Volume 16,Issue 3,1999 Table of Contents

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Transverse stripe deck beam finite element method of considering local buckling space calculation for plate-truss composite structure
  Wang Ronghui,Zeng Qingyuan
  1999,16(3) [Abstract(1035)]  [View PDF]
AutoCAD based FEM pre-processor
  1999,16(3):19 [Abstract(602)]  [View PDF]
Approximate mechanism and upper error limit of precise computation for dynamics system
  Dong Cong,Ding Licui
  1999,16(3):260-268 [Abstract(1151)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic flexibility and eigenvector derivatives
  Zhang Dewen and Huang Xiaoming
  1999,16(3):261-269 [Abstract(598)]  [View PDF]
Static bifurcation problem of circular arch beams under concentrated load
  Wang Linxiang
  1999,16(3):270-274 [Abstract(588)]  [View PDF]
Simplified BGK type scheme
  Lian Yongsheng,Wang Ruquan
  1999,16(3):275-282 [Abstract(622)]  [View PDF]
Non linear elements position identification in a complex structure
  Song Hanwen,\ Wang Wenliang
  1999,16(3):283-287 [Abstract(652)]  [View PDF]
Reliability based on optimization for frame structure
  Cai Yingjian,Sun Huanchun
  1999,16(3):288-294 [Abstract(981)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic stiffening and multibody dynamics with coupled rigid and deformation motions
  Hong Jiazhen,Jiang Lizhong
  1999,16(3):295-301 [Abstract(2878)]  [View PDF]
Simulative calculation about the spotting fire
  Lin Qizhao
  1999,16(3):302-306348 [Abstract(878)]  [View PDF]
Two kinds of perturbational semi analytical computational formulae for the solution of linear creep problem
  Yang Haitian,Xu Xinsheng
  1999,16(3):307-313 [Abstract(924)]  [View PDF]
Constrained variable metric method for the canonical equations in constrained multibody systems dynamics
  Zhang Xuesheng,Chen Wanji
  1999,16(3):314-319 [Abstract(955)]  [View PDF]
A new numerical method--element free Galerkin method (EFGM)
  Pang Zuohui,Ge Xiurun,Zheng Hong,Wang Shuilin
  1999,16(3):320-329 [Abstract(5392)]  [View PDF]
Finite element method on bending control of thin plate with piezoelectric material
  Yao Linquan,Yu Huanran
  1999,16(3):330-333 [Abstract(978)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear full range analysis methods of steel concrete structures and its application
  Xue Weichen 1 Zhang Zhitie 2
  1999,16(3):334-342 [Abstract(2766)]  [View PDF]
An element transformation and optimization method in 3D automatic hexahedral mesh generation
  Zuo Xu,Wei Yuanping,Chen Jun and Ruan Xueyu
  1999,16(3):343-348 [Abstract(1214)]  [View PDF]
A singlepoint precise integration method of twolevel fourpoint explicit difference schemes with higher stability for dispresive equation
  Tian Zhenfu 1,Zhang Yanping 2
  1999,16(3):349-354 [Abstract(652)]  [View PDF]
  王荣辉 曾庆元
  1999,16(3):355-360 [Abstract(757)]  [View PDF]
Bending and stability of cantilever rectangular plants
  Ge Xinsheng,Liu Song
  1999,16(3):361-365 [Abstract(959)]  [View PDF]
Research on the optimal permutation for the nodes of finite element network
  Xing Yuan,Dong Linfeng
  1999,16(3):366-369 [Abstract(752)]  [View PDF]
Research of perfect quadratic boundary contour method and the evaluations of J integral and stress intensity factor
  Chen Songying 1\ \ Zhou Shenjie 1\ \ Sun Shuxun 2\ \ Zheng Wen 1
  1999,16(3):370-374 [Abstract(956)]  [View PDF]
AutoCAD based FEM pre processor: AutoMESH
  Li Shuixiang,Liu Jianfei,Yuan Mingwu
  1999,16(3):375-378 [Abstract(840)]  [View PDF]