Volume 23,Issue 2,2006 Table of Contents

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Structural robust design based on perturbation stochastic finite element method
  KANG Zhan,CHENG Geng-dong
  2006,23(2):129-135 [Abstract(1083)]  [View PDF]
Direct analysis for plate and shell by three-dimensional element free Galerkin method
  ZHANG Wei,ZHANG Xiong,LU Ming-wan
  2006,23(2):136-141 [Abstract(1013)]  [View PDF]
A method based on finite element mesh for CAD surface data repair
  HU Ping,GONG Ke-jia,YANG Guang
  2006,23(2):142-146 [Abstract(751)]  [View PDF]
Semi-analytical finite element method for linear cohesive force model in crack propagation
  WANG Cheng-qiang,ZHENG Chang-liang
  2006,23(2):146-151 [Abstract(1215)]  [View PDF]
Discussions on reliability measure for problems with bounded-but-unknown uncertainties
  YI Ping
  2006,23(2):152-156 [Abstract(985)]  [View PDF]
Third-order semi-discrete central-upwind scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws
  CHEN Jian-zhong,SHI Zhong-ke
  2006,23(2):157-162 [Abstract(930)]  [View PDF]
ICM method with objective transformed by variable discrete condition for continuum structure
  SUI Yun-kang,PENG Xi-rong
  2006,23(2):163-168 [Abstract(1120)]  [View PDF]
Using the CM method to control chaotic neural networks
  YU Hong-jie,PENG Jian-hua,LIU Yan-zhu
  2006,23(2):169-174 [Abstract(933)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of structural reliability based on Kriging model
  ZHANG Qi,LI Xing-si
  2006,23(2):175-179 [Abstract(951)]  [View PDF]
Bending-free theory and optimized reposition balance method, used to find the self-balance prestress of tensility structures
  XIA Jin-song,LI Jian-hong,GUAN Fu-ling,XU Yan
  2006,23(2):180-185 [Abstract(625)]  [View PDF]
Study on postbuckling behavior of delaminated composite plastes with different stiffeners
  BAI Rui-xiang,WANG Man,CHEN Hao-ran
  2006,23(2):186-190 [Abstract(1039)]  [View PDF]
Associative memory and segmentation in the network composed of spiking neurons
  PENG Jian-hua,L(U) Xiao-li,LIU Yan-zhu
  2006,23(2):191-195 [Abstract(1123)]  [View PDF]
A numerical simulation on effects of vertical channel wide on deformation and heat transfer of a rising gas bubble
  LI Wei-zhong,ZHAO Da-yong,CHEN Gui-jun
  2006,23(2):196-201 [Abstract(1145)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of stress concentrations in cross-ply (hybrid) laminates taking into account interfacial damage
  ZENG Qing-dun
  2006,23(2):202-207 [Abstract(923)]  [View PDF]
Extended finite element method for modeling cracks without remeshing(Ⅰ:basic theory)
  LI Jian-bo,CHEN Jian-yun,LIN Gao
  2006,23(2):207-213 [Abstract(919)]  [View PDF]
Solutions of an antiplane edge-crack in a rectangular piezoelectric material
  DUAN Shi-jie,ZHANG Qing-hai,LIU Shu-hong
  2006,23(2):214-217 [Abstract(1006)]  [View PDF]
A high order accurate MmB difference scheme for nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws
  ZHENG Hua-sheng,ZHAO Ning
  2006,23(2):218-222 [Abstract(956)]  [View PDF]
Damage identification and experimental study on the beam suffered from crack damage by Rayleigh-Ritz algorithm
  TANG Tian-guo,ZHU Yi-wen,LIU Hao-wu,CHEN Chun-hua
  2006,23(2):223-229 [Abstract(950)]  [View PDF]
A plate-beam composite element suited to calculate through steel-truss composite bridges
  CHEN Yu-ji,YE Mei-xin
  2006,23(2):229-234 [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF]
Finite difference solution of nonlinear model equations for rarified gas using discrete velocity ordinate method
  WANG Qiang,CHENG Xiao-li,ZHUANG Feng-gan
  2006,23(2):235-241 [Abstract(982)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of the response to earthquake of the pile-soil-single tower cable stayed bridge interaction
  ZOU Li-hua,ZHAO Ren-da,CHEN Xing-chong
  2006,23(2):242-246 [Abstract(885)]  [View PDF]
Research on stage features of sandstone specimens by Kolmogorov entropy method
  LIU Chuan-xiao
  2006,23(2):247-251 [Abstract(1159)]  [View PDF]
Node-based local mesh generation algorithm
  NIE Yu-feng,CHANG Sheng
  2006,23(2):252-256 [Abstract(913)]  [View PDF]