Volume 20,Issue 5,2003 Table of Contents

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A coupled FEM-EFGM technique and its application
  Yang Haitian *1,Liu Yan 2
  2003,20(5):511-517 [Abstract(642)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on the driving characteristic of a shuffle MEMS
  Yang Xiaobin,\ Zhou Youhe *\,
  2003,20(5):518-522 [Abstract(944)]  [View PDF]
TLCD semi-active control for irregular buildings using fuzzy neural network based on Takagi-Sugeno model
  李宏男 金峤
  2003,20(5):523-529 [Abstract(1169)]  [View PDF]
Parallel solution of 3D elasto-plastic contact BEM based on network
  申光宪 化春键 刘德义
  2003,20(5):530-534 [Abstract(936)]  [View PDF]
Comparative study of Hill model with crystal plasticity for FCC single crystals
  Feng Lu *1,2,\ Zhang Keshi 1,Zhang Guang 1
  2003,20(5):535-540573 [Abstract(636)]  [View PDF]
Vibration parameters identification of hydraulic turbine based on genetic algorithm
  刘迎曦 李生 李守巨
  2003,20(5):541-545 [Abstract(719)]  [View PDF]
Sliding-mode-based semi-active control for oscillations of structures
  Sun Qing *1,Zhang Ling 1,Shi Qingxuan 2,Zhou Jinxiong 1,Ni Jianhua 1
  2003,20(5):546-552 [Abstract(816)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of wind environment around two adjacent buildings
  Zhang Aishe *,\ Zhang Ling,\ Zhou Jinxiong
  2003,20(5):553-558 [Abstract(988)]  [View PDF]
A new parallel adaptive finite element algorithm
  Zhou Chunhua *1,Randolph E Bank 2
  2003,20(5):559-563 [Abstract(624)]  [View PDF]
Study on hybrid DSMC/EPSM method for chemical reacting gas flow
  吴明巧 陈伟芳 任兵
  2003,20(5):564-567 [Abstract(985)]  [View PDF]
On eigenvibration behaviour of ship lift combining structures with lifting steel rope in complete equilibrium
  喻永声 弓满峰
  2003,20(5):568-573 [Abstract(573)]  [View PDF]
A new method for back analysis on thermal parameters of mass concrete needs
  2003,20(5):574-578 [Abstract(1069)]  [View PDF]
Study on quality measures for tetrahedral mesh
  聂春戈 刘剑飞 孙树立
  2003,20(5):579-582 [Abstract(2695)]  [View PDF]
Computation of J integral based on traction boundary integral equation
  Chen Songying *1,2,\ Wang Leqin 1,\ Jiao Lei 1,Qu Yanpeng 2
  2003,20(5):583-586605 [Abstract(1028)]  [View PDF]
Direct transfer substructure method for dynamic analysis of complex chain structure
  白长青 许庆余
  2003,20(5):587-591 [Abstract(904)]  [View PDF]
Object-oriented reinforced concrete finite element programming
  Jiang Feng *,\ Li Boning,\ Ding Lina
  2003,20(5):592-596 [Abstract(1073)]  [View PDF]
Visco-elastic-plastic uinified constitutive model parameters evaluation
  郭宇峰 吕和祥 冯明珲
  2003,20(5):597-600 [Abstract(783)]  [View PDF]
Control theory applied in attitude control for underground engineering
  王红霞 王德禹
  2003,20(5):601-605 [Abstract(633)]  [View PDF]
Technology study on reliability-based structural optimization and design
  刘钢 孙侠生
  2003,20(5):606-610 [Abstract(1035)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of failure element drift in structural failure mode identification
  王建民 陈龙珠 徐格宁
  2003,20(5):611-615 [Abstract(974)]  [View PDF]
Numerical study of natural convection heat transfer in a maximum eccentric horizontal annulus
  Wang Jianmin *1,He Jie 2
  2003,20(5):616-620 [Abstract(803)]  [View PDF]
Application of finite spring model in mesoscopic fracture simulation of reinforced concrete
  Liu Yuqing
  2003,20(5):621-626 [Abstract(1039)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear finite element analysis of steel-concrete composite beams
  Qiu Wenliang,Zhang Zhe *,Jiang Meng
  2003,20(5):627-630 [Abstract(994)]  [View PDF]
Numerical calculation of aerodynamic characteristics and improvement for head shape of high speed trains
  张经强 梁习锋
  2003,20(5):631-635 [Abstract(1047)]  [View PDF]
Solving-method of elastic-plastic FEM considering the material''''s strain-softening
  Zhao Qilin *1,2,Wang Jingquan 2,Sun Baojun 1
  2003,20(5):636-640 [Abstract(920)]  [View PDF]