Volume 20,Issue 4,2003 Table of Contents

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Adjoint method of heat conduction sensitivity analysis
  Chen Biaosong,Lin Wei,Gu Yuanxian *
  2003,20(4):383-390 [Abstract(522)]  [View PDF]
Boundary element analysis of the thin-wall structures
  Niu Zhongrong *1,Zhang Chenli 1,Wang Xiuxi 2
  2003,20(4):391-396 [Abstract(505)]  [View PDF]
On geometrically non-linear analysis of plates and shells using plat shell element DKQ16
  Zheng Changliang *1,Song Heping 2
  2003,20(4):397-401 [Abstract(883)]  [View PDF]
Dynamics modeling and numerical simulation for a rigid-flexible coup ling multibody system
  杨辉 洪嘉振 余征跃
  2003,20(4):402-408 [Abstract(2536)]  [View PDF]
Automatic finite element mesh generation over 3D combined surfaces
  Guan Zhenqun *,\ Sui Xiaofeng,\ Gu Yuanxian,\ Li Yunpen g
  2003,20(4):409-416 [Abstract(2358)]  [View PDF]
Ultimate capacity analysis of long-span steel arch bridges under wind loads
  Cheng Jin *1,Jiang Jianjing 2,Xiao Rucheng 1,Xiang H aifan 1
  2003,20(4):417-422 [Abstract(815)]  [View PDF]
Increment-dimensional precise integration method for nonlinear dynam icequation
  Zhang Suying 1,Deng Zichen *1,2
  2003,20(4):423-426 [Abstract(2421)]  [View PDF]
Hybrid/mixed finite element analysis of couple-stress problems
  Xiao Qilin,\ Ling Zhong,\ Wu Yongli *
  2003,20(4):427-433 [Abstract(922)]  [View PDF]
Stress wave propagation in orthotropic fluid-saturated porous media
  刘颖 刘凯欣 李荣
  2003,20(4):434-439 [Abstract(817)]  [View PDF]
Solving steady fluid flow problems in porous media with meshless meth ods
  Zeng Qinghong,\ Lu Detang *,\ Qi Yan,\ Jiang Yuanlin
  2003,20(4):440-445 [Abstract(2920)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of possibilistic reliability and stochastic reliability me thods for uncertain structures
  郭书祥 吕震宙 张陵
  2003,20(4):446-450 [Abstract(1112)]  [View PDF]
Modified form of the unsteady oil-film force formula of short bearing by variational approach
  郑铁生 陈龙 杨树华 张文
  2003,20(4):451-455 [Abstract(885)]  [View PDF]
Adaptive nonuniform grid upscaling method of channel reservoir
  Liu Fuping *1,Kong Fanqun 1,3,Liu Lifeng 2,Yang Changchun 1
  2003,20(4):456-461 [Abstract(1094)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of turbulent accelerating flame in three dimensi onal flows
  范宝春 姜孝海 李鸿志
  2003,20(4):462-466 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF]
Damage diagnosis of beams on elastic foundation
  易伟建 刘霞
  2003,20(4):467-471489 [Abstract(790)]  [View PDF]
Application of MCA method on study of coating material properties
  Chen Ke\+ *1,2,\ Huang Dewu\+2
  2003,20(4):472-477 [Abstract(2428)]  [View PDF]
Equivalent boundary integral equations with direct variables for plane elasticity problems
  Zhang Yaoming *1,\ Wen Weidong 2,\ Sun Huanchun 3
  2003,20(4):478-482 [Abstract(609)]  [View PDF]
Determination of approximate feasible space for gate optimization of injection mold
  翟明 顾元宪 申长雨
  2003,20(4):483-486 [Abstract(564)]  [View PDF]
Generalized variational principles of three-dimensional problems in magnetoelectroelastic solids
  Yao Weian
  2003,20(4):487-489 [Abstract(1189)]  [View PDF]
Method of directly integrating nonlinear frame load matrix based on integration factors
  谢靖中 李国强
  2003,20(4):490-494 [Abstract(557)]  [View PDF]
One method dealing with cable sliding
  魏建东 刘忠玉
  2003,20(4):495-499 [Abstract(2527)]  [View PDF]
Preprocessing of FEM parallel computation
  张健飞 姜弘道
  2003,20(4):500-503 [Abstract(839)]  [View PDF]
Limit load for simply supported annular plate on inner boundary by using Mises yield condition
  Liu Fulin *1,Zhao Ying 2
  2003,20(4):504-507 [Abstract(835)]  [View PDF]
New method of numerical simulation for cooling effect of first stage water pipes
  Mei Fuliang *1,2,\ Zeng Deshun 2
  2003,20(4):508-510 [Abstract(892)]  [View PDF]