Volume 24,Issue 5,2007 Table of Contents

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  ZHANG Bao-feng1,QU Shu-ying1,SHAO Yong-bo1,YANG Chun-qiu2
  2007,24(5) [Abstract(1129)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete torsional member based on fixed-angle softened truss model
  NIE Jian-guo,TANG Liang
  2007,24(5):545-549 [Abstract(1055)]  [View PDF]
Constitutive modeling of concrete at high temperature and failure analysis
  LI Rong-tao,LI Xi-kui
  2007,24(5):550-554 [Abstract(1118)]  [View PDF]
A high-precision numerical method for non-linear dynamic systems
  LI Yong-qiang,WANG Wei,LIU Jie,LIU Yu,JIN Zhi-qiang
  2007,24(5):555-559 [Abstract(1113)]  [View PDF]
Duality solution to optimization model with stress and displacement constraints in different approximate forms
  SUI Yun-kang,ZHANG Li-xin,DU Jia-zheng
  2007,24(5):560-564 [Abstract(959)]  [View PDF]
Simulation on physical parameters of magneto-rheological elastomers
  ZHU Ying-shun,GONG Xing-long,ZHANG Pei-qiang
  2007,24(5):565-570 [Abstract(1121)]  [View PDF]
  2007,24(5):570 [Abstract(719)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation on the aeroelastic effects of uni-directional suspension structures
  WU Yue,SUN Xiao-ying,SHEN Shi-zhao
  2007,24(5):571-578 [Abstract(990)]  [View PDF]
Application of infrared CT simulation on damage detection of concrete slabs
  WANG Ting,ZHAO Ming,LI Jie
  2007,24(5):579-584 [Abstract(1025)]  [View PDF]
Comparative studies on dynamic behavior of superconducting levitation system with consideration of flux creep
  GOU Xiao-fan,ZHENG Xiao-jing,ZHOU You-he,CHEN Guo-rong
  2007,24(5):585-590 [Abstract(645)]  [View PDF]
A combined discrete/cylindrical shell finite element multiscale method and its application
  TANG Zhi-ping,XU Jian-long
  2007,24(5):591-596 [Abstract(938)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of intimal thickening in a bifurcating artery
  JIANG Wen-tao,FAN Yu-bo,ZOU Yuan-wen,LI Jin-chuan,CHEN Jun-kai
  2007,24(5):597-601 [Abstract(669)]  [View PDF]
ICM method of the topology optimization for continuum structures with stress constraints approached by the integration of strain energies
  SUI Yun-kang,ZHANG Xue-sheng,LONG Lian-chun
  2007,24(5):602-608 [Abstract(1005)]  [View PDF]
Baseline dynamic finite element model of Qingzhou cable-stayed bridge
  REN Wei-xin,PENG Xue-lin
  2007,24(5):609-614 [Abstract(969)]  [View PDF]
Buckling theoretic analysis of coilable hingeless extendible/retractable space mast
  GE Dong-ming,CHEN Wu-jun,FU Gong-yi,DONG Shi-lin
  2007,24(5):615-619 [Abstract(706)]  [View PDF]
Study on multiple objective topology optimization of thermal conductive structure
  ZUO Kong-tian,ZHAO Yu-dong,CHEN Li-ping
  2007,24(5):620-627 [Abstract(1008)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of wave problem in unbounded domains by commercial FEA software
  WANG Bing-jian,LIU Tian-yun
  2007,24(5):628-632 [Abstract(966)]  [View PDF]
Wind-induced response analysis and practical wind-resistant design method of cable net glazing
  WU Yue,FENG Ruo-qiang,SHEN Shi-zhao
  2007,24(5):633-637 [Abstract(1154)]  [View PDF]
Godunov-type corrective smoothed particle method (CSPM)
  GAO Wei-ran,QIANG Hong-fu,ZHANG Shi-ying
  2007,24(5):638-642 [Abstract(856)]  [View PDF]
Fatigue crack propagation analysis of tubular K-joints I: experimental test
  ZHANG Bao-feng,QU Shu-ying,SHAO Yong-bo,YANG Chun-qiu
  2007,24(5):643-647 [Abstract(831)]  [View PDF]
Shape analysis for truss structures with the nonlinear constraint of homologous deformation
  ZHAN Fu,GUAN Fu-ling
  2007,24(5):648-653 [Abstract(533)]  [View PDF]
  WANG Lian-hua,ZHAO Yue-yu,JIN Yi-xin,HU Jian-hua
  2007,24(5):654-658682 [Abstract(1140)]  [View PDF]
On the onevs.three internal resonances of suspended cables subjected to external excitation I∶discretization
  WANG Lian-hua,ZHAO Yue-yu,JIN Yi-xin,HU Jian-hua
  2007,24(5):654-658 [Abstract(924)]  [View PDF]
Stress wave propagation and study on influencing factor in frame structure embedded partially in soil
  YU Yun-yan
  2007,24(5):659-663 [Abstract(888)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on loading capacity of point-supported laminated glass unit by FDM
  SHI Yong-jiu,MA Ying,WANG Yuan-qing
  2007,24(5):664-668 [Abstract(627)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of two phase turbulent bubbling flow induced by gas injecting into metal melt
  LIU Hong,XIE Mao-zhao,LI Ke,WANG De-qing
  2007,24(5):669-673 [Abstract(1312)]  [View PDF]
Stress recovery based on smoothed basic solutions
  LI Tao,ZUO Zheng-xing,LIAO Ri-dong,PU Da-yu,WANG Shu-yan
  2007,24(5):674-677 [Abstract(594)]  [View PDF]
Numerical analysis of the parametrically excited stability of multi-degree-of-freedom systems
  YING Zu-guang,CHEN Zhao-hui,NI Yi-qing,KO Jan-ming
  2007,24(5):678-682 [Abstract(888)]  [View PDF]
Building and analyzing about a electricity-dynamics vibration model
  GAO Lu,HU Shi-lun
  2007,24(5):683-688 [Abstract(956)]  [View PDF]
Splitting rigidity method for analysis of orthogonal and ortho-laid double-layer space grids
  ZHAO Wen-yan,LIU Wen-yang,ZHANG Wen-fu
  2007,24(5):689-692 [Abstract(1065)]  [View PDF]
Derivation and application of generalized coordinate method stiffness matrix of thin-wall box beam
  WEI Fang-fang,WU Jing,FENG Jian,LV Zhi-tao,WU Sheng-xing
  2007,24(5):693-697 [Abstract(1010)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of bolted structures with Natural Element Method and program design
  YU Tian-tang
  2007,24(5):698-703 [Abstract(884)]  [View PDF]
Compressive and tensile properties of Ar-doped carbon nano-peapods
  SHEN Hai-jun
  2007,24(5):704-707 [Abstract(849)]  [View PDF]
Research on streamline distribution of flow through heterogeneous porous media with complex boundary
  HE Ying-fu,YIN Hong-jun,LIU Li,LIU Xue-wei
  2007,24(5):708-712 [Abstract(1010)]  [View PDF]