Volume 21,Issue 1,2004 Table of Contents

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  Zeng Wenping
  2004,21(1) [Abstract(716)]  [View PDF]
A two-layer high accuracy absolutely stable difference scheme for solving the high order shr(o)dinger equation
  2004,21(1) [Abstract(761)]  [View PDF]
Criterion of the non-probabilistic robust reliability for structures
  Qiu Zhiping~*,Chen Shanqi,Wang Xiaojun
  2004,21(1):1-6 [Abstract(1048)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of refined hybrid piezoelectric solid element
  Zheng Shijie~
  2004,21(1):7-12 [Abstract(1100)]  [View PDF]
Application of composite element method in sand drain ground finite element analysis
  Ding Li~*,Ling Daosheng,Wang Lizhong,Chen Yunmin
  2004,21(1):13-20 [Abstract(683)]  [View PDF]
Optimization of uncertain structures based on possibilistic reliability model
  Guo Shuxiang~
  2004,21(1):21-25 [Abstract(1035)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of impact load on ship-platform collision
  2004,21(1):26-32 [Abstract(978)]  [View PDF]
A divided-zone method for parallel computation of Euler equations
  Hu Zongmin,Zhang Deliang~*,Zhang Jiahua
  2004,21(1):33-37 [Abstract(681)]  [View PDF]
Layout optimization of offshore platform structures considering design rules
  Ma Hongyan~*,Liu Shutian,Gu Yuanxian,Li Xiangpments,Department of Engineering Mechanics,Dalian University of Technology,Dalian 116024,China)
  2004,21(1):38-45 [Abstract(1110)]  [View PDF]
Seismic analysis of arch dam with joints based on a new strain-rate-dependant plastic damage model
  Chen Jianyun~
  2004,21(1):45-49 [Abstract(995)]  [View PDF]
Parametric study on wind-induced stability of long-span steel arch bridges under construction
  Cheng Jin~
  2004,21(1):50-55 [Abstract(1065)]  [View PDF]
A new method for computing the eigenvalues bounds of structures with interval parameters
  Wang Denggang~
  2004,21(1):56-61 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation method for random-fuzzy reliability analysis of elastic linkage mechanism stiffness
  2004,21(1):62-66 [Abstract(943)]  [View PDF]
Finite strip method of free and moving boundary problem for finite bearing with dynamical loading
  2004,21(1):67-72 [Abstract(986)]  [View PDF]
Generalized Thomas algorithm for solving cyclic tridiagonal equations
  Wang Xingbo~
  2004,21(1):73-76 [Abstract(1658)]  [View PDF]
Undamaged detection of pipe based on inversion of elastic wave
  Li Hongsheng~
  2004,21(1):77-80 [Abstract(1021)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of superplastic uniaxial tensile necking in coarse-grained materials
  Wu Yanqing,Zhang Keshi
  2004,21(1):81-87 [Abstract(741)]  [View PDF]
Genetic and simulated annealing hybrid algorithm for modulus backcalculation of pavement structure
  Yue Jinzhao~*,Liu Feng''''e,Wang Fuming
  2004,21(1):88-92 [Abstract(1050)]  [View PDF]
A two-layer high accuracy absolutely stable difference scheme for solving the high order shrödinger equation
  2004,21(1):93-96 [Abstract(595)]  [View PDF]
Study on point collocated meshless method based on reproducing kernel ideas for one-dimensional problems
  Shi Baojun~
  2004,21(1):97-103 [Abstract(1146)]  [View PDF]
Application of full transformation method in element-free Galerkin method
  Zhao Guoqun~*,Wang Weidong,Luan Yiguo
  2004,21(1):104-108 [Abstract(1010)]  [View PDF]
Precise integration finite element algorithm of viscoelastic solid
  Liu Jinghua~
  2004,21(1):109-114 [Abstract(997)]  [View PDF]
Flow simulation for injection molding based on solid model
  Cao Wei,Shen Changyu+*
  2004,21(1):115-120 [Abstract(1058)]  [View PDF]
Differential cubature element method for free vibration analysis of moderately thick plates with discontinuities
  Wu Lanhe
  2004,21(1):121-128 [Abstract(712)]  [View PDF]