Volume 19,Issue 4,2002 Table of Contents

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  2002,19(4) [Abstract(514)]  [View PDF]
A new method of multiresolution finite difference for wave equation
  Ma Jianwei 1,Zhu Yaping 2,Yang Huizhu 1,Xu Xinsheng 3
  2002,19(4):379-383 [Abstract(1029)]  [View PDF]
Computational implementation of global optimization of anti-seismic design for multilevel hierarchical engineering systems
  Zhu Jinghua 1,Wang Guangyuan\ 2
  2002,19(4):384-392 [Abstract(862)]  [View PDF]
A discrete-velocity model for the shallow water long wave equation
  Shi Weiping 1,\ Geng Aifang 2,\ Zhang Zhongxin
  2002,19(4):393-397 [Abstract(875)]  [View PDF]
A chaotic search method in parameters inversion of porous media
  Wei Peijun,\ Zhang Zimao,\ Wang Yuesheng
  2002,19(4):398-402 [Abstract(903)]  [View PDF]
A weighted global iteration Parametric Kalman Filter Algorithm
  Zhao Xin,Li Jie
  2002,19(4):403-408 [Abstract(780)]  [View PDF]
A method of flexibility matrix H diagonalization for constructing hybrid stress finite elements
  Zhang Canhui,Feng Wei,Huang Qian
  2002,19(4):409-413 [Abstract(948)]  [View PDF]
Optimum design of cylindrical shell with nonuniform wall thickness
  Yue Jinchao 1,Liang Bin 2
  2002,19(4):414-418 [Abstract(962)]  [View PDF]
A high precise integration scheme for structural dynamics analysis under arbitrary excitation
  Wang Zhong,\ Wang Yalin,\ Wang Fang\,
  2002,19(4):419-422449 [Abstract(981)]  [View PDF]
Subdomain precise integration parallel method for solving convection equation
  2002,19(4):423-426 [Abstract(1007)]  [View PDF]
Vibration eigenvalues of structures with uncertain boundary restrict stiffness
  Huang Bin 1,Chang Xiaolin 2,Qu Weilian 1
  2002,19(4):427-430 [Abstract(995)]  [View PDF]
Slow-dynamic finite element simulation with explicit time integration
  Fan Jianping,\ Zhang Jianjun,\ Chen Chuanyao
  2002,19(4):431-437 [Abstract(651)]  [View PDF]
Modal control and time-delay compensation of linear systems
  Cai Guoping,\ Huang Jinzhi
  2002,19(4):438-442 [Abstract(923)]  [View PDF]
Method of multivariable responses for elastic dynamics
  Chen Rongyi
  2002,19(4):443-449 [Abstract(827)]  [View PDF]
Some examining viewpoints on numerical modeling of the interface behavior in soil-structure interaction problems
  Liao Xionghua\ 1,Li Xikui\ 2
  2002,19(4):450-455 [Abstract(694)]  [View PDF]
An application of gap element to the transient dynamics analysis of drillstring
  Liu Jubao 1,Ding Haojiang 2,Zhang Xuehong 1
  2002,19(4):456-460471 [Abstract(988)]  [View PDF]
Numerical study of volumetric solar energy absorber
  Dong Hua 1,Guo Jin,Kribus A and Karni J 2
  2002,19(4):461-465 [Abstract(599)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of erection procedures of cable domes based on nonlinear FEM
  Shen Zuyan,Zhang Lixin
  2002,19(4):466-471 [Abstract(2576)]  [View PDF]
An study of dynamic characteristics for large-span cable-stayed-suspension bridges
  Zen Pan 1,\ Zhong Tieyi 2,Yan Guiping 2
  2002,19(4):472-476493 [Abstract(1428)]  [View PDF]
Large deformation finite element analysis for rubber matrix composite structures
  Yan Xiangqiao
  2002,19(4):477-481 [Abstract(935)]  [View PDF]
A matrix force method for analysis of member system structures due to the removal of members or modification of members'''' cross-section dimensions and internal force
  Wang Mengfu 1,Zhou Xiyuan\+2
  2002,19(4):482-487 [Abstract(1031)]  [View PDF]
Visual program design of structure analysis for trusses
  Wang Yingjie,\ Liu Cai,\ Wang Yingrui
  2002,19(4):488-493 [Abstract(924)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of the mechanical response of human left ventricls subjected to the active force
  Xia Ling,\ Liu Feng
  2002,19(4):494-499 [Abstract(737)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of development of dynamic strain localization and size effect
  Wang Xuebin 1,Pan Yishan 1,2,Sheng Qian 3,Ding Xiuli 3
  2002,19(4):500-503 [Abstract(2817)]  [View PDF]
A method for static force analysis of light gauge sheet with variable thickness
  Feng Bing,\ Zang Jingping
  2002,19(4):504-506 [Abstract(574)]  [View PDF]