Volume 13,Issue 1,1996 Table of Contents

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Rational finite element
  Zhong Wanxie and Ji Zheng
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(1091)]  [View PDF]
Stress analysis of a microelectronic component during manufacturing process
  Xu Qianjun and Yu Shouwen
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(1105)]  [View PDF]
A new model of wall element
  Yuan Mingwu,Sun Shuli,Cai Dingzheng
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(1091)]  [View PDF]
  Li Hua, Cheng Gengdong, Gu Yuanxian
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(747)]  [View PDF]
A partially continuous composite grid generation for solution of partial differential equations
  Xie Wei, Chen Caikan,Cheng Ersheng
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(601)]  [View PDF]
A sufficient and necessary stochastic boundary integral equation for anisotropic potential problems
  Wang Guoqing, Jiang Aimin, Ding Haojiang, Hu Haichang
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(851)]  [View PDF]
Dispersion analysis of dynamic finite element semidiscretizations of the two-dimensional wave equation
  Wu Cunli,Hu Bingxiang
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(1079)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of deflection to laminated plate using beam eigenfunction
  Fan Jianping, Wang Cheng, Yang Wenbing
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(947)]  [View PDF]
Enumerating significant failure modes of a structural system by using automatic matrix force methed
  Yao Weiking, Gu Yi
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(610)]  [View PDF]
The method of analysis of the stress intensity factors of surface cracks in Reissner''''s plates by line-spring model and the displacement discontinuity boundary integral equation
  Zhao Minghao ,Liu Yuanjie
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(1051)]  [View PDF]
A spline method for studying the motion of a scooter in high speed
  Song Changqing,Fu Bingzhong
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(934)]  [View PDF]
The programming system of static strength reliability analysis for offshore platform structural system
  Deng Hongzhou, Sun Qin, Yang Qingxiong
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(951)]  [View PDF]
A contour integral method for stress intensity factors of Mixed-Mode crack
  Yang Xiaoxiang, Fan Jiaqi
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(1416)]  [View PDF]
An improved Guyan reduction and successive reduction procedure of dynamic model
  Zhang Dewen
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(595)]  [View PDF]
On the necessary and sufficient condition for the unconditionally stability of one-step Newmark''''s predictor-corrector algorithm
  Cao Dengqing ,Yang Yiren
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(684)]  [View PDF]
Thermal post-buckling analysis of circular plate based on displacement type control equation
  Hao Jiping
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(623)]  [View PDF]
Direct perturbation method of nonlinear vibration frequency about elastic circular cone flat shell of axial symmetry
  Huang Qingda, Huo linchun
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(629)]  [View PDF]
The application of moments method to the plastic dynamic response of damping medium simple square-plate
  Ning Yingji
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(660)]  [View PDF]
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(540)]  [View PDF]
Boundary discussion of reanalysis and general master-slave relationship
  Wang Zhonghui, Liu Gang,Shen Weiping
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(998)]  [View PDF]
  1996,13(1) [Abstract(601)]  [View PDF]