Volume 12,Issue 4,1995 Table of Contents

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Study on quasi-pure probailistic finite element method
  Liu Geng,Wu Liyan,Peng Xiongqi,Wang Buying
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(665)]  [View PDF]
Influence of cooling rates on thermal stresses in composite Iaminates during the cool-down phase of cure cycle
  Guo Zhaopu,Chen Haoran,Yang Zhenglin
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(1139)]  [View PDF]
The extended Kalman estimation method based on the deferential opeartor transform
  Li Jie
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(711)]  [View PDF]
Structural dynamics optimum design with given frequencies and position of mode shape node lines
  Xiang Jinwu
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(1315)]  [View PDF]
Automatic FE mesh generation and condensation based on quadtree
  Yang Mingsheng,Wu Jingning
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(1117)]  [View PDF]
Overall stability and second-order analyses of tall building tubular structures with stepped cross-sections by FEMOL
  Bao Shihua,Yang Maoseng,Yi Shengchuang
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(776)]  [View PDF]
Logical analysis and optimun design of engineering system reliability
  Wang Wentao
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(678)]  [View PDF]
Response of single pues embedded layered halfspaces to arbitrary incident seismic waves
  Chen Qingjun
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(1081)]  [View PDF]
Responses of long-span structures subjected to arbitrarily coherent multi-point stationary random seismic excitations
  Li jianjun,Lin jiahao,Zhang Wenshou
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(1017)]  [View PDF]
Finite element analysis of solid-fluid interaction considering the geometric nonlinearitv of the solid
  Zhang Jianhai,Chen Dapeng
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(716)]  [View PDF]
Thermal stresses of double-layer composite bar
  Zeng Youlin
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(676)]  [View PDF]
Quadratic acceleration integration methods of structural dynamics equations
  Xu Entong
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(744)]  [View PDF]
Introdudion to parallel computational structural mechanics
  Zhang Ruqing
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(995)]  [View PDF]
Discussion of analysing of geometric non-linear beams with large rotations
  Lu Hexiang,Zhu Jufen,Ma Liying
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(1316)]  [View PDF]
The formulation of hybrid shell element by using subregion variational principal
  Wei Zhaozheng,Liu Wenting
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(956)]  [View PDF]
One-dimensional searching method for positive coefficient geometric programming
  Li Laiyi,Guo Dong
  1995,12(4) [Abstract(657)]  [View PDF]