Volume 25,Issue 6,2008 Table of Contents

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An improved two-dimensional CE/SE method and its high-order schemes
  WANG Gang1,ZHANG De-liang2,LIU Kai-xin1,WANG Jing-tao1
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(4758)]  [View PDF]
An iteration approach for structural non-probabilistic reliability analysis based on hyper-ellipsoidal models
  LUO Yang-jun,KANG Zhan
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2197)]  [View PDF]
A new adaptive remeshing strategies based on nodal stress error estimation
  LI Jia-bin1,HUANG Jian2,QIN Wei3
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2073)]  [View PDF]
Hybrid control structure with MRD and sliding base-isolation and its optimization
  ZHANG Yan-nian1,2,LI Hong-nan1
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1991)]  [View PDF]
Investigation on coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-damage(THMD) model for rock failure process
  LI Lian-chong1,TANG Chun'an 1,YANG Tian-hong2,WANG Da-guo3
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2804)]  [View PDF]
Failure of single-layer reticulated cylindrical shells subjected to earthquakes
  ZHI Xu-dong,WU Jin-mei,FAN Feng,SHEN Shi-zhao
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2920)]  [View PDF]
One dimensional magneto-hydrodynamic simulation of magnetically driven flyer plates
  WANG Gui-ji,JIANG Ji-hao,SUN Cheng-wei,TAN Fu-li,ZHANG Ning,MO Jian-jun
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2186)]  [View PDF]
Single stochastic parameter identification with perturbation method for seepage problem
  YAO Lei-hua,WANG Gui-he
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1788)]  [View PDF]
Optimization design of cabin-cable supporting system for super antenna
  CUI Chuan-zhen,DUAN Bao-yan,QIU Yuan-ying
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1769)]  [View PDF]
Combined super compact finite difference scheme and application to simulation of shallow water equations
  LIN Dong1,2,ZHAN Jie-min1,3
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2207)]  [View PDF]
2D surrogate model of wing lift distribution based on radial basis function
  YANG Hua,YAO Wei-xing
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2072)]  [View PDF]
The interaction of three-dimensional bubble and rigid wall
  WANG Shi-ping,YAO Xiong-liang,ZHANG A-man,SUN Shi-li
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1940)]  [View PDF]
Study on longitudinal vibration of pile with variable sections in the viscous damping soil and its applications
  QUE Ren-bo1,2,WANG Kui-hua2,XU Rui-ping1
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1708)]  [View PDF]
Structural design optimization considering acoustic radiation character
  LIU Bao-shan1,ZHAO Guo-zhong1,LIU Wei2,GU Yuan-xian1
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1881)]  [View PDF]
Multi-layer flexible joint model and its application to 4ENF specimen analysis of bi-material interface
  CHEN Ying1,QIAO Pi-zhong2,3,JIANG Hong-dao3,REN Qing-wen3
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1966)]  [View PDF]
Research on algorithm of optimal actuator/sensor location for piezoelectric truss
  XIAN Kui-cheng,HUANG Hai
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1808)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of Green's functions in wavenumber-frequency domain for surface displacements of elastic layered half-space soil
  CAO Yan-mei,XIA He
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2067)]  [View PDF]
T matrix method for single and multiple scattering of elastic waves
  ZHANG Li,WEI Pei-jun
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1925)]  [View PDF]
Statistical damage detection based on frequencies of sensitivity-enhanced structures
  CHENG Yuan-sheng1,WANG Zhen1,2
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(1711)]  [View PDF]
Multiple scattering computations of elastic waves based on integral equation method
  WANG Hang,WEI Pei-jun,LIU Xi-qiang
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2153)]  [View PDF]
Stabilization techniques based Element Free Galerkin method for flow problems
  OUYANG Jie,ZHANG Lin,ZHANG Xiao-hua,NI Xian-hua
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2189)]  [View PDF]
Bending analysis of Kirchhoff plates by wavelet-based differential quadrature method
  ZHANG Chun,ZHONG Zheng
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2553)]  [View PDF]
Study on dynamic modeling of rectangular plates undergoing large overall motion
  ZHAO Fei-yun,HONG Jia-zhen
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2631)]  [View PDF]
Blade aerodynamic optimization design based on approximation method
  GAO Hang-shan 1,3,HAN Yong-zhi2,ZHANG Juan1,3,DENG Zi-chen1
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2031)]  [View PDF]
Structural dynamic reanalysis based on substructure and rational approximation
  ZHANG Mei-yan1,2,Ray P.S.Han1
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2010)]  [View PDF]
Symplectic two-step algorithms of FE dynamic equations
  YANG Rong,XING Yu-feng
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2297)]  [View PDF]
A new interface mapping method for aeroelasticity
  AN Xiao-min,XU Min,ZENG Xian-ang,CHEN Shi-Lu
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2208)]  [View PDF]
Numerical method research for shakedown of rolling-sliding contact on variable curvature surface
  YUAN Yuan1,2,Cui Ya-hui1,LV Guo-zhi2
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2295)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on calculating methods of shrinkage and creep effects of concrete widening bridge
  YE Jian-shu,WEN Qing-jie
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2360)]  [View PDF]
Meshless weighted least-square method for transient heat conduction problems
  SHU Heng-mu1,HUANG Zhao-qin2,LI Cui-wei3
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2963)]  [View PDF]
Studies on failure mechanism of reinforced concrete beam-column joints using three-dimensional finite element method
  ZHANG Da-chang1,HAN Li-ting1,NOGUCHI Hiroshi2
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2547)]  [View PDF]
Stress analysis for torsion on prismatic bars with sectorial cross-section
  YIN Gang
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2561)]  [View PDF]
An analysis method of full dynamic coefficients of a tilting-pad journal bearing
  WANG Li-ping,QIAO Guang,ZHENG Tie-sheng
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2459)]  [View PDF]
Research on computational methods of waterjet thrust using CFD
  LIU Cheng-jiang1,WANG Yong-sheng1,ZHANG Zhi-hong2,LIU Ju-bin2
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2877)]  [View PDF]
The dynamic stability analysis of shallow arches with geometrical imperfections
  YI Zhuang-peng1,ZHAO Yue-yu2,ZHU Ke-zhao2
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2302)]  [View PDF]
  2008,25(6) [Abstract(2535)]  [View PDF]