Volume 19,Issue 3,2002 Table of Contents

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A numerical study on low density lipoprotein transport in arterial stenoses: LDL concentration polarization
  Deng Xiaoyan
  2002,19(3):253-259 [Abstract(965)]  [View PDF]
A advanced interval-truncation approach and non-probabilistic reliability analysis based on interval analysis
  吕震宙 冯蕴雯 等
  2002,19(3):260-264 [Abstract(2923)]  [View PDF]
Solution of the 3D turbulence Navier-Stokes equations using hybrid grids
  Liu Xueqiang,Wu Yizhao,Xia Jian
  2002,19(3):265-269 [Abstract(1114)]  [View PDF]
Finite element analysis of the process of Multi-Point Forming for sheet metal
  Cai Zhongyi,Li Mingzhe,Fu Wenzhi
  2002,19(3):270-275 [Abstract(1153)]  [View PDF]
Error analysis and accuracy design for the precise time-integration method
  Xiang Yu,\ Huang Yuying,\ Zen Gewei
  2002,19(3):276-280319 [Abstract(2896)]  [View PDF]
Spectral element method and high order time splitting method for navies stokes equation
  Chen Xuejiang,Qin Guoliang,Xu Zhong
  2002,19(3):281-285 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF]
A general solution of anisotropic thin plate in bending problem
  Yang Duansheng 1,Pan Jun 1,Huang Yan 2
  2002,19(3):286-290 [Abstract(1268)]  [View PDF]
Optimum Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers based on ADMF and the combinations available of the system parameters under earthquake
  Li Chunxiang 1,Xiong Xueyu 2
  2002,19(3):291-298 [Abstract(780)]  [View PDF]
A practical algorithm determining the optimal relaxation factor of SOR iterative methods
  Li Chunguang,Xu Chengxian
  2002,19(3):299-302 [Abstract(1286)]  [View PDF]
On random seismic response analysis of long-span bridge considering the effect of pseudo-static displacement directly
  Cheng Wei 1,2,\ Liu Guangdong 1,\ Yi Weijian 1
  2002,19(3):303-309 [Abstract(1282)]  [View PDF]
Compensation method for structural parameter identification with incomplete input information
  Li Jie,Chen Jun
  2002,19(3):310-314 [Abstract(2638)]  [View PDF]
Improved COLSYS algorithm for piecewise ODE BVPs
  Fang Yafei,Yuan Si
  2002,19(3):315-319 [Abstract(1150)]  [View PDF]
Metal toughness fracture meso-study
  Wan Jiansong,\ Yue Zhufeng
  2002,19(3):320-323 [Abstract(1031)]  [View PDF]
Three dimensional elasto-plastic stress and strain fields near notch root of deep double edges U notched plate with finite thickness
  Li Zhenhuan 1,Wang Cheng 1,Xu Xuejun 1,Guo Wanlin 2,3
  2002,19(3):324-331 [Abstract(850)]  [View PDF]
A procedure of the analysis of non-probabilistic reliability of structural systems
  郭书祥 吕震宙
  2002,19(3):332-335 [Abstract(3024)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic nonlinear analysis of RC slabs by the finite element method
  Wu Hongxiao,Chen Xiangxin,Yan Wansong
  2002,19(3):336-339 [Abstract(1041)]  [View PDF]
Structural anti-seismic design method based on self control
  Xie Nenggang,\ Wang Qiping
  2002,19(3):340-343 [Abstract(637)]  [View PDF]
Element stiffness matrix of thin-walled beam considering restrained torsion
  Nie Guojun,Qian Ruojun
  2002,19(3):344-348 [Abstract(1106)]  [View PDF]
An optimum design method for composite laminates considering coupling effect between bending and tension
  Duan Shihui,Sun Xianxue,Huang Qi,Chen Wenpu
  2002,19(3):349-352372 [Abstract(677)]  [View PDF]
A high order method for thermohaline driven flow system
  Zhan Jiemin 1,Li Yuxiang 2,Zheng Junting 1
  2002,19(3):353-358 [Abstract(724)]  [View PDF]
Study of simple and robust quadtree finite element mesh generation us ing object orientation
  Zhang Tao 1,Tang Guangfa 1,Deng Qihong 1,Zhang Junling 2
  2002,19(3):359-364 [Abstract(804)]  [View PDF]
Research on geometrical nonlinar finite element method of spatial reticulated structures
  Dong Shilin 1,\ Zhang Zhihong 1,\ Li Yuanqi 2
  2002,19(3):365-368 [Abstract(714)]  [View PDF]
Calculation of limit loads for circular and annular plates by method of weighted residuals
  Liu Fulin
  2002,19(3):369-372 [Abstract(666)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear bending of laminated plates under combined transverse and in-plane loads by a semi-analytical approach
  Yang Jie 1,Peng Jianshe 2
  2002,19(3):373-375 [Abstract(1024)]  [View PDF]
A structural global optimization approach by using polar points in feasible regions as initial starting points
  Yu Xiaoyong
  2002,19(3):376-378 [Abstract(758)]  [View PDF]