Volume 10,Issue 4,1993 Table of Contents

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New Ideology of the Single Variable Model:the Refined Direct Stiffness Method
  Chen Wanji
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(466)]  [View PDF]
On the Generalization of 9-Parameter Quasi-Conforming Finite Element
  Gao Junbin
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(810)]  [View PDF]
Coupling Method of FEM and BEM of Elastic and Elasto-plastic Problems
  Fu Zuoxin Zheng Xiong
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(782)]  [View PDF]
Reanalysis of Closely Spaced Eigenvalued and Eigenvectors of Non-self-adjoint Vibration System
  Liu Zhongsheng Chen Suhuan Han Wanzhi
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(735)]  [View PDF]
Vibration Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction for Rotary Double-Shell Using Finite Element
  Tan Linsen Luo Dongping,Wang Dianqing
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(786)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic Analysis of Constrained Multibody Systems with Coupled Rigid and Flexible Motion
  Li Jing,Li Mingrui,Huang Wenbin
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(801)]  [View PDF]
Parallel Multi-step Method and Its Application in the Dynamic Response Analysis of Two-hinged Circular Arch
  Yao Jian,Tang Jinchun,Sun Bingnan
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(472)]  [View PDF]
Study on 3D-2D Mixed Sub-Region FEM
  Yu Weidong,San Huizu,He Qingzhi
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(557)]  [View PDF]
The Integral Transform and Boundary Integral Techniques for Solving the Static Problem of Multilayer Subsoils
  Jin Bo,Tang Jinchun
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(849)]  [View PDF]
Research of Calculating Method on the Plastic Limit Analysis of Annular Plates under Linearly Load
  Liu Fulin Li Hongdu
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(404)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic Analysis for the Problem of Dual Extension-Compression Elastic Modulus
  Yang Haitian,Yang Kejian,Zhang Xicheng,Jing Xiuyian
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(875)]  [View PDF]
Improved Direct Perturbed Methods For Calculation of Eigenvector Derivatives
  Zhang Dewen Zhang Lingmi
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(799)]  [View PDF]
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(487)]  [View PDF]
Boundary Element Analysis of Inverse Problems of Elastic or Thermoelastic Material Parameters
  Wang Yuanchun,Sun Hao
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(857)]  [View PDF]
Linear Equation Solution of Multi-Branch Shear Wall
  Wang Muyong,Li Luofeng
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(973)]  [View PDF]
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(661)]  [View PDF]
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(457)]  [View PDF]
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(489)]  [View PDF]
Finite Panel Element Method for the Structural Analysis of Continuous Plates with Arbitrary Supports
  Yang Jie
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(745)]  [View PDF]
Zero-One Programming for the Optimum Design of R. C. Beams
  He Pusheng
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(484)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of Continuous Curved Box-Girder Bridge with Flexible Transverse Diaphragms by Finite Strip Method
  Zhao Zhenming
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(718)]  [View PDF]
Program System DDJ-W and Its New Development
  Zhang Wenshou,Gu Yuanxian,Deng Keshun Chen Haoran,Ding Dianming,Lin Jiahao
  1993,10(4) [Abstract(432)]  [View PDF]