Volume 20,Issue 6,2003 Table of Contents

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  2003,20(6) [Abstract(607)]  [View PDF]
Mathematical model of the heat and moisture transfer in porous organic textiles
  Zhu Qingyong~
  2003,20(6):641-648 [Abstract(1013)]  [View PDF]
Pseudo-excitation method for internal forces analysis of long-span bridges induced by buffeting
  Liu Gao~
  2003,20(6):649-654 [Abstract(1053)]  [View PDF]
Structural reliability analysis by importance directional simulation
  贡金鑫 何世钦 赵国藩
  2003,20(6):655-661 [Abstract(946)]  [View PDF]
A reliable approach to compute the static response of uncertain structural system
  Wang Denggang~
  2003,20(6):662-669 [Abstract(3018)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic response of jacket platform considering connection dampers
  Zhang Wenshou~*,Lu Liqin
  2003,20(6):670-677 [Abstract(962)]  [View PDF]
A class of space-time second order accurate high resolution MmB difference schemes in 3D
  Wu Kaiteng~
  2003,20(6):678-683701 [Abstract(1160)]  [View PDF]
Elasto-plastic contact problem for nonsmooth nonlinear equations method
  Hu Zhiqiang~1Chen Jianyun~1,Chen Wanji~2,Lin Gao~
  2003,20(6):684-690 [Abstract(953)]  [View PDF]
New control strategy: active open-closed-loop multiple tuned mass dampers (AMTMD) for structures
  Li Chunxiang~
  2003,20(6):691-696 [Abstract(986)]  [View PDF]
Controllability and observability in vibration control of defective systems
  Chen Yudong~1,Chen Suhuan~
  2003,20(6):697-701 [Abstract(999)]  [View PDF]
Implement of SIMPLE algorithm based on unstructured colocated meshes
  柏威 鄂学全
  2003,20(6):702-710 [Abstract(1162)]  [View PDF]
Influence of gyroscopic term to the vibration of rotor system
  Sui Yongfeng,L
  2003,20(6):711-714 [Abstract(1071)]  [View PDF]
New method in solving linear system of equations
  Shi Wenpu~1,Liu Yingxi~2,Chu Jinglian~3,Guo Shuhong~3
  2003,20(6):715-720 [Abstract(852)]  [View PDF]
Boundary element analysis of 3D crack problems in layered materials
  Xiao Hongtian~
  2003,20(6):721-724 [Abstract(855)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of Heat transfer in the CPU ribbed radiator and selection for material and size for the radiator
  王宏伟 葛增杰 顾元宪 杨文彬
  2003,20(6):725-729 [Abstract(993)]  [View PDF]
Research progress and application of meshless method
  Zhang Xiong~*,Song Kangzu,Lu Mingwan
  2003,20(6):730-742 [Abstract(19635)]  [View PDF]
On the study of the influence of the interphase properties on the creep behavior of short fiber enforced metal matrix composites
  姜云鹏 岳珠峰 万建松
  2003,20(6):743-748 [Abstract(836)]  [View PDF]
Explicit solution for dynamic response of axisymmetrical problems in multilayered viscoelastic half space by exact stiffness matrix method
  Zhong Yang~1,Chen Jingyun~
  2003,20(6):749-755 [Abstract(981)]  [View PDF]
Vibration analysis by an effective meshless method
  Li Wodong~
  2003,20(6):756-763 [Abstract(891)]  [View PDF]
Optimization of nonlinear structure based on genetic algorithm and parametrized model
  张国栋 顾克秋
  2003,20(6):764-768 [Abstract(2328)]  [View PDF]