Volume 18,Issue 2,2001 Table of Contents

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Mixed finite element method for quasi-static problems of fluid-saturated biphase porous media
  YAN Bo 1,LIU Zhan\|fang 2,ZHANG Xiang\|wei 3
  2001,18(2):127-132 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF]
Flow through fissured reservoir with deformable media
  LI Shui quan 1,XU Bing ye 1,DUAN Yong gang 2
  2001,18(2):133-137 [Abstract(2852)]  [View PDF]
An improved BP algorithm and its application to parametric identification in deep foundation excavation
  TANG Yong-li
  2001,18(2):138-145 [Abstract(1170)]  [View PDF]
Differential quadrature method for analyzing critical flow velocity of the pipe conveying fluid with spring support
  NI Qiao,\ HUANG Yu\|ying,\ CHEN Yi\|ping
  2001,18(2):146-149 [Abstract(2725)]  [View PDF]
Reliability of the voting engineering system under failure-dependence
  ZHANG Peng 1,WANG Guang yuan 2
  2001,18(2):150-155 [Abstract(1181)]  [View PDF]
Effect of linear hardening coefficient on the elasto-plastic singular stress field near an interface edge
  XU Jin\|quan,\ FU Lie\|dong
  2001,18(2):156-161 [Abstract(1142)]  [View PDF]
Plane Laplace exterior boundary value problems
  ZHANG Yao\|ming 1,SUN Huan\|chun 2
  2001,18(2):162-166 [Abstract(1048)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic response on straight buried pipeline considering non-linear soil model
  LI Xin,ZHOU Jing,CHEN Jian\|yun
  2001,18(2):167-172 [Abstract(875)]  [View PDF]
Structural optimization based on the experimental design method
  YANG Dong\|mei 1,KOGISO Nozomu 2,MUROTSU Yoshisada 2
  2001,18(2):173-178 [Abstract(700)]  [View PDF]
Stochastic boundary element method in statistical analysis of moderately thick plates
  JIANG Ai\|min,SHEN Xiao\|an,WANG Xiao\|chao
  2001,18(2):179-183 [Abstract(820)]  [View PDF]
Effects of micro-crack damages on delamination of composite laminates
  ZHANG Feng peng,HUANG Bao zong
  2001,18(2):184-188 [Abstract(1116)]  [View PDF]
Influence of soil-structure interaction on effectiveness of TMD control for wind response of high-rising building
  LOU Meng-lin,WU Jing-ning
  2001,18(2):189-193 [Abstract(652)]  [View PDF]
An unified model building method of stochastic DEDS
  DONG Cong
  2001,18(2):194-199 [Abstract(1266)]  [View PDF]
Exist-null combination method for the topological optimization of plane continuum structure under multi-loading case with stress constraint
  YU Xin 1,SUI Yun\|kang 2
  2001,18(2):200-204 [Abstract(1321)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic response analysis spherical shells by spline state variable method
  SHEN Xiao pu 1,YU Jing ping 1,CHEN Rong yi 2,SHEN Peng cheng 3
  2001,18(2):205-209 [Abstract(623)]  [View PDF]
Stochastic finite element method for fully plastic pure power hardening materials
  LI Jian\|kang
  2001,18(2):210-215 [Abstract(694)]  [View PDF]
Influence of crack on elastic deflection of eccentric thin-walled column
  2001,18(2):216-220 [Abstract(665)]  [View PDF]
Research of the dynamic behavior of long span suspension bridges under static wind load
  SONG Xin,JIA Li-jun,XIAO Ru-cheng,XIANG Hai-fan
  2001,18(2):221-224 [Abstract(947)]  [View PDF]
Introduction to CDTAC code for composites damage tolerance analysis
  LIU Feng 1,TANG Xiao dong 2,CHENG Pu hiu 1,CHAI Ya nan 1,SHEN Zhen 1
  2001,18(2):225-230 [Abstract(838)]  [View PDF]
Meso-scopic computing mechanics analysis of three-dimensional multi-directional braided composites
  PANG Bao-jun,ZENG Tao,DU Shan-yi
  2001,18(2):231-234 [Abstract(1268)]  [View PDF]
Structural parameter identification using neural network and optimization metho
  ZHOU Xian\|tong 1,WANG Bai\|sheng 1,NI Yi\|qing 2
  2001,18(2):235-238 [Abstract(759)]  [View PDF]
Elastoplastic numerical simulation of plane strain problems of soils involving rotation of principal stress axes
  LIU Yuan\|xue,\ \ ZHENG Ying\|ren
  2001,18(2):239-241 [Abstract(1022)]  [View PDF]
Method of stochastic neural network method for structural optimization problem and its computer simulation
  ZHAO Zheng\|jia 1,HUANG Hong\|zhong 2,WANG Jin\|nuo 1
  2001,18(2):242-245 [Abstract(998)]  [View PDF]
  2001,18(2):245 [Abstract(836)]  [View PDF]
FEM and Fourier series analysis for composite shells of revolution
  WU Lan\|he,LI Hua,WANG Dao\|bin
  2001,18(2):246-249 [Abstract(633)]  [View PDF]
Element-free method and its application in river flow
  CHEN Hong,LIN Jian-hua
  2001,18(2):250-252 [Abstract(1060)]  [View PDF]