Volume 22,Issue 3,2005 Table of Contents

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Reliability-based structural optimization using neural network
  ZHANG Yi-min~*,ZHANG Lei
  2005,22(3):257-261 [Abstract(1049)]  [View PDF]
Buckling analysis of composite cylindrical shell with built-in rectangular delamination by mixed variables strip transfer function method
  2005,22(3):262-267 [Abstract(648)]  [View PDF]
The two-scale analysis algorithms for the mechanical prediction of 3D braided composite materials
  LIAN Wei-ping~1,CUI Jun-zhi+
  2005,22(3):268-274 [Abstract(975)]  [View PDF]
Manifold element method for biot''''s plane consolidation analysis
  LING Dao-sheng~*,YE Mao
  2005,22(3):274-280 [Abstract(788)]  [View PDF]
A general approach for fuzzy reliability analysis based on the fuzzy probability theory
  DONG Yu-ge~
  2005,22(3):281-286 [Abstract(1663)]  [View PDF]
The 5-point finite analytic schemes for laplace equation in irregular domains
  HUAI Wen-xin~
  2005,22(3):287-291 [Abstract(1054)]  [View PDF]
Errors in FORM''''s failure probability induced by non-Gaussian variables
  LIN Dao-jin,MEI Gang,QIN Quan~*
  2005,22(3):292-294 [Abstract(959)]  [View PDF]
Solution of free surface seepage problems by Trefftz indirect method
  LI Jue,JIN Wu-gen~*,XUE Xin,WU Jia-yi
  2005,22(3):295-298 [Abstract(1034)]  [View PDF]
Monte-Carlo numerical simulation of inter-particle collisions in gas-solid flows
  2005,22(3):299-304 [Abstract(801)]  [View PDF]
Parameter equation methods for determination of main cable''''s profile of suspension bridges
  ZHANG Zhi-guo,ZOU Zhen-zhu~*,ZHAO Yu-cheng
  2005,22(3):305-309 [Abstract(1112)]  [View PDF]
Study on one-dimensional nonlinear consolidation of multi-layered soil using differential quadrature method
  CHEN Ren-peng,ZHOU Wan-huan,WANG Hong-zhi,CHEN Yun-min~*
  2005,22(3):310-316 [Abstract(660)]  [View PDF]
Comment on classical theory of stability analysis for truss structures
  SUN Huan-chun~*,WANG Yue-fang
  2005,22(3):316-319 [Abstract(817)]  [View PDF]
Application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics method to the simulations of elastic wave propagation in solid
  DING Hua~
  2005,22(3):320-325 [Abstract(1025)]  [View PDF]
Optimization control method of cable tension during the construction for cable-stayed bridges
  DU Peng-juan~
  2005,22(3):326-329 [Abstract(1071)]  [View PDF]
Numerical study on resistance enhancement of labyrinth seal by turbulence
  LIU You-jun
  2005,22(3):330-334 [Abstract(1104)]  [View PDF]
A homogeneous high precise direct integration based on legendre polynomial series
  SHI Xiao-hong~*,ZHOU Gang,FU Zhao-hua
  2005,22(3):335-338 [Abstract(938)]  [View PDF]
Precise nonlinear model of reinforced concrete space bar member
  WANG Meng-fu
  2005,22(3):339-344 [Abstract(1022)]  [View PDF]
An alternating group method of parallel computing for a class of nonlinear evolution equations
  NASHUN Bu-he~
  2005,22(3):344-348 [Abstract(718)]  [View PDF]
Extended importance sampling and its application in reliability analysis of the rotating shaft of some horizontal tailplane
  ZHAO Hai-bo,LIU Zhao-hui,ZHENG Chu-guang~*,CHEN Yin-mi,ZHANG Jif Science and Technology,Wuhan 430074,China)
  2005,22(3):349-354 [Abstract(630)]  [View PDF]
Geometric method and characteristic of a new natural neighbour interpolation using voronoi diagram
  ZHOU Xiao-ping,ZHOU Rui-zhong~*
  2005,22(3):355-359 [Abstract(1020)]  [View PDF]
An analysis method for elastoplastic calculation of knee bracing frame
  LI Qing-song,HUANG Zhen,CHEN Long-zhu~*
  2005,22(3):360-365 [Abstract(866)]  [View PDF]
Study on contact damage of sleeve of oil-film bearing in rolling mill
  HUANG Qing-xue~
  2005,22(3):366-369 [Abstract(963)]  [View PDF]
Strength reliability method for large scale structure in real random environment
  2005,22(3):370-373 [Abstract(1239)]  [View PDF]
A consistent method without pseudo-nodes for FEM interface
  SUN Zhi-gang,SONG Ying-dong~*,SHANGGUAN Li-ying,GAO De-ping
  2005,22(3):374-378 [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF]
Structural damage detection using flexibility from limited sensor information
  LIU Hui~1,QU Wei-lian~
  2005,22(3):379-384 [Abstract(929)]  [View PDF]