Volume 19,Issue 1,2002 Table of Contents

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  2002,19(1) [Abstract(682)]  [View PDF]
Numerical solution for the viscous temporal stability of compressible mixing layers with symmetric compact difference schemes
  Wang Qiang,Fu Dexun,Ma Yanwen
  2002,19(1):1-6 [Abstract(957)]  [View PDF]
Seismic analysis of rotor system under stationary nonstationary random earthquake excitations
  Zhao Yan,Lin Jiahao,Cao Jianhua
  2002,19(1):7-11 [Abstract(1061)]  [View PDF]
Coupling dynamical modeling theory of elastic beam-inlarge overall motions
  Jiang Lizhong 1,Hong Jiazhen 2,Zhao Yueyu 3
  2002,19(1):12-15 [Abstract(1096)]  [View PDF]
A method for mesh generation of all quadrilateral finite elements-improved pattern module''''s method
  Li Hua 1,Li Xiaoniu 2,Cheng Gengdong 1,Wu Jie 2
  2002,19(1):16 [Abstract(1038)]  [View PDF]
Application of multi block technique in 3D complex turbulent flow with multiply-connected domain
  Fu Song,Zhai Zhiqiang
  2002,19(1):20-25 [Abstract(1023)]  [View PDF]
An improved element free method
  Zhang Xiangwei,Cai Yongchang
  2002,19(1):26-30 [Abstract(2673)]  [View PDF]
Three dimension numerical simulation of a jet device control channel
  Xu Yong,Yang Shuxing,Mo Bo
  2002,19(1):31-35 [Abstract(972)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of dynamic buckling of liquid filled elasto-plastic cylindrical shell under axial impact
  Zhang Shanyuan,Lu Guoyun,Lei Jianping
  2002,19(1):36-41 [Abstract(1039)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of secondary buckling and secondary bifurcation point for composite laminated plates
  Chen Xiao,Dai Shiliang 1,Xu Ke 2
  2002,19(1):42-47 [Abstract(1001)]  [View PDF]
Simulation to thermo-mechanial behavior of shape memory alloys
  Liu Airong,Pan Yisu,Zhou Benkuan
  2002,19(1):48-52 [Abstract(1187)]  [View PDF]
High precision direct integration scheme for structural dynamic load identification
  Xu Qian,Wen Xiangrong,Sun Shouguang
  2002,19(1):53-57 [Abstract(3034)]  [View PDF]
Optimization of shaft size and centralizer span of single screw pump in declined oil well
  Sui Yunkang 1,Ren Xuchun 2
  2002,19(1):58-62 [Abstract(909)]  [View PDF]
A Ritz dynamic condensation algorithm of orthogonal expansion analysis for stochastic structures
  Liao Songtao,Li Jie
  2002,19(1):63-68 [Abstract(683)]  [View PDF]
Random internal force analysis of prestressed spatial steel truss with random cable stiffness on perturbation method
  Wang Xintang,Xu Yongchun,Wang Zhejing
  2002,19(1):69-73 [Abstract(1160)]  [View PDF]
Constraint stabilization of deployment simulation for deployable trusses
  Chen Xiangyang
  2002,19(1):74-77 [Abstract(945)]  [View PDF]
Notes on a high order accurate upwind compact difference scheme and heat transfer problems
  Zhu Qingyong
  2002,19(1):78-82 [Abstract(1210)]  [View PDF]
Optimum MTMD control strategy and design for tall steel structures subjected to earthquake
  Li Chunxiang
  2002,19(1):83-88 [Abstract(904)]  [View PDF]
A fuzzy reliability approach for structures in the possibility context
  Guo Shuxiang 1,Lv Zhenzhou 2,Feng Lifu 2
  2002,19(1):89-93 [Abstract(2824)]  [View PDF]
Numerical analysis and calculation for dynamic characteristics of perforated core wall structures
  Wang Quanfeng
  2002,19(1):94-98 [Abstract(927)]  [View PDF]
Numerical model of beams with active constrained layer damping
  Shi Yinming,Hua Hongxing,Li Zhongfu,Fu Zhifang
  2002,19(1):99-104 [Abstract(1135)]  [View PDF]
Generation of 2D irregular adapted Voronoi cells based grid and its applications
  Zhu Huaiqiu,Wang Meiqiu,Cheng Xueling
  2002,19(1):105-108 [Abstract(1158)]  [View PDF]
An improved plane beam finite element
  Zhang Yuanhai
  2002,19(1):109-111 [Abstract(801)]  [View PDF]
A note on computation of rotationally periodic structures
  Chen Pu
  2002,19(1):112-113 [Abstract(1089)]  [View PDF]
  2002,19(1):112-113122 [Abstract(844)]  [View PDF]
Calculate and analysis of fatigue life with principle of the gap element
  Wang Gang,Cheng Yanping,Cheng Jin
  2002,19(1):114-117 [Abstract(1078)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of temperature field of plate with a semi edge crack at current switching moment
  Xu Zhiqiang 1,Fu Yuming 1,Bai Xiangzhong 2
  2002,19(1):118-122 [Abstract(961)]  [View PDF]
GPILE-an analysis program for calculating bearing capacities of piles shafts
  Sun Shuli 1,Chen Pu 1,Yuan Mingwu 1,Liang Robert Y 2.
  2002,19(1):123-126 [Abstract(599)]  [View PDF]