Volume 11,Issue 3,1994 Table of Contents

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Refining matrix of thin plate bending element
  Zhao Zhenfeng,Chen Wanji,Tang Limin
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(957)]  [View PDF]
An fuzzy evaluating system for damaged structural system
  Ji Zhengyu
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(963)]  [View PDF]
Fast algorithm of mrlti-excitation random seismic responses
  Zhang Wenshou,Li Jianjun,Lin Jiahao
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(988)]  [View PDF]
Nonoinear stability analysis of space frame-laminate plate combined structures
  Yang Qi,Zhao Huilin,Song Qigen
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(919)]  [View PDF]
The effect of interface on overall average mechanical properties and local stress fields of multi-phase medium materials
  Chen Haoran,Su Xiaofeng,Yang Qingsheng,Zheng Changliang
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(1167)]  [View PDF]
Studies on rinite element ill-conditioned stiffness equation
  Jia Jinsheng,Li Guorun
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(1007)]  [View PDF]
The virtual boundary element method for the potential problems
  Zou Guangde
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(923)]  [View PDF]
A new method for optimal terminal guidance law of space interception
  Deng Zichen
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(684)]  [View PDF]
A direction-difference-quotient method of the optimal design of discrete variable
  Chai Shan,Wang Jian,Cao Xinzhong
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(944)]  [View PDF]
Unconditionally stability of the Newmark-based predictor-corrector algorithm
  Liu Xiaojian
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(943)]  [View PDF]
Large deflection analysis of structures by an improved finite element-transfer matrix method
  Chen Yuhua
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(635)]  [View PDF]
A new modal synthesis technifque for mixed-interface substructures with link area
  Lou Menglin
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(701)]  [View PDF]
Computation of viscoelestic wave in stratified media
  Zhang Jianfeng
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(1061)]  [View PDF]
Shakedown optimumd design of plate structures
  Liu Feng and Li Lijuan
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(579)]  [View PDF]
The three-dimentional finite element analysis of the shole diesel crankshaft
  Pu Junping,Wu Changhua
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(1074)]  [View PDF]
  Li Yunpeng,Luan Shaoxin,Li Baoyan
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(522)]  [View PDF]
A class of EBE computational methods for finite element structural analysis
  Deng Shaozhong,Zhou Shuquan
  1994,11(3) [Abstract(968)]  [View PDF]