Volume 13,Issue 2,1996 Table of Contents

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A method for analyzing the dynamic response of a structural system with variable mass, damping and stiffness
  Shun Huanchun,Song Yaxin,Zhang Dianren
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(874)]  [View PDF]
Variational principles with complementarity for contact problems and nonlinear complementarity models
  Chen Wanji and Chen Guoqing
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(729)]  [View PDF]
A new way for formulation of 4-node quadrilateral isoparametric incompatible elements
  Jiao Zhaoping
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(922)]  [View PDF]
A triangular plate bending element considered transverse shear strain deformation
  Li Zhibiao
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(1043)]  [View PDF]
A characteristic analysis for stress wave propagation in transverse isotropic solid
  Liu Kaixin,Xie Suming,Li Xin
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(578)]  [View PDF]
The research of fluid-structure coupling vibrational prope
  Li Shunming,Xu Qingyu
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(1016)]  [View PDF]
The analysis of the effect of crystallographic orientations on the fracture of nickei-base single crystals
  Yue,Z. F. Lu,Z.Z. Zheng,C.Q.
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(1291)]  [View PDF]
Complex stress intensity factor of multi-material structure with a interface crack
  Wang Limin Chen Haoran Wang jan Chai Shan
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(637)]  [View PDF]
The Mindlin''''s solution for axially symmetric problem of multilayer subsoils
  Jin Bo,Tand Jinchun,Sun Bingnan
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(932)]  [View PDF]
The weighted residual method by Monte Carlo for random numerical analysis of structures
  Zhao Lei
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(679)]  [View PDF]
A generalized propagation matrix method for seismic wave propagation in inhomogeneous attenuating medium
  Zhang Jianfeng
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(976)]  [View PDF]
Automatic quadrilateral mesh generation for planar regions
  Wu Shufang,Fu Peifu,Li Yunxing and Hu Ping
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(1060)]  [View PDF]
Effective modulus methods in 2-dimemsional creep damage problems and finite element analysis
  Yang Haitian Wu Riufeng Tong XiaoLi
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(556)]  [View PDF]
An approximate linear buckling analysis for a sort of beam system
  Huang Zhilong
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(527)]  [View PDF]
The dynamic analyses of globular lattice flat shells with rectangular bottom
  Ding Wanzun Chen Qingyun Yu Jiasheng
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(593)]  [View PDF]
Large deformation finite element analysis of cylindrically bending of metal strips
  Zhu Youli,Wang Xianjin.Kang Yonglin,Dong Deyuan
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(984)]  [View PDF]
Notes on finite element method for dynamic contact/impact problems
  Chen Bingkui,Li Runfang
  1996,13(2) [Abstract(1036)]  [View PDF]