Volume 13,Issue 4,1996 Table of Contents

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  1996,13(4) [Abstract(774)]  [View PDF]
Nonlinear complementarity based contact flexibility method for frictional contact problems
  Chen Guoqing and Chen Wanji
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(467)]  [View PDF]
FEMOL analysis of elastic bodies of revolution
  Yuan Si,Song Tao
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(563)]  [View PDF]
Thermo viscoelastic analysis of curing residual stresses in composite laminates
  Guo Zhaopu,Chen Haoran
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(838)]  [View PDF]
Multi rigid body discrete element method of large displacement elasto plastic analysis for plane frames
  Ren Weixin
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(784)]  [View PDF]
Some results on edge effects in composite laminates by quasi similar finite element method
  Qin Zhongguo
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(850)]  [View PDF]
  Yang Xiaoxiang,Kuang Zhenbang
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(833)]  [View PDF]
The finite element simulating calculation of surface crack growth under quasi static loading
  Chen Jiang,Lou Yiqing
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(844)]  [View PDF]
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(674)]  [View PDF]
  Wu Chengwei,Li Yong,Chen Haoran
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(763)]  [View PDF]
3D automatic finite element meshing based on solid modeling
  Zhang Haiyan
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(501)]  [View PDF]
Reliability analysis of axially compressed cylindrical shells with random imperfections
  Sun Haihong
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(748)]  [View PDF]
  Zhang Xinpei
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(459)]  [View PDF]
Improved Z 2 stress recovery procedures and h adaptive finite element analysis
  Deng Jianhui,Zheng Hong,Ge Xiurun
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(520)]  [View PDF]
A programming system of postbuckling strength and failure analysis for composite stiffened plates and shells
  Zhu Jufen,Yang Haiping,Wang Hai,Yu Shougi
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(845)]  [View PDF]
An approximate algorithm for bivariate normal integral
  Gong Jinxin,Zhao Guofan
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(522)]  [View PDF]
Implicit integration elastic stiffness method for the finite element analysis of rock and soil elasto plastic model
  Liu Xicai
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(830)]  [View PDF]
Important Notice
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(455)]  [View PDF]
GM(1,N) Model of unequal time series and its application in underground engineering
  Chen Youliang
  1996,13(4) [Abstract(538)]  [View PDF]