Volume 22,Issue 2,2005 Table of Contents

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Optimal design of liquid dampers for structural torsion coupled vibration
  LI Hong-nan~*,HUO Lin-sheng
  2005,22(2):129-134 [Abstract(1031)]  [View PDF]
A higher order Cauchy-Born rule based constitutive model of SWNT
  GUO Xu,WANG Jin-bao,ZHNAG Hong-wu~*
  2005,22(2):135-140 [Abstract(1158)]  [View PDF]
An algorithm for frequency characteristics of reinforced concrete deep beam
  LOU Meng-lin~*,ZHANG Yue-xiang
  2005,22(2):141-144 [Abstract(863)]  [View PDF]
Seismic random vibration analysis of bridges with hysteretic nonlinearity
  ZHAO Yan,LIN Jia-hao~*,GUO Xing-lin
  2005,22(2):145-149 [Abstract(892)]  [View PDF]
Study on identification method for structural parameter with incomplete input information
  CHEN Jian-yun~*,WANG Jian-you
  2005,22(2):149-154 [Abstract(2532)]  [View PDF]
Identification of structure dynamic parameter based on an immune algorithm
  SUN Wan-quan,MA Zhen-yue~*
  2005,22(2):155-159 [Abstract(822)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of CMP properties with couple stress
  ZHANG Chao-hui~
  2005,22(2):160-164 [Abstract(729)]  [View PDF]
Computation of optimal performance index for perturbed filtering systems
  WU Zhi-gang~*,GAO Qiang
  2005,22(2):165-169 [Abstract(913)]  [View PDF]
Effect of temperature cycling stress profile on the thermal fatigue life of solder joints of QFP
  WANG Kao,CHEN Xun,CHU Wei-hua
  2005,22(2):170-175 [Abstract(918)]  [View PDF]
An algebraic multigrid method for a class of discrete models of lattice structures
  2005,22(2):176-182 [Abstract(1013)]  [View PDF]
Shape optimization and sensitivity analysis based on fictitious load variables
  GONG Shu-guang~
  2005,22(2):183-189 [Abstract(902)]  [View PDF]
Definition domain analyzing of micro continuous medium method
  TIAN Wen-chao~*,JIA Jian-yuan
  2005,22(2):189-192 [Abstract(892)]  [View PDF]
Neural networks-based structural damage detection through modal parameter measurements
  ZHU Hong-ping~*,QIAN Li
  2005,22(2):193-196 [Abstract(1020)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic simulation for deployable trusses
  YU Yong-hui,GUAN Fu-ling~*,CHEN Xiang-yang
  2005,22(2):197-201 [Abstract(892)]  [View PDF]
Network-based numerical analysis framework
  LI Hai-jiang
  2005,22(2):202-206 [Abstract(958)]  [View PDF]
Research on supporting load distribution of large-scale rotary kiln with multi-support and variable-stiffness
  LI Xue-jun~*,JIANG Ling-li,LIU De-shun
  2005,22(2):207-213 [Abstract(691)]  [View PDF]
Application of Legendre integrate in stochastic finite element
  YANG Jie~*,CHEN Qiu
  2005,22(2):214-216 [Abstract(665)]  [View PDF]
Object-oriented design of parallel finite element method based on PVM
  LI Xiao-jun,ZHU He-hua~*
  2005,22(2):217-222 [Abstract(877)]  [View PDF]
Reliability study on model modification of control system of frame structures
  ZHOU Xing-de~
  2005,22(2):223-226 [Abstract(577)]  [View PDF]
Procedures for computing the non-probabilistic reliability index of uncertain structures
  GUO Shu-xiang~
  2005,22(2):227-231 [Abstract(2806)]  [View PDF]
Accuracy analysis of gridless method for 2D Euler equations
  HU Shi-xiang~
  2005,22(2):232-236 [Abstract(855)]  [View PDF]
Electromechanical coupling effects of piezoelectric laminated devices
  ZHANG Tong~1,MENG Qing-yuan~2,WANG Fu-chi~
  2005,22(2):237-241 [Abstract(972)]  [View PDF]
An approach for computing the nonlinear responses of single piles under lateral inertial loads
  LIU Zhong~
  2005,22(2):242-246 [Abstract(958)]  [View PDF]
Application of the combined neural network in structural damage detection
  2005,22(2):247-251 [Abstract(945)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of the random responses to earthquake of the subsoil-base-interaction isolated system
  ZOU Li-hua~
  2005,22(2):252-256 [Abstract(2634)]  [View PDF]