Volume 12,Issue 1,1995 Table of Contents

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Precise computation for transient analysis
  Zhong Wanxie
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(1881)]  [View PDF]
  Huang Wen,Li Mingrui,Huang Wenbin
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(1134)]  [View PDF]
Generalized variable approximation for geometry optimization of trusses
  Xu Suqiang,Xia Renwei
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(928)]  [View PDF]
Finite element analysis for coupled creep elastoplastic damage response
  Li Xikui
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(982)]  [View PDF]
The prediction of overall average mechanical properties for multi-phase composites with imperfect interphase
  Chen Haoran,Su Xiaofeng,Zheng Changliang
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(705)]  [View PDF]
  Guan Yupu
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(976)]  [View PDF]
Canonical equations of hamilton of elasticity in a cylindrical coordinate system and the hamilton element method
  Wang Zhiguo,Tang Lilnin,Zhu Demao
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(1029)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of natural frequency and buckling onorthogonal and ortho-laid space truss by Spline-Galerkin method
  zhao Lei
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(586)]  [View PDF]
Finite strip method for materially nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete slabs and shells
  Fang Zihu
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(1203)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of combined shells of revolution using the method of spline function
  Li Lijuan,Liu Feng
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(940)]  [View PDF]
Automatic mesh generating algorithm and its application for arbitrary multiply connected regions
  Zuo Jianzheng,Lou Zhiwen,Zhang Haitao
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(1123)]  [View PDF]
Implementation of the mesh generator for adaptive multigrid finite element method
  Wang Jianhua,Yin Zongze,Zhao Weibing
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(1042)]  [View PDF]
Inverse analysis method of displacements in rock engineering
  Liu Weiqian,Huang Guangyuan,Mu Yongke,Meng Zhaobo,Wang Zhengwei
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(678)]  [View PDF]
Refined element method and membrane locking for geometric nonlinear analysis of thin plates
  Zhu Jufen,Chen Wanji
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(1047)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic behaviour of three point bending specimen under impact loading by using finite element method
  Li Yulong,Liu Yuanyong
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(998)]  [View PDF]
3-D transition isoparametric element and its stress smoothing method in non-linear structural analysis
  Lin Tengjiao,Li Runfang
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(702)]  [View PDF]
  Zeng Youlin
  1995,12(1) [Abstract(583)]  [View PDF]