Volume 8,Issue 4,1991 Table of Contents

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Mixed Formulation and Hamilton Canonical Equations of Theory of Elasticity
  Tang Limin
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(813)]  [View PDF]
Parallel Analysis of Structures on Multiprocessors I-Parallel FEM of Structures
  Zhu Jinfu,Qiao Xin
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(921)]  [View PDF]
A Parallel Algorithm for Solving the Eigenvalue Problem of Structures by Using the Substructure Method and Lanczos Method
  Zhang Ruqing Hit Ning
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(1119)]  [View PDF]
Quasi-Parametric Quadratic Programming Method and Its Application in Failure Analysis of Composite Laminates
  Pan Tingzhe,Chen Luping,Qian Lingxi
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(969)]  [View PDF]
Stress Intensity Factor Computations of Othotropic Plate Using Boundary Element Method
  Han Yu,Shan Huizu
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(932)]  [View PDF]
Coupled Vibrations for Tall Building Cooperating Systems by ODE Solver
  Bao Shihua,Yuan Shi
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(972)]  [View PDF]
An Effective Algorithm for Soil Consolidation Analysis
  Zhang Hongwu,Zhong Wanxie,Qian Lingxi
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(939)]  [View PDF]
The Isoparametric Local Average Random Field and Neumann Stochastic Finite Element Method
  Chen Qiu,Dai Zhiming
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(997)]  [View PDF]
A New Incompatible Curved Quadrilateral Plane Element with Eight Nodes
  Ji Zhenyi
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(1225)]  [View PDF]
Multi-Objective Fuzzy Optimum Design of Antenna Structures
  Chen Shuxun
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(1000)]  [View PDF]
Some Shape Optimal Designs of Elastic Structures by Combination Usage of Boundary Element Method and Recursive Quadratic Programming
  Huo Tongru,Du Qinghua,Yao Zhenhan
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(1130)]  [View PDF]
An Engineering Design Method Based on Pattern Operations
  Chen Qin,Qiu Chunhang
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(911)]  [View PDF]
Design Cudes Processing in Intelligent CAD for Reinforced Concrete Frame structural Design
  Zhong Wanxie,Qiu Chunhang,Qin Xiaolin,Liu Xiaojian
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(613)]  [View PDF]
Spline Boundary Element Method for Circular Plates in Nonlinear or Nonsmooth Contact with a Foundation
  Chen Fei,Wang Youcheng
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(1060)]  [View PDF]
The Boundary Element Analysis for Free Vibration of Thin Plates with Internal Supports or Concentrated Masses
  Xia Shiqun
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(582)]  [View PDF]
Two-Dimensional Distribution Method of Hybrid Finite Element Solving Rigid Frame Structures with Side Sway
  Chen Juntang,Zhao Qingjiang
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF]
  1991,8(4) [Abstract(664)]  [View PDF]