Volume 26,Issue 1,2009 Table of Contents

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A homogeneous optimum material based model for concurrent optimization of thermoelastic structures and materials
  YAN Jun,CHENG Geng-dong and LIU Ling
  2009,26(1):1-7 [Abstract(993)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (1232)]
Study on the interaction between the continuous and the dispersed phases in compressible gas-solid mixing layer
  LIU Wei,WAN Guo-xin,CHEN Jing-bing and LIU Jun
  2009,26(1):8-14 [Abstract(908)]  [View PDF 524.46 K (890)]
Nonlinear system parameters inversion method based on substructure
  LIN Xiang,WU Zi-yan and DENG Zi-chen
  2009,26(1):15-19 [Abstract(1050)]  [View PDF 769.10 K (860)]
Efficient numerical solution for multi-body system dynamics based on subsystem algorithm
  XIA Hong-jian,WANG Bo-xing and CHEN Li-ping
  2009,26(1):20-25 [Abstract(976)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1225)]
Combined PEM-PIM scheme for the non-stationary random vibration analysis of vehicle-bridge systems
  ZHANG Zhi-chao,ZHANG Ya-hui,ZHAO Yan and LIN Jia-hao
  2009,26(1):26-32 [Abstract(1044)]  [View PDF 443.09 K (877)]
Analysis of crack problems by Williams generalized parametric element
  YANG Lu-feng,XU Hua,PENG Li and LI Ran
  2009,26(1):33-39 [Abstract(909)]  [View PDF 571.84 K (993)]
A method of Hamiltonian system for viscous fluid in lid-driven cavities
  WANG Ga-ping,XU Xin-sheng,SUN Fa-ming and ZHANG Wei-xiang
  2009,26(1):40-45 [Abstract(961)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (1277)]
Precise integration method for singular Hamilton matrix
  SUN Yan
  2009,26(1):46-51 [Abstract(1027)]  [View PDF 917.74 K (907)]
A kind of cell-centered finite volume scheme in arbitrarylagrangian-eulerian method
  WANG Yong-jian,ZHAO Ning,WANG Chun-wu,WANG Dong-hong and XU Huai-hao
  2009,26(1):52-58 [Abstract(1227)]  [View PDF 1.36 M (1161)]
Natural characteristics of hydrothermal wave in a shallow annular pool
  SHI Wan-yuan,LI You-rong,PENG Lan,ZENG Dan-ling and IMAISHI Nobuyuki
  2009,26(1):59-65 [Abstract(1183)]  [View PDF 945.43 K (1230)]
Simulation of the deformation and failure of explosive-filled cylinder under internal explosion
  FAN Shu-qun,LI Yong-chi,DONG Jie and ZHU Zhi-gang
  2009,26(1):66-71 [Abstract(1058)]  [View PDF 769.03 K (916)]
Firer beam element model for the collapse simulation of concrete structures under fire
  CHEN Shi-cai,LU Xin-zheng,REN Ai-zhu and JIANG Jian-jing
  2009,26(1):72-79 [Abstract(979)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (1041)]
Shakedown analysis by using the element free Galerkin method with orthogonal basis and nonlinear programming
  CHEN Shen-shen,LIU Ying-hua and CEN Zhang-zhi
  2009,26(1):80-86 [Abstract(699)]  [View PDF 504.34 K (974)]
Equivalent beam-column method to estimate critical load for steel tubular arch under compression and bending
  WEI Jian-gang,CHEN Bao-chun and WU Qing-xiong
  2009,26(1):87-93 [Abstract(1141)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (986)]
Parameter identification of the frame structure on elastic foundation based on the cenetic annealing hybrid algorithm
  ZHOU Yun and YI Wei-jian
  2009,26(1):94-101 [Abstract(698)]  [View PDF 824.56 K (883)]
  LIU Qing-ming,BAI Chun-hua and AUBRY Nadine
  2009,26(1):102-108 [Abstract(645)]  [View PDF 928.79 K (851)]
Three-dimensional numerical analysis of cracks in transversely isotropic materials
  CHEN Meng-cheng
  2009,26(1):109-113 [Abstract(718)]  [View PDF 549.07 K (974)]
The modified tensile stress crack propagation criterion and influence of cranny hydraulic pressure on crack propagation
  ZHANG Dun-fu and LI Shu-chai
  2009,26(1):114-119 [Abstract(781)]  [View PDF 475.12 K (1003)]
Establishment of genetic algorithm fitness function \=in reliability-based structural optimization
  YAN Xin-chi and HUA Yuan
  2009,26(1):120-123 [Abstract(1945)]  [View PDF 586.14 K (2872)]
Some issues on AR models for wind field simulation
  ZHANG Wen-fu,MA Chang-heng and XIAO Yan
  2009,26(1):124-130 [Abstract(1032)]  [View PDF 440.39 K (1255)]
  SHANG Ren-jie,WU Zhuan-qin,LI Pei-xun and LIU Jing-liang
  2009,26(1):131-136 [Abstract(688)]  [View PDF 463.66 K (1228)]
Numerical simulation on influence of diffusion performance on airstream distribution in a room
  LUAN Ru,LI Rui and YUAN Dong-zhao
  2009,26(1):137-141 [Abstract(914)]  [View PDF 624.89 K (1268)]
The arc-length method for solving the coupled equation of mechanics-electricity
  YANG Xiao-bin,ZHOU You-he and WANG Xiao-jun
  2009,26(1):142-145 [Abstract(1079)]  [View PDF 613.08 K (1045)]
  ZHU Xu-cheng and HOU Zhi-qiang
  2009,26(1):146-150 [Abstract(782)]  [View PDF 324.94 K (1396)]