Volume 15,Issue 4,1998 Table of Contents

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Finite element solutions of navier stokes equation for incompressible two dimensional flow
  Gao Dianrong,Zhao Yongkai,Zhang Qisheng
  1998,15(4):379-386 [Abstract(1241)]  [View PDF]
Parallel algorithm for elasto plastic structures
  Tang Jiye,Gao Qian,Liu Yuanfang,Wang Xicheng
  1998,15(4):387-394 [Abstract(1006)]  [View PDF]
Inverse pseudo excitation method for loading identification of stationary random vibration (2)
  Zhi Hao,Guo Xinglin,Lin Jiahao
  1998,15(4):395-400 [Abstract(1295)]  [View PDF]
Finite element dynamic equation and Neumann series method of elastic body attached to a moving base
  Yin Xuegang\ \ Jian Kailin
  1998,15(4):401-406 [Abstract(810)]  [View PDF]
Dynamics of an elastic beam in large overall motion
  Jiang Lizhong\ \ Hong Jiazhen
  1998,15(4):407-413 [Abstract(2984)]  [View PDF]
Discussion on some problems in using arc length type methods and their improvement
  Li Yuanqi Shen Zuyan
  1998,15(4):414-422 [Abstract(1176)]  [View PDF]
Numerical analysis of damping structures with active/passive constrained layer
  Tian Xiaogeng Shen Yapeng Zhang Yuanchong
  1998,15(4):423-428 [Abstract(1071)]  [View PDF]
A simplified recurrence method in frequency subdomain for calculating the dynamic flexibility of complex soil foundation
  Lou Menglin,Wang Dongjing
  1998,15(4):429-436 [Abstract(698)]  [View PDF]
An algorithm for inverse isoparametric mapping in FEM
  Qian Xiangdong\ \ Ren Qingwen Zhao Yin
  1998,15(4):437-441 [Abstract(2960)]  [View PDF]
Joint design point and failure probability calculations of multi mode
  吕震宙 岳珠峰
  1998,15(4):442-447 [Abstract(1027)]  [View PDF]
Analysis for the plate with the theory of different extension compression elastic modulis
  Gao Chao Liu Xiangbin
  1998,15(4):448-455 [Abstract(2668)]  [View PDF]
On the information integrated framework models in concurrent engineering
  Dong Boru\ \ Lin Shaopei
  1998,15(4):456-464 [Abstract(882)]  [View PDF]
Refined 8 20 node element for vibration analysis and the discussion of several approaches for the construction of mass matrix
  Chen Jianyun\ \ Lin Gao\ \ Chen Wanji
  1998,15(4):465-470 [Abstract(1059)]  [View PDF]
Direct perturbation method of nonlinear vibration for the elastic circular thin plate
  Huang Qingda
  1998,15(4):471-477 [Abstract(730)]  [View PDF]
Interval optimum design of concrete faced rockfill dams on alluvial deposit foundation
  Cai Xin\ \ Wu Wei\ \ Wu Lihua\ \ Guo Xinwen
  1998,15(4):478-484 [Abstract(705)]  [View PDF]
Discreste structural geometrical optimal design using genetic algorithms
  Gao Feng,Wang Dejun,Hu Qiao,Zhao Dongsheng,Wang Juan
  1998,15(4):485-489 [Abstract(658)]  [View PDF]
Automatic meshing of the computational micro mechanics in metal material
  Zhao Yaowu
  1998,15(4):490-494 [Abstract(1241)]  [View PDF]
  Wang Jianjun,Lu Mingwan,Zhang Xiong
  1998,15(4):495-502 [Abstract(1097)]  [View PDF]
Finite element analysis of drawing of the bimetal sheet
  Wang Lidong\ \ Ruan Xueyu
  1998,15(4):503-507 [Abstract(684)]  [View PDF]