Volume 14,Issue 1,1997 Table of Contents

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Effects of interphase on the axially tensile elasto plastic properties of metal matrix composites and analysis of local stress fields
  Su Xiaofeng\ \ Chen Haoran
  1997,14(1) [Abstract(982)]  [View PDF]
Introduction to finite element analysis systems for micro computer at abroad
  Ye Zhiming,\ \ Liu Hongxin
  1997,14(1) [Abstract(1191)]  [View PDF]
Fast and precise computation of structural responses to non uniformly modulated evolutionary random excitations
  Lin Jiahao,Zhang Yahui,Sun Dongke,Sun Yong
  1997,14(1):2-8 [Abstract(1842)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear thermal dynamic response analysis of heated composite laminated plates
  Yang Zichun,Li Siping,Huang Yuying
  1997,14(1):9-18 [Abstract(1036)]  [View PDF]
Rational plane quadrilateral four and five nodes finite elements
  Ji Zheng,Zhong Wanxie
  1997,14(1):19-27 [Abstract(1145)]  [View PDF]
Approach for configrational structural optimization based on pattern association
  Wang Xiaotong and Fan Lichu
  1997,14(1):28-35 [Abstract(1077)]  [View PDF]
  Wu Qiang,Ling Daosheng,Xu Xing
  1997,14(1):36-42 [Abstract(630)]  [View PDF]
Refined direct stiffness method of three dimensional 8 21 node isoparametric element
  Chen Jianyun,Lin Gao,Chen Wanji
  1997,14(1):43-50 [Abstract(1062)]  [View PDF]
  苏晓风 陈浩然
  1997,14(1):51-56 [Abstract(577)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic characteristics analysis of long span cable stayed bridges
  Chen Huai
  1997,14(1):57-63 [Abstract(2739)]  [View PDF]
Hybrid modal synthesis techniques based on free lnterfacial and fixed interfacial substructural modes and its application
  Ying Zuguang \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Qiu Jibao
  1997,14(1):64-68 [Abstract(721)]  [View PDF]
Finite element method of crack width computation in concrete structures
  Wu Shengxing
  1997,14(1):69-77 [Abstract(1066)]  [View PDF]
Bivariable taylor series expansion of series structural systems reliability
  Gong Jinxin\ Zhao Guofan
  1997,14(1):78-84 [Abstract(732)]  [View PDF]
Optimization calculation of vibration response of rotor nonlinear supporting system
  He Xingsuo\ Zhao Yuan
  1997,14(1):85-90 [Abstract(735)]  [View PDF]
Research progress in arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method
  Zhang Xiong Lu Mingwan Wang Jianjun
  1997,14(1):91-102 [Abstract(5766)]  [View PDF]
  叶志明 刘红欣
  1997,14(1):103-107 [Abstract(689)]  [View PDF]
A finite element method with five node isoparametric element for nonlinear analysis of tension structures
  Tang Jianmin,Dong Ming,Qian Ruojun
  1997,14(1):108-113 [Abstract(1271)]  [View PDF]
Fully automated adaptive mesh refinement
  Fu Peifu,Wu Shufang,Hu Ping,Li Yunxing,Liu Yuqi
  1997,14(1):114-115 [Abstract(970)]  [View PDF]
A simple method for geometric nonlinear analysis of plane beam bar structures
  Wang Henghua
  1997,14(1):119-123 [Abstract(1063)]  [View PDF]