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Fatigue crack propagation analysis of tubular K-joints II: numerical
  QU Shu-ying*1,SHAO Yong-bo1,ZHANG Bao-feng1,YANG Chun-qiu2
  2007,24(6) [Abstract(1163)]  [View PDF]
  2007,24(6) [Abstract(670)]  [View PDF]
SVM based on response surface method for structural reliability analysis
  JIN Wei-liang,TANG Chun-xi,CHEN Jin
  2007,24(6):713-718 [Abstract(1083)]  [View PDF]
A discrete particle model and characteristic based SPH method for fluid-solid interaction of granular materials filled with liquids
  CHU Xi-hua,LI Xi-kui
  2007,24(6):719-726 [Abstract(1092)]  [View PDF]
Study on the parallel algorithm for finite element simulation of fluid-structure interaction
  LI Zheng,JIN Xian-long,QI Wen-guo
  2007,24(6):727-732 [Abstract(1046)]  [View PDF]
Wind-induced vibration control of dalian international trade center using tuned liquid dampers
  LI Hong-nan,JING Qin-yang,WANG Li-chang,LI Fan-lin
  2007,24(6):733-740 [Abstract(1147)]  [View PDF]
Elimination of pressure wiggles in numerical simulation of wind pressure around buildings
  WANG Hui,CHEN Shui-fu,TANG Jin-chun
  2007,24(6):741-745 [Abstract(1109)]  [View PDF]
Velocity estimation model for Large Eddy Simulation
  YANG Xiao-long,FU Song
  2007,24(6):746-750 [Abstract(1048)]  [View PDF]
A discussion on internal length scales and strain localization for rate dependent and gradient-dependent model with second and fourth order
  CHEN Gang,PAN Yi-san,ZHANG Hong-wu
  2007,24(6):751-755 [Abstract(988)]  [View PDF]
A dynamic FE analysis considering the SSI effect on 3D pile-supported structures
  XIONG Hui,LU Xi-lin,HUANG Liang
  2007,24(6):756-762 [Abstract(1413)]  [View PDF]
Effective stiffness of truss lattice plates
  SU Wen-zheng,LIU Shu-tian,ZHANG Yong-cun
  2007,24(6):763-767 [Abstract(1174)]  [View PDF]
Transonic aeroelastic analysis basing on reduced order aerodynamic models
  ZHANG wei-wei,YE Zheng-yin
  2007,24(6):768-772 [Abstract(1166)]  [View PDF]
Tensile-shear mixed mode fracture analysis of concrete-rock material by distinct element method
  HOU Yan-li,ZHOU Yuan-de,ZHANG Chu-han
  2007,24(6):773-778784 [Abstract(1360)]  [View PDF]
Virtual boundary element-least square collocation method for three dimensional piezoelectric materials
  YAO Wei-an,YANG Liu
  2007,24(6):779-784 [Abstract(1133)]  [View PDF]
Stiffness reliability-based sensitivity analysis of beam structure with arbitrary distribution parameters
  ZHANG Yi-min,HE Xiang-dong,LIU Qiao-ling,WEN Bang-chun
  2007,24(6):785-789 [Abstract(1029)]  [View PDF]
High-order compact scheme and its stability analysis for the pollutant diffusion equation
  LIN Jian-guo,XIE Zhi-hua,ZHOU Jun-tao
  2007,24(6):790-794 [Abstract(1140)]  [View PDF]
The cut-off joints analysis method in the multi-body systems program
  CHEN Li,QI Zhao-hui
  2007,24(6):795-799 [Abstract(1032)]  [View PDF]
Fatigue crack propagation analysis of tubular K-jointsⅡ:numerical
  QU Shu-ying,SHAO Yong-bo,ZHANG Bao-feng,YANG Chun-qiu
  2007,24(6):800-805 [Abstract(762)]  [View PDF]
Prediction on thermal expansion coefficient of concrete based on meso-mechanics method
  ZHANG Zi-ming,ZHANG Yan,SONG Zhi-tong
  2007,24(6):806-810 [Abstract(1210)]  [View PDF]
The role of pressure-dependent wall slip in the generation of hydrodynamic pressure in a sliding gap
  WU Cheng-wei,MA Guo-jun,JIANG Lian-fu
  2007,24(6):811-816 [Abstract(770)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of constant wall-temperature heat transfer in microchannel by Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method
  YAN Xiao-hong,WANG Qiu-wang,SUO Xiao-na,XIE Gong-nan
  2007,24(6):817-822 [Abstract(680)]  [View PDF]
Application of numerical manifold method in fluid-solid interaction harmonic analysis
  SU Hai-dong,HUANG Yu-ying
  2007,24(6):823-828 [Abstract(1204)]  [View PDF]
3D numerical simulation of failure process of concrete
  DANG Fa-ning,HAN Wen-tao,ZHENG Ya-na,LIANG Xin-yu,CHEN Hou-qun
  2007,24(6):829-833 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF]
A load-modifying method for finite element analysis of floating roofs under rainwater loading
  SUN Xiu-shan,LIU Ying-hua,CEN Zhang-zhi
  2007,24(6):834-839 [Abstract(832)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear finite element analysis of concrete filled circular steel tubular columns in fire
  DING Fa-xing,YU Zhi-wu,JIANG Li-zhong
  2007,24(6):840-845 [Abstract(1141)]  [View PDF]
Method for form finding of beam string structure:method of offload by steps
  ZHAO Xian-bo,YE Ji-hong
  2007,24(6):846-852 [Abstract(718)]  [View PDF]
Shear lag effect of cracked simply supported box girder analyzed by variational principle
  CAO Guo-hui,FANG Zhi
  2007,24(6):853-858864 [Abstract(1258)]  [View PDF]
Study on structural parameter identification in time domain based on virtual response
  XIE Xian-zhong,YI Wei-jian,WANG Xiu-yong,YU Jian-da
  2007,24(6):859-864 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF]
Semi-analytical gradient finite element method for 3D analyses of functionally graded material plates
  CAO Zhi-yuan,CHENG GUO-hua
  2007,24(6):865-868 [Abstract(1113)]  [View PDF]
A study of the construction of wavelet-based plane elastomechanics and mindlin plate elements using B-spline wavelet on the interval
  XIANG Jia-wei,CHEN Xue-feng,HE Zheng-jia
  2007,24(6):869-875 [Abstract(1142)]  [View PDF]
Reliability and sensitivity analysis on growth life of fatigue crack
  MENG Guang-wei,LI Feng,ZHOU Zhen-ping
  2007,24(6):876-879 [Abstract(1033)]  [View PDF]
Constitutive model of water-saturated granite with application to numerical study on underground explosion
  ZHOU Zhong,WANG Xiao-jun,XIAO Wei-guo
  2007,24(6):880-886 [Abstract(1039)]  [View PDF]
Two methods for transition between coarse and fine finite elements
  ZHONG Hong,LIN Gao,HU Zhi-qiang
  2007,24(6):887-891898 [Abstract(1232)]  [View PDF]
Finite element model for dynamics of laminated piezoelectric plates based on higher order theory
  WANG Feng,LI Dao-kui,TANG Guo-jin
  2007,24(6):892-898 [Abstract(645)]  [View PDF]
An new method for selecting sampling points in response surface method
  LI Sheng-yong,ZHANG Zhe,SHI Lei,YU Bao-chu
  2007,24(6):899-903 [Abstract(1486)]  [View PDF]
Numerical Simulation of airflow and temperature fields in railway occupied passenger car
  ZHANG Deng-chun,WENG Pei-fen
  2007,24(6):904-910 [Abstract(685)]  [View PDF]
Calculation of automobile nonlinear dynamic system
  FANG Ming-xia,FENG Qi
  2007,24(6):911-916 [Abstract(1097)]  [View PDF]
An adaptive delaunay tetrahedron mesh generation method through point by point insertion
  LUO Guan-yong,CAO Hong,FANG Ying-guang
  2007,24(6):917-922 [Abstract(1253)]  [View PDF]