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Simulation analysis of mode II dynamic propagating crack-tip
  WANG Zhen-qing*,WANG Ji-bin,ZHOU Bo,LIANG Wen-yan,WANG Yong-jun
  2007,24(2) [Abstract(704)]  [View PDF]
  2007,24(2) [Abstract(944)]  [View PDF]
Time-space harmony element and multi-symplecticity
  ZHONG Wan-xie
  2007,24(2):129 [Abstract(1027)]  [View PDF]
Topology optimization design for compliant mechanisms based on nodal density
  LI Zhen,SUN Bao-yuan,QIAN Min,ZHANG Jun
  2007,24(2):130-134 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF]
Shape optimization for two-dimensional continuum based on two-phase control strategy
  2007,24(2):135-141 [Abstract(633)]  [View PDF]
An EEP method for post-computation of super-convergent solutions in one-dimensional Galerkin FEM for second order non-self-adjoint Boundary-Value Problem
  YUAN Si,LIN Yong-jing
  2007,24(2):142-147 [Abstract(1004)]  [View PDF]
Singular element and dual Finite element analysis for electromagnetic waveguide
  CHEN Jie-fu1,ZHENG Chang-liang2,ZHONG Wan-xie*1
  2007,24(2):148-152 [Abstract(987)]  [View PDF]
A method of symplectic eigensolutions for viscoelastic hollow circular cylinders
  XU Xin-sheng,ZHANG Wei-xiang,LI Xue
  2007,24(2):153-158 [Abstract(1229)]  [View PDF]
A unified compressible flow analysis of filling and post-filling in injection molding
  SHEN Chang-yu,WANG Li-xia,CHEN Jing-bo,LI Qian
  2007,24(2):159-165 [Abstract(1124)]  [View PDF]
Activities of dense particle-gas two-phase flow modeling in Eulerian-Lagrangian approach
  LIU Xiang-jun,SHI Lei,XU Xu-chang
  2007,24(2):166-172 [Abstract(695)]  [View PDF]
A collocation-based spectral stochastic finite element analysis——stochastic response surface approach
  HUANG Shu-ping
  2007,24(2):173-180 [Abstract(1166)]  [View PDF]
Multigrid method based on high accuracy full implicit scheme of 3D convection diffusion equation
  GE Yong-bin,TIAN Zhen-fu,WU Wen-quan
  2007,24(2):181-186 [Abstract(1124)]  [View PDF]
Identification and optimization for effective thermal diffusivity of fresh ice
  BAI Yi-la,LI Zhi-jun,FENG En-min,HAN Ming,LU Peng
  2007,24(2):187-191 [Abstract(1010)]  [View PDF]
A meshless PSPG formulation for the incompressible Stokes flow
  DUAN Qing-lin,LI Xi-kui
  2007,24(2):192-197 [Abstract(1000)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of decreasing vibration effects of fluid viscous damper in bridge engineering under random loads
  NIE Li-ying,LI Jian-zhong,HU Shi-de,FAN Li-chu
  2007,24(2):197-202 [Abstract(918)]  [View PDF]
Numerical modeling of waves in surf zone
  MA Xiao-zhou,DONG Guo-hai,TENG Bin
  2007,24(2):203-208 [Abstract(1254)]  [View PDF]
Stress intensity factors near crack tip of anisotropic material with a new hybrid finite element method
  LIANG Ping-ying,CHEN Meng-cheng
  2007,24(2):209-214 [Abstract(996)]  [View PDF]
Three-dimensional stress concentration and its influence on the fatigue strength at an elliptic hole
  SHE Chong-min,GUO Wan-lin,MENG Bo,ZHANG Bin
  2007,24(2):215-218 [Abstract(1033)]  [View PDF]
Time discontinuous Galerkin finite element method to non-Fourier heat transfer behavior in solid
  WU Wen-hua,LI Xi-kui
  2007,24(2):219-223 [Abstract(1121)]  [View PDF]
Study on structural damage identification based on residual force method and improved genetic algorithm
  YUAN Ying,LIN Gao,YAN Dong-ming,ZHOU Ai-hong
  2007,24(2):224-230 [Abstract(1056)]  [View PDF]
Implementation of 3D unstructured DSMC method and its application
  WANG Xue-de,WU Yi-zhao,XIA Jian
  2007,24(2):231-235 [Abstract(943)]  [View PDF]
A new reinforcement membrane embedded finite element model and its automatic mesh generation
  WANG Ji-wei,LENG Fei
  2007,24(2):236-240 [Abstract(643)]  [View PDF]
  2007,24(2):240 [Abstract(702)]  [View PDF]
An efficient moving grid method
  CAI Xian-xin,WANG Wen-kai,JIANG Yan-ying,JIANG Ping
  2007,24(2):241-245 [Abstract(986)]  [View PDF]
Research on optimal time-delay of active vibration control of frame structures
  ZHOU Xing-de,CHEN Dao-zheng,DU Cheng-bin
  2007,24(2):246-249 [Abstract(927)]  [View PDF]
Simulation analysis of mode Ⅱ dynamic propagating crack-tip
  WANG Zhen-qing,WANG Ji-bin,ZHOU Bo,LIANG Wen-yan,WANG Yong-jun
  2007,24(2):250-253 [Abstract(685)]  [View PDF]
Direction integration method of state equation of solving biot''''s consolidation equation for saturation soil
  MEI Fu-liang
  2007,24(2):254-256 [Abstract(993)]  [View PDF]