Volume 17,Issue 3,2000 Table of Contents

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A bifurcation study of two-dimensional convection heat transfer in porous media
  KONG Xiang\|yan,LU Peng\|bo,WU Jian\|bing
  2000,17(3):253-259 [Abstract(1081)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of flow past two cylinders in tandem arrangement
  LIU Song,FU Song
  2000,17(3):260-266 [Abstract(897)]  [View PDF]
液—液旋流分离管中强旋湍流的K—ε …
  LU Yao jun 1,ZHOU Li xing 2,SHEN Xiong 2,
  2000,17(3):267-272 [Abstract(1394)]  [View PDF]
Model for solving the elastoplasticity based on neural networks
  SUN Dao-heng 1,SUN Xun\|fang 2,HU Qiao 3,XU Hao 3
  2000,17(3):273-277286 [Abstract(738)]  [View PDF]
Wavelet analysis applied to structural optimization
  LIN Hui,\ ZHANG You\|yun
  2000,17(3):278-286 [Abstract(1019)]  [View PDF]
  2000,17(3):287-292 [Abstract(631)]  [View PDF]
A new 4-node C~0 quadrilateral plate/shell element with drilling degree of freedom
  Zhu Ju\|fen,ZHENG Gang
  2000,17(3):287-292300 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF]
Study on the equivalence crack fracture model for large volume concrete
  HUANG Da hai,SONG Yu pu,WU Zhi min
  2000,17(3):293-300 [Abstract(540)]  [View PDF]
  2000,17(3):293-300 [Abstract(548)]  [View PDF]
Study on the equivalent mechanical model of the structural nonlinear vibration and control systems
  LI Chun xiang 1,LIU Yan xia 2,HUANG Jin zhi 1,WANG Zhao min 2
  2000,17(3):301-307 [Abstract(951)]  [View PDF]
A new VCCT and its application in composite delamination analysis
  WEI Yin tao 1,YANG Ting qing 1,WANG Zhi\|min,DU Xing wen 2,
  2000,17(3):308-312364 [Abstract(1089)]  [View PDF]
Automatic triangular mesh generation algorithm for arbitrarily shaped planar regions
  ZHANG Xiu\|zhong 1,JIN Sheng 2
  2000,17(3):313-319 [Abstract(959)]  [View PDF]
Approach of volume rendering for isosurface in FEM
  HU Yu jin,WU Jun
  2000,17(3):320-325 [Abstract(992)]  [View PDF]
Computation of RC raft plates in the element-free method
  ZHANGWei\|xing,PANG Hui
  2000,17(3):326-331 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF]
Finite element method analysis of rotating blade with consideration of the coupling of rigid body motion and elastic motion
  SHANG Da\|zhong,CAO Cheng\|jia,LI Hong\|liang
  2000,17(3):332-338 [Abstract(793)]  [View PDF]
Finite element analysis for large deflection of space trusses
  ZHU Jun 1,ZHOU Guang\|rong 2
  2000,17(3):339-342 [Abstract(884)]  [View PDF]
  2000,17(3):342 [Abstract(643)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic substructure method for analysis of railway track to high frequency excitation
  Wei Wei
  2000,17(3):343-348 [Abstract(958)]  [View PDF]
FEM analysis on time-effects of deep excavations in soft clay
  YING Hong\|wei,XIE Kang\|he,PAN Qiu\|yuan,ZENG Guo\|xi
  2000,17(3):349-354 [Abstract(1153)]  [View PDF]
Numerical study on a crenellated radial labyrinth seal
  LIU You jun 1,\ YANG Xiao xiang 2
  2000,17(3):355-359 [Abstract(968)]  [View PDF]
Calculation of stress intensity factor about a thick-walled cylinder with an surface crack under autofrettage stresses
  ZHANG Wei\ 1,WANG Zhi\|qun\ 2,ZHANG Sheng\|kun\ 1,CUI Wei\|cheng\ 3
  2000,17(3):360-364 [Abstract(736)]  [View PDF]
  宋海平 周传荣
  2000,17(3):365-368 [Abstract(604)]  [View PDF]
  葛增杰 刘书田
  2000,17(3):369-373 [Abstract(580)]  [View PDF]
  王宝庭 徐道远
  2000,17(3):374-378 [Abstract(1021)]  [View PDF]