27(2):342-346 [Abstract(844)]  [View PDF 694.11 K (737)]
Geometrical analysis on motion trajectory of particle under linear force
  ZHAO Hong-xing and YE Zheng-lin
  2010,27(2):347-351 [Abstract(698)]  [View PDF 710.39 K (604)]
A constructive proof of periodic boundary value problems of one class of linear Liénard equations
  LI Wei-guo,QIAO Tian-tian and PENG Ze-li
  2010,27(2):352-355 [Abstract(811)]  [View PDF 536.65 K (620)]
An improved subspace method with time-varying system modal parameter identification based on control response data
  ZHANG Qiang,WU Qing-ming and ZHANG Zhi-qiang
  2010,27(2):356-361 [Abstract(920)]  [View PDF 979.79 K (603)]
Moving grid method in numerical simulation of compressible multi-material flows
  WANG Bing and SI Hai-qing
  2010,27(2):362-368 [Abstract(1142)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (968)]
A study of 2D liquid sloshing in rectangle tanks based on SPH method
  LI Da-ming,CHEN Hai-zhou,ZHANG Jian-wei and Xu Yan-an
  2010,27(2):369-374 [Abstract(989)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (749)]
CA simulation model for numerical test of heterogeneous brittle material
  YUAN Fang and DIAO Ke
  2010,27(2):375-378 [Abstract(899)]  [View PDF 801.64 K (592)]
Axial magnetic force analytical model for radial magnetization multi-annular nesting permanent magnetic bearings
  TIAN Lu-lin,LI Yan,TIAN Qi and LI Zhi-hang
  2010,27(2):379-384 [Abstract(938)]  [View PDF 887.15 K (646)]