Volume 22,Issue 5,2005 Table of Contents

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Discussion on the paper "Is the WKBJ approximation symplectic conservative?"
  ZHONG Wan-xie
  2005,22(5):511 [Abstract(1115)]  [View PDF]
4-And 8-node isoparametric elements for finite element analysis of plane cosserat bodies
  ZHANG Hong-wu~*,WANG Hui
  2005,22(5):512-517 [Abstract(992)]  [View PDF]
Finite spectral computation of incompressible flows around airfoil
  QIU Quan-hui~1,WANG Jian-ping~
  2005,22(5):518-523 [Abstract(1059)]  [View PDF]
Crystallographic study of surface finish in pack rolling of thin sheets
  YUE Zhu-feng
  2005,22(5):524-528 [Abstract(617)]  [View PDF]
Pushover analysis of 3D eccentric structures
  LI Gang~*,LIU Yong
  2005,22(5):529-533 [Abstract(961)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on periodic corrugated waveguide under EM waveguide symplectic system
  XIE Jun,SUN Yan~*
  2005,22(5):534-540 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF]
A new high precision direct integration scheme for nonlinear rotor-seal system
  ZHANG Ya-hong~1,HUA Jun~1,XU Qing-yu~
  2005,22(5):541-545 [Abstract(994)]  [View PDF]
An approach on the non-probabilistic reliability of structures based on uncertainty convex models
  CAO Hong-jun,DUAN Bao-yan~*
  2005,22(5):546-550 [Abstract(2474)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic sensitivity analysis for acoustics-structure coupled systems with sealed cavities
  SUN Gan-yun,WANG Yue-fang~*
  2005,22(5):550-554 [Abstract(1095)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic analysis of fluid saturated porous media by using explicit finite element method considering the effects of coupling mass
  ZHAO Cheng-gang~*,YAN Hua-lin,LI Wei-hua,LI Liang
  2005,22(5):555-561 [Abstract(1431)]  [View PDF]
Seismic response analysis of soil layer under uniform excitation
  PAN Dan-guang~1,LOU Meng-lin~
  2005,22(5):562-567 [Abstract(1024)]  [View PDF]
Transient thermo-elastic hydrodynamic lubrication analysis of an involute spur gear
  WANG You-qiang~
  2005,22(5):568-573 [Abstract(1078)]  [View PDF]
A parallel algorithm of high precision direct integration method for structural dynamic response
  LI Yuan-yin~1,JIN Xian-long~
  2005,22(5):574-578 [Abstract(958)]  [View PDF]
Implicit stress integration and finite element implementation of constitutive model for cyclic hardening materials
  KANG Guo-zheng
  2005,22(5):579-584 [Abstract(1059)]  [View PDF]
Topological optimization using RAMP interpolation scheme
  LUO Zhen~
  2005,22(5):585-591 [Abstract(1249)]  [View PDF]
2D scale-up method of 3D fluid equation in heterogeneous porous media
  LIU Fu-ping~
  2005,22(5):592-597 [Abstract(1017)]  [View PDF]
Harmonic response of pile groups subjected to vertical load in half space saturated soil
  ZHOU Xiang-lian~1,ZHOU Guang-ming~2,WANG Jian-hua~1
  2005,22(5):598-602 [Abstract(895)]  [View PDF]
Computation of the J-integral value for single-edge crack sheet with single-side bonded composite patch using 3D finite element model
  WANG Bi-ning~1,JIA Pu-rong~
  2005,22(5):603-607 [Abstract(1080)]  [View PDF]
A survey of surrogate models used in MDO
  MU Xue-feng,YAO Wei-xing~*,YU Xiong-qing,LIU Ke-long,XUE Fei
  2005,22(5):608-612 [Abstract(3389)]  [View PDF]
Stability analyses of viscoelastic pipes conveying fluid on viscoelastic foundation
  WANG Zhong-min~*,ZHANG Zhan-wu,LI Hui-xia
  2005,22(5):613-617 [Abstract(975)]  [View PDF]
Study on the prearranged angle of girders in construction state for a thousand-meter scale cable-stayed bridge
  ZHANG Jian-min~*,XIAO Ru-cheng
  2005,22(5):618-622 [Abstract(1171)]  [View PDF]
Pulse transiently chaotic neural network for layout optimization
  LI Ying~
  2005,22(5):623-628 [Abstract(929)]  [View PDF]
Mixed form-finding analysis of tension membrane structures
  WANG Yong~*,WEI De-min,GAO Zhen-yu
  2005,22(5):629-632 [Abstract(1037)]  [View PDF]
Power function solution of nonlinear stability of thin revolutionary shell with arbitrarily variable thickness
  HOU Chao-sheng~*,WU Fa-pin
  2005,22(5):633-638 [Abstract(965)]  [View PDF]