Volume 21,Issue 5,2004 Table of Contents

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FEMOL with undetermined shape functions
  Yuan Si~*,Gui Xiongfei
  2004,21(5):513-521 [Abstract(613)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on behaviors of the ferromagnetic rectangular plate with simple supports
  Zhou Youhe~*,Gao Yuanwen,Zheng Xiaojing
  2004,21(5):522-528 [Abstract(1086)]  [View PDF]
A method for estimating upper and lower bounds of eigenvalues of closedloop systems with uncertain parameters
  Deng Jian~*,Gu Desheng,Li Xibing
  2004,21(5):528-534 [Abstract(687)]  [View PDF]
Coupling sensitivity analysis of steady responses of thermal structures
  Gu Yuanxian~*,Liu Tao,Kang Zhan,Zhao Guozhong
  2004,21(5):535-539 [Abstract(1141)]  [View PDF]
Computer simulation method for the domain with large numbers of random ellipse grains/cavities and the improving automatic trianglemesh generation algorithm
  Li Youyun,Cui Junzhi~*
  2004,21(5):540-545 [Abstract(687)]  [View PDF]
A new parallel integration system of finite element model analysis
  Li Lijun~*,Jin Xianlong,Li Yuanyin,Wu Weiwei
  2004,21(5):546-550 [Abstract(1067)]  [View PDF]
Identification of the damping coefficients in dynamic system using hybrid genetic algorithm
  Li Shouju~
  2004,21(5):551-556 [Abstract(1085)]  [View PDF]
Periodic solution and its approximate analytic expressions of the nonlinear rotor-bearing system
  Li Dexin~*,Xu Jianxue
  2004,21(5):557-563 [Abstract(776)]  [View PDF]
Seismic random response analysis of Multisupported structures and the quasi-static displacement approximation
  Zhang Yahui~1,Zhi Hao~2,
  2004,21(5):564-570 [Abstract(977)]  [View PDF]
A discrete gradient integration method for generalized Hamilton systems
  Zhang Suying~1,Deng Zichen~
  2004,21(5):571-575 [Abstract(1116)]  [View PDF]
Modified LQG/LTR control method in active structural control
  Sheng Yan~
  2004,21(5):575-579 [Abstract(730)]  [View PDF]
Convergence criteria of optimization algorithm
  Shi Wenpu~1,Liu Yingxi~2,Guo Shuhong~3
  2004,21(5):580-584 [Abstract(1112)]  [View PDF]
DDA coupled FEM and its application in concrete gravity dams with joints
  Liu Jun+1,Kong Xianjing+
  2004,21(5):585-591 [Abstract(768)]  [View PDF]
Stress singularity analyses in three-dimensional bi-material structure
  Wu Zhixue
  2004,21(5):592-596 [Abstract(994)]  [View PDF]
Time-lag control reliability study on frame structures
  Zhou Xingde~*,Zhang Hua
  2004,21(5):597-600 [Abstract(607)]  [View PDF]
Timevarying analysis of damage field evolution and surface subsidence in underground mining process
  Wang Huaning~*,Cao Zhiyuan neering Mechanics,Tongji University,Shanghai 200092,China)
  2004,21(5):601-608 [Abstract(578)]  [View PDF]
Parameters and quantile estimation for fatigue life distribution using probability weighted moments
  Deng Jian~*,Gu Desheng,Li Xibing
  2004,21(5):609-613 [Abstract(1271)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation on elastic-plastic failure process of rock specimen
  Song Li~
  2004,21(5):614-619 [Abstract(1034)]  [View PDF]
Study on the utilization and parallelization of the GMRES algorithm for BEM systems solution
  Zhang Jianfei,Jiang Hongdao~*
  2004,21(5):620-624 [Abstract(1038)]  [View PDF]
Mathematical modeling and simulation for nonlinear mechanical behavior of vaulted metallic membrane
  Gao Guangfan,Ding Xinwei~*
  2004,21(5):625-629 [Abstract(684)]  [View PDF]
Optimization in active vibration control of random intelligent truss structure under stationary random excitation
  Gao Wei~
  2004,21(5):630-635 [Abstract(1089)]  [View PDF]
Fatigue reliable life assessment of steel crane structures under crane loading
  Xing Kuntao~
  2004,21(5):636-640 [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF]