Volume 23,Issue 4,2006 Table of Contents

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Precise integration for bridges subjected to moving harmonic loads
  LIN Jia-hao,ZHANG Shou-yun,L(U) Feng,ZHANG Ya-hui
  2006,23(4):385-390 [Abstract(1107)]  [View PDF]
Topological optimization of continuum structure with static displacement and frequency constraints by ICM method
  PENG Xi-rong,SUI Yun-kang
  2006,23(4):391-396 [Abstract(1225)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of vortex merging in mixing layer using lattice Boltzmann method
  SHI Wei-ping,ZU Ying-qing
  2006,23(4):397-400 [Abstract(1172)]  [View PDF]
A special integration scheme for partition of unity finite element method for short wave propagation in solids
  ZHOU Hao-yang,LI Xi-kui
  2006,23(4):401-407 [Abstract(970)]  [View PDF]
Probabilistic assessment of remaining fatigue life for existing railway steel bridges
  WANG Chun-sheng,CHEN Ai-rong,NIE Jian-guo,CHEN Wei-zhen
  2006,23(4):408-413 [Abstract(1132)]  [View PDF]
Prediction of visco-elastic property of unidirectional fiber reinforced composite materials
  CHANG Chong-yi,LIU Shu-tian,WANG Cheng-guo
  2006,23(4):414-418 [Abstract(1276)]  [View PDF]
Coupling dynamics of Timoshenko beam with shear deformation
  LI Bin,LIU Jin-yang,HONG Jia-zhen
  2006,23(4):419-422 [Abstract(1559)]  [View PDF]
Responses of a ferroelectric thin film under infrared radiation
  LI Yao-chen,YANG Cang-jin,WANG Kan-lei,MENG Xiang-jian,SUN Jing-lan
  2006,23(4):423-428 [Abstract(980)]  [View PDF]
A simulation method for heat and moisture transfer between clothing and human body
  LI Feng-zhi,LIU Ying-xi,LUO Zhong-xuan,LI Yi
  2006,23(4):429-434 [Abstract(1250)]  [View PDF]
A finite-volume method for large deflection wind-excited response analysis of suspended cables
  CHEN Shui-fu,LI Chang-hong
  2006,23(4):434-439 [Abstract(844)]  [View PDF]
Modified PIC method for numerical simulation of sea ice dynamics
  WANG Rui-xue,JI Shun-ying,YUE Qian-jin
  2006,23(4):440-446 [Abstract(2037)]  [View PDF]
Research on constraints treatment of fixed boundary in numerical manifold method
  ZHU Ai-jun,TANG Shu-ming,DENG An-fu,ZENG Xiang-yong
  2006,23(4):447-452 [Abstract(921)]  [View PDF]
Research on retained polymer distribution laws by three-dimension network model
  HOU Jian,LI Zhen-quan,CHEN Yue-ming
  2006,23(4):453-458 [Abstract(1073)]  [View PDF]
Lagrange multiplier method for contact problems with tangential sliding constraint
  LI Jing,CHEN Jian-yun,ZHOU Jing
  2006,23(4):459-463 [Abstract(1011)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation on an unsteady three-dimensional flow while high-speed train passing through tunnel with a shaft
  LUO Jian-jun,WANG Meng-shu,GAO Bo
  2006,23(4):464-469 [Abstract(937)]  [View PDF]
Creep analysis of steel-concrete composite girder bridges by the method of 3D-VLE
  CHENG Xiao-dong,CHENG Li-sha,YE Gui-ru
  2006,23(4):470-475 [Abstract(1145)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic analysis of membrane structures interacting with air
  LI Qing-xiang,SUN Bing-nan,GU Zheng-wei
  2006,23(4):476-482 [Abstract(1176)]  [View PDF]
Object-Oriented element free method
  CAO Zhong-qing,ZHOU Ben-kuan,CHEN Da-peng
  2006,23(4):483-486 [Abstract(610)]  [View PDF]
Analysis for geometrical nonlinearity with Element-free Galerkin Method
  ZHAO Guang-ming,SONG Shun-cheng
  2006,23(4):487-491 [Abstract(1001)]  [View PDF]
Application of differential quarature domain decomposition method to the problem with crack
  LI Chen,WU Xiong-hua
  2006,23(4):492-495 [Abstract(1020)]  [View PDF]
The ghost fluid method for inviscid compressible Euler equations
  FENG Jian-hu,CAI Li,XIE Wen-xian,WANG Zhen-hai
  2006,23(4):496-501 [Abstract(1077)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear analysis of RC column subjected to axial force and biaxial bending
  WANG Hai-bo,CHEN Bo-wang,SHEN Pu-sheng
  2006,23(4):502-507 [Abstract(921)]  [View PDF]
Sliding cable element of structural analysis on cable-held bridge
  WEI Jian-dong
  2006,23(4):508-512 [Abstract(931)]  [View PDF]