Volume 9,Issue 4,1992 Table of Contents

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A Direct Iterative Method for Model Reducing of Dynamic System
  Qian Lingxi,Cheng Luping
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(966)]  [View PDF]
The Semi-Analytical Solution of Mixed State Hamiltonian Element and the Computation of Laminated Plates
  Tang Limin,Chu Zhizong,Zou Guiping,Wang Zhiguo,Liu Yingxi
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(2704)]  [View PDF]
Iteration Analysis for the Vibration Characteristics of the Viscoelastic Damping Structure Systems
  Chen Guoping,Zhu Demao
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(1056)]  [View PDF]
Structural Shape Analysis with the Constraint Conditions of Homologous Deformation
  Guan Fuling
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(807)]  [View PDF]
Creep and Relaxation for Metal-Matrix Composites
  Yang qingsheng,Chen Haoran
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(955)]  [View PDF]
A Finite Element Method for Incompressible and Nearly- Incompressible Viscoelasticity
  Hu Yafei,Wang Yuanyou,Wang Xinhua
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(691)]  [View PDF]
The Relative Displacement Plate-Shell Element with 16 Nodes and 40 Degrees of Freedom
  Xu Xing,Cai Ruifeng
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(921)]  [View PDF]
EPMESC Ⅳ国际会议在大连召开
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(614)]  [View PDF]
Reliability Analysis Theory and Algorithm of Redundant Truss Structures
  Dong Cong,Yang Qingxiong
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(887)]  [View PDF]
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(986)]  [View PDF]
The Finite Element Difference Method on Plain Triangular Element
  Cui Zhenshan
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(614)]  [View PDF]
Gap-element Method of Three-dimension Contact Problem for Drillstring in Horizontal Well
  Zhang Xuekang,Liu Jubao
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(947)]  [View PDF]
Elastic Analysis of Thick-Walled Cylindrical Shells
  Zhang Zhijun
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(595)]  [View PDF]
Unified Approach to Optimum Design of Structures Containing Beam with Multi-Design Parameters by Using Primal Algorithm of Geometric Programming
  Sui Yunkang,Wang Xicheng,Guo Tianfu and Xu Dong
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(955)]  [View PDF]
Sensitivity Analysis Method for the Clooing-System of Injection Mold
  Shen Changyu Cheng Gengdong
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(932)]  [View PDF]
An Inference Method on Association Tables
  Sun Zaozhan,Lin Gao
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(920)]  [View PDF]
An Improved Boundary Integral Equation Method for Eigenvalue Problems of Thin Plate Vibration
  Qian Jiang Wang Xiuxi and Huang Maoguang
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(618)]  [View PDF]
Perturbation Methods for Transient Analysis of Nonlinear Structural Dynamics
  Ju Jianmin,Dong Yuxin
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(611)]  [View PDF]
Contact Criteria When Using Quadratic Isoparametric Solid Elements
  Yin Zeyong,Yang Zhiguo
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(900)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of Boundary Element Method for Middle Thick Plate with Supports in the Domain
  Feng Zhengnong Xia Shiqun Wang Liang
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(937)]  [View PDF]
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(592)]  [View PDF]
  1992,9(4) [Abstract(504)]  [View PDF]