Volume 18,Issue 3,2001 Table of Contents

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  2001,18(3) [Abstract(729)]  [View PDF]
A brief introduction ofChinese Journal of Computational Mechanics
  2001,18(3) [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF]
  ZHENG Chang liang,HUANG Ruo yu,Yao Wei an and ZHONG Wan xie
  2001,18(3):253-258 [Abstract(1119)]  [View PDF]
Solving finite deformation problem with arc-length method
  LIU Xue\|jun,LI Ming\|rui,HUANG Wen\|bin
  2001,18(3):259-266 [Abstract(954)]  [View PDF]
Research of dynamic behaviors of intelligent structures with piezoelectric materials
  CAO Zong-jie 1,2,WEN Bang-chun 2,CHEN Su-huan 3
  2001,18(3):267-272 [Abstract(2759)]  [View PDF]
A numerical model of modal sensing/actuatingof smart plate
  WANG Shu-he 1,YAN Zong-da 2
  2001,18(3):273-276289 [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF]
An unified model system forthe reliability analysis and prediction of stochastic DEDS
  DONG Cong
  2001,18(3):277-283 [Abstract(934)]  [View PDF]
Lagrangian simulation of particle dispersion in gas-solid turbulent flows
  2001,18(3):284-289 [Abstract(677)]  [View PDF]
Reliability and performance based optimization designfor seismic RC frame-wall structures
  LI Gang,\ CHENG Geng-dong
  2001,18(3):290-294370 [Abstract(2748)]  [View PDF]
A pre-processing method for FEM parallel computation
  YU Tian-tang 1,ZHONG Ji-gang 2
  2001,18(3):295-298 [Abstract(692)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear analysis of space configuration of flexible elasto-structure
  GUO Xiao-gang 1,JIN Xing 2
  2001,18(3):299-304 [Abstract(1212)]  [View PDF]
Researches on the optimum parameters and design of multiple tuned mass dampers for tall steel structures under earthquake
  LI Chun-xiang 1,LIU Yan-xia 2,WANG Zhao-min 2
  2001,18(3):305-311 [Abstract(1074)]  [View PDF]
Time precision integration algorithm for continuous-time and linear constraint LQ control problem
  DENG Zi-chen\+1,\ ZHONG Wan-xie\+2
  2001,18(3):312-315 [Abstract(1016)]  [View PDF]
Flutter stability analysis of suspension bridges by precise time-integration method
  LIU Gao,WANG Xiu-wei 2,QIANG Shi-zhong 3
  2001,18(3):316-320 [Abstract(1021)]  [View PDF]
Nonsingularity boundary integral equationsfor elastic plane problems
  ZHANG Yao-ming 1,SUN Huan-chun 2
  2001,18(3):321-325 [Abstract(1001)]  [View PDF]
Finite element analysis on stability of steel pipe-concretearch by the degenerated 3-d laminated curved beam elements
  WANG Xiao-gang
  2001,18(3):326-330 [Abstract(1023)]  [View PDF]
Several problems associated with discontinuous boundary elements
  ZHANG Xiao-song 1,YE Tian-qi 2,GE Shou-lian 2
  2001,18(3):331-334 [Abstract(1130)]  [View PDF]
Study of Davidson method and one new algorithm
  XIONG Zhong-yu 1,LIAN Qing-rong 2 and DING Yu-liang 1
  2001,18(3):335-338 [Abstract(689)]  [View PDF]
Homogenization high precision direct integration
  WANG Yue-xian 1,ZHOU Gang 2,CHEN Jun 1,RUAN Xue-yu 1
  2001,18(3):339-344 [Abstract(2873)]  [View PDF]
Application of the dynamic relaxation method to numerical simulation of sheet forming processes
  NI Xiang-gui,SHAO Peng-fei,WANG Yu,WANG Xiu-xi
  2001,18(3):345-348 [Abstract(629)]  [View PDF]
Stochastic finite element method in engineering fracture analysis
  LI Jian-kang 1,2,Sun Xun-fang 1
  2001,18(3):349-354 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF]
Solution of stiffness equations of beam-column with varying section by Bessel function
  SONG Qi-gen,XU Liang,SONG Dan
  2001,18(3):355-357 [Abstract(997)]  [View PDF]
Response characteristics of long-span cable-stayed bridgesunder non-uniform seismic action
  FAN Li-chu,WANG Jun-jie,CHEN Wei
  2001,18(3):358-363 [Abstract(3602)]  [View PDF]
Control rod drop time analysis for the nuclear power plant under action of strong earthquake
  QU Tie-jun 1,CHEN Hou-qun 2
  2001,18(3):364-370 [Abstract(566)]  [View PDF]
Application of matrix perturbation theory onanalyzing 6-axle locomotive lateral stability
  LIU Xian-dong,XING Hai-jun,GUO Wen-wu,YANG Shao-pu
  2001,18(3):371-374 [Abstract(921)]  [View PDF]
Program for the stiffness analysis of rolling bearing
  LIU Wei-qun 1,LUO Ji-wei 2,WU Chang-chun 3,WANG Fei 3
  2001,18(3):375-378 [Abstract(763)]  [View PDF]