Volume 20,Issue 3,2003 Table of Contents

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Probability distribution of the elastoplastic maximum story drift of steel frames subject to earthquake load
  李刚 程耿东
  2003,20(3):255-260 [Abstract(628)]  [View PDF]
Approximate method for large engineering network system with correlation failure
  何军 李杰
  2003,20(3):261-266 [Abstract(715)]  [View PDF]
Plastic limit load and failure analyses of perforated materials
  Li Huaxiang,Liu Yinghua,Feng Xiqiao,Cen Zhangzhi
  2003,20(3):267-273 [Abstract(1241)]  [View PDF]
On study of hybrid DSMC/EPSM method
  Chen Weifang,\ Wu Mingqiao,\ Ren Bin
  2003,20(3):274-278 [Abstract(1000)]  [View PDF]
Finite element analysis of elastic strain energy concentrations around a triple junction
  任德斌 贾维平 李守新 王中光
  2003,20(3):279-285 [Abstract(693)]  [View PDF]
Topological optimization of frame based on ICM method
  隋允康 任旭春 龙连春 叶宝瑞
  2003,20(3):286-289 [Abstract(2953)]  [View PDF]
Calculation of ship-water-chamber coupled system in the ship lift with finite element method in time domain
  Ruan Shilun,\ Cheng Gengdong ipment,Dalian University of Technology,Dalian 116024,China)
  2003,20(3):290-295 [Abstract(753)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic design variables optimization method and its application in engineer static mechanics
  侯祥林 颜世英 刘杰 王铁光
  2003,20(3):296-301 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF]
3-D thermal weight function method and multiple virtual crack extension technique
  Lu Yanlin,Huang Xianping,Jiang Xianfeng,Pan Bosong,Feng Xiaoqing
  2003,20(3):302-308 [Abstract(1163)]  [View PDF]
Shape medial axis based adaptive finite element fuzzy control
  Liu Wangyu,\ Ou Yuanxian,\ Wei Qingxue
  2003,20(3):309-312334 [Abstract(852)]  [View PDF]
Factors affecting computational precision of MLS-based meshless method
  Lou Luliang,\ Zeng Pan
  2003,20(3):313-319 [Abstract(2848)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear static analysis of continuous cables with sliding at the middle supportings
  聂建国 陈必磊 肖建春
  2003,20(3):320-324 [Abstract(989)]  [View PDF]
Study of scalable parallel computation for contact-impact problems
  Kou Zhejun,Cheng Jiangang,Yao Zhenhan
  2003,20(3):325-328 [Abstract(1077)]  [View PDF]
Interval analysis method of uncertain structural systems using universal grey number
  Wu Xiao,Luo Youxin,Wen Huijun,Li Min
  2003,20(3):329-334 [Abstract(1207)]  [View PDF]
Research on streamline distribution of flow through porous media with complex boundary
  侯健 王玉斗 陈月明
  2003,20(3):335-338345 [Abstract(2455)]  [View PDF]
Numerical error analysis of the boundary element method with singularity distribution outside domain in free-surface potential flow problem
  Gao Gao\,
  2003,20(3):339-345 [Abstract(1094)]  [View PDF]
Computational analysis of the unsteady flow induced by the interference between a moving body and a moving shock wave
  Jiang Juan,\ Zhou Weijiang,\ Ma Handong
  2003,20(3):346-349371 [Abstract(598)]  [View PDF]
Calculation of added mass for ship entering and leaving a ship-box
  Li Baoyuan,Jiang Yuxi
  2003,20(3):350-354 [Abstract(1045)]  [View PDF]
Element-free-method MLS derivatives based on orthogonal basic functions and its application to thin plate bending
  张建辉 邓安福
  2003,20(3):355-360 [Abstract(780)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of backward facing step flow
  王小华 樊洪明 何钟怡
  2003,20(3):361-365 [Abstract(1216)]  [View PDF]
A buckling research of thin shells
  Qian Jihong
  2003,20(3):366-371 [Abstract(646)]  [View PDF]
Algorithm of free mesh quadrilateral element based on overlap division
  杨昌棋 古川知成
  2003,20(3):372-376 [Abstract(819)]  [View PDF]
Spatial analysis of the main bridge of WenHui Overpass
  汪劲丰 施笃铮 项贻强 徐兴
  2003,20(3):377-382 [Abstract(1095)]  [View PDF]