Volume 11,Issue 1,1994 Table of Contents

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On Developments of StructuraI Mechanics
  Qian Longxi
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(1071)]  [View PDF]
Finite Element Analysis of Nonlinear Random Process
  Gong yaonan,Qian Chun
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(909)]  [View PDF]
  Li XIkui,Fang Yuling
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(1074)]  [View PDF]
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(589)]  [View PDF]
Contact-impact dynamic response analys of Structures
  Sun Huanchun,Song Yaxin ,Liu wei
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(681)]  [View PDF]
A Knowledge Based Structural Analysis System
  Liang Jun ,Cui Junzhi
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(596)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of GeometricaI Construction for Quasi-Variable Systems
  Liu Yuxin
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(945)]  [View PDF]
  Liu Ceng,Wu Ligan
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(1689)]  [View PDF]
Simplified calculations of Limit Loads for Simply SuPPorted;Circular Plates Under Complicated Loads Generallzed Step Function
  Li Hongdu,Li Ghangxin
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(993)]  [View PDF]
FEM Analysis of the Dynamic Coupling system Consists of Aircraft,Pavement and SoiI
  Xu Jinyu
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(897)]  [View PDF]
DEVELOPment of ReanalYSiS Methods for structural Dynamics MIodifications
  Lu Zhenhua
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(961)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic Optimal Desingn of Automatic Weapons as Coupled; Mechanical-Structural Systems
  Liu Xiaojian
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF]
Advances in Optimum Design Methods of Ship Structures
  Zeng Guangwu,Cheng Yuansheng,Hao Gang
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(536)]  [View PDF]
A Triangular prism variable Nodes Isoparameter Element; for Calculation of Stress Field in Welded Structure
  Guan Deqing:Yan Guoliang
  1994,11(1) [Abstract(865)]  [View PDF]