Volume 12,Issue 2,1995 Table of Contents

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Refined direct stiffness method and the nonconforming models
  Chen Wanji
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(550)]  [View PDF]
  Huang Wen,Li Mingrui, Huang Wenbin
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(1151)]  [View PDF]
Buckling of elliptical delamination for symmetrical composite laminate subjected complex load
  Wen Xuanling,Chen Haoran
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(978)]  [View PDF]
Analytical-generalized variational of multi-region on solution of large scale delamination of laminate
  Meng Qingchun,Zhang Xing
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(638)]  [View PDF]
Explicit geometric stiffness matrix of quasi-conforming trapeziodal element and buckling analysis
  Deng Keshun,Chen Jianyun
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(991)]  [View PDF]
A semi-analytical Plate-beam super-element
  Zhu Yunxiang,Guo Rixiu
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(1036)]  [View PDF]
Semi-discrete Analysis for stability of large conical shell stiffened with longitudinal ribs
  Meng Peisheng, Xie Getai,Song Tianxia
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(660)]  [View PDF]
The stiffness-averaging method for calculating the fundamentalfrequency of finite amplitude non-linear vibratlon of a circular plates
  Ren Baosheng
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(937)]  [View PDF]
Automatic generation of unstructured quadrilateral mesh for complex domain
  Deng Jianhui
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(1120)]  [View PDF]
A shifted-poles and multiple modal acceleration method for computing complex mode shape derivatlves
  Zeng Qinghua
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(614)]  [View PDF]
The implementation of updating library of structural analysis program system
  Chen Wanji,Li Yongdong
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(989)]  [View PDF]
Combined structure design subject to multiple natural frequencies requirement
  Zhou Chuanrong, Chen Huaihai
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(875)]  [View PDF]
The stress in an ortthotropic plate containing two circular holes forced by elastic rings
  Gao Cunfa,Yue Boqian
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(618)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic singular solution of orthotropic layered elastlc half-plane and its application
  Fang Yingguang
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(927)]  [View PDF]
The application of nonlinear beam and cable element theory in the design of light mast structures
  Luo Yongfeng,Zhang Qilin,Gao Zhenfeng
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(579)]  [View PDF]
A finite element method for simply supported thin polygonic plates
  Ling Daosheng, Lin Yun
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(522)]  [View PDF]
A super finite element method of analyzing plate type truss structure
  Du Guojun
  1995,12(2) [Abstract(1016)]  [View PDF]